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3.9 out of 5
University Of Virginia Physicians Group
500 Ray C Hunt Dr, Fl 2
Charlottesville, VA 22903 (Directions)

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3.9 out of 5
28 ratings, 28 reviews
Dr. Rapp is one of the best. He helped my bladder work again and life is much better.
May 13 , 2019
I saw Dr. Rapp at UVA and feel like he is truly an expert. I had seen many other doctors before who couldnt help. But, Dr. Rapp took the time to figure out things. Now I am better and my pain is gone.
April 20 , 2019
Excellent doctor! Appointment was on time. His nurse was great and gave me lots of information to help.
May 12 , 2020
Dr. Rapp made me feel very comfortable. He spent 45 minutes with me and did a great job explaining things to me and giving me treatment options. Most times I have been rushed in and out of doctors offices. But not with Dr. Rapp. I would highly recommend.
April 20 , 2019
I would highly recommend Dr. Rapp. He takes time to listen to me and really cares about my health. He also explains things very well.
December 31 , 2017
Great visit! Even though I didn’t need surgery he spent 30 minutes explaining things to me. I felt like he really cared about making me feel better.
June 25 , 2019
He was very nice and efficient in explaining every thing about my prostate promblem
June 15 , 2018
Great experience. Explained things so well! Most doctors are in and out but not Dr. Rapp. He took the time to answer all my questions and explain everything to me.
July 10 , 2020
Dr. Rapp is very thorough is his explanations of diagnosis and treatment. He is relaxed and makes you comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. He is extremely competent and caring. I would highly recommend Dr Rapp.
May 19 , 2013
Dr. Rapp spent more time with me than any doctor I had seen before. He really made sure that I understood what my problem was and what options were to to treat. I am very grateful.
February 24 , 2018
Dr. Rapp is a very caring physician. He is very skilled and explained procedures in detail.
April 15 , 2012
The best Dr. I ever encountered. He saved my life. E.Narh..
July 29 , 2021
I have an enlarged prostate. I was experiencing extreme discomfort and the office worked me in its schedule immediately. I was fortunate enough to see Dr. Rapp. He sat down with me and quietly asked me questions about my problem. He then took his time and drew a diagram explaining two possible problems . One was either an infection. The other was simply inflamation. He prescribed an antibotic for the possible infection. He was going to prescribe flomax for the inflamation. At my request, he prescribed cardura which, for me, does not have the side effects of flomax. Within 2 days, the inflamation was gone. Dr Rapp and Virginia Urology get all fives from me. Thanks Dr. Rapp.
December 18 , 2013
Dr. Rapp was very kind and thorough. He spent a lot of time trying to educate me on my problem and help me to understand it and the treatments that were available. I would highly recommend Dr. Rapp.
November 04 , 2015
I am so thankful to find an expert in urogynecology. Dr. Rapp listened to me and heard my problem. I was worried about surgery but he made me feel good about it and explained everything and I feel so much better!
June 26 , 2019
The best! If you want someone to listen to you and really understand your problem, Dr. Rapp is the one.
August 04 , 2019
My experience with Dr. Rapp has been excellent. He really takes the time to understand what the patient is telling him as opposed to many other doctors Ive had that shuttle in and out as fast as possible. He then really made his diagnosis and recommended course of action very clear. I would highly recommend him.
January 19 , 2018
I had a great visit with Dr. Rapp. He is very experienced but he took the time to really explain things to me. I feel like I understood my problems and the various treatments that were available. I felt like he wasnt trying to push me into surgery ... he just wanted to help me however was best for me!
March 27 , 2018
Dr. Rapp is a kind, caring, and skilled doctor. You can tell he went into medicine to help people and not for the money and prestige. Urologic problems can be a bit embarassing, and I felt totally comfortable with Dr. Rapp.
August 04 , 2006
He always takes time with me and answers all my questions and I have many. He is always nice and patient with me and so his staff. They go beyond their job for my apointments when I have a uti. My appointment was 15:30 yesterday and I got there at 14:00. I was ready to wait because I was early but I didnt even complete the paler work and they called me. So I thought I would be waiting in the room. But before I got my game out he walked in. I was home at 15:30
July 01 , 2016
Awful doctor... rude, rushed and inability to diagnose.
April 21 , 2015
Incompetent this stupid site they dont respond to your emails.
October 10 , 2015
I went to Dr Rapp about four times. He never once gave me a real exam like he was suppose to and got an attitude with me saying he sees women all the time with these issues and sometimes there is nothing wrong and he doesnt know whats wrong. He is very rude and uncaring. I was not rude to him.
September 19 , 2014
I went to Dr Rapp 6 years ago with a issue that he dismissed. I asked...why was I in pain. He told me, I cant make something wrong with you that isnt. Those words stung like 100 hornets on my back ?? Now Ive been told my kidney is functioning at 37%.
November 22 , 2016
I had a stent removal after kidney surgery still having problems with my bladder. Dr Rapp is very short with his answers. Does not care to look into things. Makes you fell like your problem is in you or head. Very hard to talk to. You would like Dr. Barnes much better at this location. Dr. Rapp would not even schedule me back after giving me medication because Ive been there to many times in one week. He asked me to schedule a visit back each time accept one because it was an emergency. He made me feel like my symthoms were all in my head. Believe me they are very real.
December 16 , 2015
I saw Dr Rapp for severe bladder discomfort and complained that my abdomen was enlarged and felt very hard. Without examining me, he suggested that I was impacted and to take a laxative. It turned out that I have a very large ovarian cyst and need surgery. It took only 30 seconds for another doctor to feel it and immediately schedule a CT scan.
October 30 , 2017
I went to him for my Interstitial Cystitis over a year ago & he tried to tell me that wasnt my problem after already being diagnosed with it yrs ago. He did not pay attention to my concerns or problem,he just wanted me to try estrogen creme & than frightened me about the only thing that has worked for my pain & many problems with cystitis. Bladder Distention with direct medication work for me best, I have tried other things & this works for me!!!!
November 05 , 2013
This doctor failed to diagnose my interstitial cystitis and instead wanted to tell me that all of my urinary trait burning and pain was not there..I was imagining it! He rates a ZERO in my book!!!
August 30 , 2012

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