University Urology Associates
601 Elmwood Ave
Rochester, NY 14642 (Directions)
3.1 out of 5
University Urology Associates
601 Elmwood Ave
Rochester, NY 14642 (Directions)

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3.1 out of 5
17 ratings, 17 reviews
Dr Gentile is wonderful and very caring. Great bed side manner
December 15 , 2017
Doctor Gentile is very good. He is focused on his work and his patients. He is a no~question good doctor.He treats me like his own family!
January 08 , 2011
He is rated 11 out of 10. He is the best doctor known to man! If i call him when he isnt on call hell listen to me as long as i need him to! Mr. Gentile is very good.
December 28 , 2010
Dr. Gentile explained the entire process to me ahead of time and let me know what to expect as he performed the procedure. He was quick and very professional. I would highly recommend him for any Urologic issues.
December 07 , 2009
Dr. Gentile is an excellent doctor. My one and only complaint is that he rushes through instructions for prescriptions and procedures for use. he needs to have a P.A come in after the exam and explain more clearly the use of products he prescribes.Also, just once, i was treated rudely by an office staff worker.Sometimes a urology visit is very sensitive emotionally, and this person was loud and insensitive.
August 05 , 2011
Excellent doctor
May 03 , 2016
Met with hi first for a consult and then vasectomy. He is all business, perhaps a bit arrogant, but I read it as confidence. When I have someone messing with my manhood...I want confidence. He talked me through each step, was constantly asking if I was comforaptable, offered more mess, commented that I must have high pain tolerance...made sure I was up and safe on the way out. I was the last patient of the day and didnt feel rushed, even though it was well after 5:00, office staff is obnoxious. Vasectomy healed as he described. Need to go back to be sure it was successful...hopefully tomorrow. If it isnt successful, my review might be a bit different!!,
October 08 , 2014
Dr Gentile is a kind and professional doctor that, in our opinion, cares about his patients. He certainly took good care of my husband during his surgery and he and Dr Ghazi are terrific. The staff at South Pointe is just great... helpful and friendly. I would recommend Dr Gentile without hesitation.
June 24 , 2014
I had a vasectomy and two weeks later I still have significant swelling and pain. I waited 5 days and got the advice of rest and ibuprofen. Then the ask to wait 10 days. Called only to get a prescription for antibiotics but no flow up at all. If the antibiotics do not work then Im seeking a second opinion.
November 23 , 2011
Office is disorganized, staff rude and argumentative at times-were right-patient is wrong. Despite my telling doctor 2x where to send prescription, it went to wrong pharmacy. Avoid Friday afternoon appointments unless you want to wait an hour. Appointments set months in advance are changed at last minute. I am concerned about his diagnostic abilities and am seeking a second opinion.
June 29 , 2017
I cant get an appointment until October. I am an established patient , 6 years . The office clerks insist on seeing a PA if I cant wait This is good medical care?
May 24 , 2017
I was mis-diagnosed by Gentile 3 years ago and my life has been very difficult since. Id stay away from this guy.
July 11 , 2017
Dr. Gentile was extremely annoyed to have to do consults for men getting a vasectomy. The consult is mandated by NY but he takes it out on his patients. After talking with me about the procedure like a tape recorder, I asked about the chronic epiditymitis I have. HE told me to call my general physician to get a perscription to clear that up. My GP sent me back to him because he is a urologist! Dr. Gentile would not write me a perscription and he wanted me to come in AGAIN to get diagnosed! This happened in a 3 day time frame and swears he never sent me away. He doesnt get paid for consults, so why would he do extra work, like writing a perscription after he already diagnosed me! I do not recommend him unless your procedure is straight forward and you have no questions or concerns. Hes in it for the numbers. His staff is no better and is like the DMV. You also have to wait 2-3 months for the consult and another 2-3 months for the precudure (even if you schedule them both at the same time). Its all about the numbers.
May 02 , 2012
Souless mercenary! Just a money making machine
July 25 , 2014
Called for an appointment while I was in extreme pain told them it was urgent for treatment gave me an appointment 2 months in the future!
January 03 , 2019
From start to finish you will information, no direction, no help with pain after your surgery and an unbelievable arrogant attitude. The surgery was a disaster, worst experience of my life.
November 08 , 2009
I did not understand I was undergoing a procedure, not an office visit when arriving for my appointment. I was in horrible pain during my cystoscopy and yelled-the doctor told me curtly to hold still. I was told I would just feel pressure! I had to wait in line for 25 minutes in pain from this procedure afterwards to make another appointment and check out.His patients need to know ahead of time what may happen and be given pain medication or something to relax them before undergoing this procedure.
October 22 , 2008

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