Florida Urology Partners LLP
2708 W Saint Isabel St
Tampa, FL 33607 (Directions)
2.4 out of 5
Florida Urology Partners LLP
2708 W Saint Isabel St
Tampa, FL 33607 (Directions)

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2.4 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
I found Dr Hochberg to be efficient & professional. He listened closely, reviewedpast test results & made a recommendation for follow-up. I felt like I had his complete attention while I was in the examinigng room. His staff was patient & personable. I was seen the nly 5 minutes after my appointment time.
March 13 , 2019
I am very upset! I got US mail from this office that on the back was someones personal information. I had everything handwritten on it. Date of birth, name, insurance, even diagnosis. I called the office the lady acted like I did something wrong. I faxed her a copy, she never even called me to confirm she got it, or say thank you. I am deeply upset..what of mine could have leaked?
March 16 , 2011
Im a Firefighter/Paramedic in his mid 20s who was told to see a urologist by his primary care physician and a endocrinologist in regards to classic low testosterone symptoms. I felt as though Dr. Hochberg acted disrespectfully and unprofessional the entire visit. He made HIS SUBJECTIVE opinions of my condition very rudely, he chose to talk down to me as if I were a child instead of a grown man. He wrote off any form of help or treatment by closing my chart and crossing his arms long before I was able to communicate what I felt were my symptoms and what was wrong. He swiftly told me that --He didnt have the answers, and there was nothing he would do to help me-- despite symptoms that are negatively affecting personal relationships, work performance and my life in general. As a healthcare professional myself, and someone who works with people and patients every day, I was BEYOND upset and disappointed in the quality of care Dr. Hochberg provided.
June 15 , 2014
Well, his staff is pretty hard pressed all the time and they seem rushed and hurried. The doctor obviously knows his profession but his manner is cold and you leave there feeling like youre just a number. I had the distinct feeling that he was concentrating on something else while talking to me but fortunately there are other doctors.
June 19 , 2018
Awful, cold physician! He was rough with me, got angry when I asked questions and said, --Do you want to have a debate?-- When I asked him to warn me before each procedure, he shoved a speculum up my vaginal area without letting me know what he was about to do. Do not go to this awful doctor!
January 14 , 2018
Very full of himself and does NOT care about the well being of patients because, as he sees it, the whole world revolves around him and nobody else matters. Everything is always ALL about him and never has time to listen or hear about patient issues. Dont waste your time with this guy, your life could be in the balance and he wouldnt care! Feel bad for his staff because they always look terrorized/traumatized.
November 29 , 2017
Had the worst experience of my life after lithotripsy. Became septic and was hospitalized. He acted like it was my own fault, never followed up with me in the hospital at all - he was a complete narcissist. The first visit was fine until there was a problem with his procedure and then he wrote me off. I never blamed him for problems after surgery- it was his response (or lack of) that really surprised me. What a waste of a degree!
March 31 , 2016
There is nothing more to say, the rating says it all.
March 13 , 2011

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