Uci Department Of Urology
101 The City Dr S
Orange, CA 92868 (Directions)
4.8 out of 5
Uci Department Of Urology
101 The City Dr S
Orange, CA 92868 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
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Early detection is real important and once you find out early enough dr. David Lee can perform miraclesu .
August 10 , 2018
Couldn’t find any better or more competent surgeon than Dr. Lee. We are blessed to have him and his excellent staff in our area. Prostate cancer is a scary diagnosis—Dr. Lee and his folks guide you through every step of the difficult process with knowledge, caring and confidence. We are so glad we used him for the surgery — he is the best.
November 12 , 2018
Dr. Lee is outstanding. He took the time to answer all of my questions after each of my due diligence visits and after I chose him as my surgeon. His bedside manner is excellent and he made me feel like it was going to be OK and he was right. I see him each anniversary after my surgery and he still spends plenty of time responding to my questions. I am 4 years out and so far so good. I had a good outcome and had no complications. He has done thousands of these surgeries. Way more than anyone else. If you come prepared to ask questions, he is prepared to answer them. His assistants are also excellent and know an enormous amount about the disease and the treatment. The whole operation is a well oiled machine. Everything was organized and went off without a hitch. Dr. Lee saved my life. If you use him you are in good hands. Thank God for Dr. Lee.
October 12 , 2018
Dr. Lee has been my husband's urologist for quite a few years. As far as we are concerned, he is absolutely the best! The top notch professional and a wonderful person! What a combination!
April 26 , 2018
Dr Lee is one of the best in the field and yet he maintains his humility. He has an excellent bedside manner. His protocol for before and after surgery are also outstanding. I am less than 2 weeks out from surgery and feeling great.
July 03 , 2016
I had multiple recommendations to Dr. Lee. I felt very confident. I felt that way because he is so confident. I had a Robotic Radical prostectomy. He had performed over 4000 procedures which was 4 times as many as the next closes guy in the area. He has seen it all and my recovery has been fantastic. This is not the type of procedure you want done at one of the local Hospitals. To many drastic side effects. Choose the best, and the best is Dr. David Lee.
January 27 , 2014
Great doctor. Very friendly and knowledgeable!
November 24 , 2015
Excellent bedside manner, took the time to answer all questions before and after surgery, excellent staff that are very knowledgeable and organized. Great outcome from surgery. The Dr. and his team really understand the concerns of their patients and are well prepared to address them. They made me feel very comfortable that I was working the best in the world.
September 28 , 2016
Dr. Lee is a great surgeon that takes the necessary time to inform the patient along with family of procedure and progress. His staff is very helpful. Alice, and Ashley will respond to any inquiries very quickly. Highly recommended.
July 20 , 2020
I chose Dr. Lee for my prostate surgery for stage 2 cancer. He came highly recommended and his credentials are impressive. The problem is his practice is very high volume. I NEVER waited less than an hour on an office visit, often longer. Most of your time is spent with his two assistants rather than with Dr. Lee. I always felt rushed when actually speaking with him. He is pleasant enough but I never felt he was completely familiar with my particular case. He would often enter the exam room while still reviewing my file. On the morning of my surgery I realized he was performing a second surgery at basically the same time as mine.
September 16 , 2013

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Uci Department Of Urology
101 The City Dr S
Orange, CA 92868