Orlando Health Medical Group Inc
7301 Stonerock Cir, Suite 1
Orlando, FL 32819 (Directions)
4.8 out of 5
Orlando Health Medical Group Inc
7301 Stonerock Cir, Suite 1
Orlando, FL 32819 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
He was very knowledgeable and down to earth.
January 13 , 2015
Excellent surgeon. Great manners. Good man to help you.
March 31 , 2011
Dr. Jablonski operated on me in 2004 when I was a new student in Florida and still without health insurance. He removed all charges for the operation. When I had to follow up on it in my home country and do another operation the top surgeon there said whomever operated on me was a master.
November 24 , 2019
I didnt really care for Dr. Jablonski the first time I met him. I thought he came off a little arrogant. The 2nd and 3rd visits have been amazing, I dont know if I was having an off day or what, but he is very knowledgeable, and wants to make sure you understand everything. He is currently treating my infant son, and I would recommend him to anyone!
November 30 , 2008
Excellent urologist; highly competent and perrsonnaly empathetic.
November 15 , 2016
I am a young female who sees Dr. David Jablonski for a bladder condition. I was intimidated going to a urologist who I thought was mainly a mans doctor. He is quiet but friendly and has helped me for over the past 4 years. His nurse staff is friendly and when I call with a medical question or problem my calls are returned quickly. He is the son of the doctor Donald Jablonski there.
April 24 , 2008
Great Doctor. I have been seening Dr.Jablonski for over 5 yrs. Extremely professional,competent, a bit stiff at times ,but overall a fine doctor. I have recommeded my family and associates to him.
June 06 , 2009
Dr. Jablonski seems very competent and confident. His office is clean and spacious and good parking. Be careful though, getting in and out of the parking lot driveway off of Mills can be very dangerous, especially getting out going north on Mills. Appointment was pretty easy to get. I have been there about three times now. His nurse, I think its Donna, needs to learn to slow down a few MPH and listen to what a patient is saying instead of talking over them and trying to finish a sentence for you. She has done this with me on three separate times/interactions. Furthermore, I left two messages in three days for her and she NEVER bothered to return my call. Not appreciated. Caution...if you set an appointment at the end of their day, expect that you will feel like they have one foot out the door to get out of there and one foot in your examination room.
December 03 , 2013

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Medical School - University Of Florida College Of Medicine, 1992
30 years
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English, Spanish
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Orlando Health Medical Group Inc
7301 Stonerock Cir, Suite 1
Orlando, FL 32819