David J. Grossklaus, M.D.,P.C.
6007 E Baseline Rd, Suite 105
Mesa, AZ 85206 (Directions)
4.8 out of 5
David J. Grossklaus, M.D.,P.C.
6007 E Baseline Rd, Suite 105
Mesa, AZ 85206 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
22 ratings, 22 reviews
I had been seeing another urologist and just didnt feel comfortable, so my doctor recommended a second opinion, I found Dr. Grossklaus and was glad I did. His office is fantastic, all staff friendly and caring, He was nice and went over my entire history and has helped me tremendously, way more than the other urologists I had seen. I now feel at ease with my urologic health and can thank them
February 04 , 2014
What other busy Mesa Doctor takes the time to personally call to see how you are doing? Doctor Grossklaus does.Like we used to say in the Navy.Outstanding.
July 24 , 2017
Ive had my share of kidney stones and always go to the closest ER whenever they strike. This time I was near Banner Baywood ER. My friends recommended Dr. Grossklaus and seeing him saved me. The urologist on call said I was fine then I called Dr. Grossklaus Office and told them how big my stone was and they got me in the same day and I had surgery the next day so I could get back to work. He was honest-my stone was huge and told me I would probably need a stent and explained to me that I would be uncomfortable. When he took the stent out, he was quick and made sure I was comfortable.
September 25 , 2018
Excellent service from this doctor. Great bedside manner, he was really easy to talk to and gave great easy to comprehend explanations.
February 22 , 2011
I found out in the Er that I had a 7mm stone. My friends recommended him and he was able to get in the same day and have surgery the next day. I’m a single mom and teacher. I needed to get back to work fast. He has the best bedside manner , explained everything to me. Highly recommend Dr. grossklaus!!!
August 23 , 2018
I enjoyed his bedside manner
May 30 , 2008
had a really good experience, great surgeon and now my problem is completely cured
July 31 , 2012
Dr. Grossklaus was great at answering all my questions. I had a great experience!
February 21 , 2011
I was referred to a different urologist for prostate cancer and I just didnt get a good feel so I found Dr. Grossklaus online and I am glad I did. He is professional, caring and he explained everything to me. He is busy and the visits are sometimes short but I never feel shortchanged. He took care of my problem and I am now on with life, thank you.
June 06 , 2019
I had an appointment with Dr Grossklaus. The moment I walked into his office I knew I had made the right choice. The staff were very helpful and made me feel like I had been a patient for years. I told the doctor my problems and he checked me out. He ordered a test and put my mind at rest. Thank you Dr. Grossklaus and staff.
March 12 , 2013
He is wonderful makes you very comfortable and gets right to business
February 01 , 2019
finally I saw a good urologist+
July 15 , 2016
I had vasectomy from him and things went perfect. Really nice office and very professional staff, I found him by reading reviews online, most were really good and I can now agree, Glad I went to him
January 26 , 2013
Dr Grossklaus was very caring and careful to explain all possiblities. Office staff answered all questions I had and was available when needed. I feel he did an excellent job and I am happy to recommend him.
April 05 , 2019
Dr. Grossklaus was recommended to me by my PC for emergency reasons. He was #1 on her list. When we met with him and my test results, he spent at least an hour explaining what I had and what options I had. He is polite, caring but cuts to the chase....no guessing about what to do. All follow-ups have been great and the office staff is right on top of everything. Hes the BEST! TY Dr. G.
November 01 , 2016
he took care of my father and did an excellent job, I dont know how these other people rated him low, he was caring and nice and always explained things to our family, I gave him a high rating
February 21 , 2011
Great office and office staff. The doctor was busy but in talking to him you could tell he really knew his stuff, I chose him to do my surgery and have been really happy ever since. I recommend him highly
October 29 , 2012
I appreciate how he truly cares about his patients, I have seen other urologists who seem to be in business for other reasons, but I stick with Dr. Grossklaus because he is someone I can trust
November 20 , 2016
Friendly and knowledgeable...an excellent doctor! I’ve been a patient of his for over 10 years.
September 02 , 2019
An excellent doctor. He performed my prostatectomy using a laparoscopic/ robotic procedure and the surgery and recovery went very smoothly with no pain and minimal discomfort. He is easy to talk to and clearly explained everything throughout my prostate cancer diagnosis, surgery and follow-up treatment. He was very careful to make sure all my questions were answered. His office and clinical staff are great to deal with as well. I highly recommend this doctor.
December 25 , 2011
I would not recommend for anyone to see this dr because I went with my husband to see him with his issues. He didnt really give the information out and not being very helpful about his issues. I also have requested to get an interpreter from an agency but the dr office used the nurse who knew some sign language. It was not her job to be an interpreter. The job she does is a nurse.
October 09 , 2008
Standard, run of the mill uro - there are better ones out there.
May 20 , 2010

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