993 Johnson Ferry Rd NE, Suite C 225
Atlanta, GA 30342 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
993 Johnson Ferry Rd NE, Suite C 225
Atlanta, GA 30342 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
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Really top notch! Extremely knowledgeable and explains treatment options well. He shows concern for his patients and has provided me with a successful course of treatment, minimizing side effects. He made me feel completely comfortable with discussing all aspects of my problem.
November 09 , 2009
The negative reviews are so off-base, they must be talking about someone else. Dr. Cornell is fantastic. He listens extensively, has an amazing amount of experience, and was the only urologist of many who could tame my chronic prostatitis. Finding him was a life-altering experience, and I have sent several others to him who all report the same quality of care.
August 31 , 2015
Dr. Cornell did my adult circumcision. He was fantastic. Showed a lot of concern for the outcome and made sure that it looked the way that I wanted it to look. He was very professional. The results were amazing. No one can tell that it wasnt done at birth. His technique is really something else, minimal stitches, minimal scarring, and he understands what it means to have the results not look like they were done later in life.
August 01 , 2008
Dr. Cornell treats me for chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain. He is very concerned about my well-being and he understands the severe pain I struggle with on a daily basis. He works with me and doesnt look down on me for suggesting certain medications to help alleviate my symptoms. Because of him I able to make it from day to day when at times i was been ridden due to the pain of my condition before we began therapy. Now I am able to work and lead a somewhat normal life. Also, he is not intimidated by my suggestions towards our pain management approach and he is willing to perform prostate massages for me if I need them to help open blood flow to the region and allow certain antibiotics to better to penetrate the prostate wall. I will continue seeing him on a regular basis. He is truly a great intelligent doctor who really does take the time to listen to his patients.
April 25 , 2014
I do not think that they come any better. He may be the best in Atlanta in his specialty. He also treated a gentleman who referred me to Dr. Cornell. The results in that case were also exemplary.
March 03 , 2009
I wanted an elective adult circumcision and learned that Dr. Cornell was the best. I made an appointment and drove from southwestern Texas to Atlanta and back to get it done. He and his staff listen and are cooperative to satisfy the patient. His procedures and methods are a huge step above what I've read about from patients of other clinics. I'm very happy with the outcome.
January 18 , 2022
Wonderful Doctor. Thinks outside the box. Very caring person. Saved me money, time and pain!
February 24 , 2021
I have know Dr. Cornell for many years. He has treated my on and off prostatitis and currently giving me testosterone shots for low testosterone. He also has done several cystoscopies under general anesthesia. I went to one urologist who did them in the office with local gel. That pain is unbearable! He also treated my partner for bladder cancer. He is very professional. I do miss Matt so much! His MA who was with him for years. He was the best! I wish he would come back! Read about his past history in his medical career. I will admit it is difficult to find great urologist in Atlanta area! More than difficult!
May 23 , 2017
After treating me for three years and my recent kidney stones for six weeks without success including insertion of a stent I called to ask when the follow-up surgery he requested would be scheduled. He told me, --This is a complicated case. I dont have time for it. Find another doctor. There is. I one I can recommend.-- I was abandoned, in severe pain, and left on my own to find a doctor. His staff came through for me, but I cannot recommend thus doctor.
June 11 , 2012
A cold, arrogant doctor. Unfriendly staff. Not helpful and actually cruel in his bedside manner and a total waste of my time. Will not recommend anyone to see him.
October 29 , 2013

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