Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital
3100 NE 28th St
Lincoln City, OR 97367 (Directions)
3.3 out of 5
Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital
3100 NE 28th St
Lincoln City, OR 97367 (Directions)

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3.3 out of 5
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I was referred to Dr. Rosencrantz by my PCP in Lincoln City. My symtoms included urgent but minimal streams of urination, blood in urine and painful burning in urethra. The CT image showed that my bladder was completely filled with stones. One stone was as big as a robins egg. During sitting and relaxing no blood appeared in my urine. But after mowing the lawn, taking out the trash or lifting and moving items in the garage. Blood appeared immediately in my urine. Movement was causing the stones to scrape against my bladder and causing bleeding. For this reason I met with Dr. Rosencrantz to understand my condition and options. We both agreed that a laser procedure to break the stones to dust was best for me. Because I had so many stones, two procedures four days apart was required. All stones are gone, no bleeding, no burning and a regular urine flow without urgency. Our next project is my enlarged prostate. I highly recommend Dr. Rosencrantz. Hes bold and speaks his mind because he knows urology and truly cares about his patients. I hope this helps!
December 30 , 2016
Occasional wait due to him spending time with a patient. This is understandable as when it is your turn he will spend as much time as needed to ensure your questions are addressed. I never feel rushed, he has been my Doc for 5-6 years.Great staff too!
May 07 , 2012
I feel completely at ease with Dr. Rosencrantz and his staff....
October 06 , 2015
Dr. Rosencrantz has been my urologist for more than ten years. He has helped me through some serious medical issues during that time. I have great respect for and confidence in him and his assistant Beverly. I highly recommend him and his staff.
November 12 , 2015
A doctor tryly dedicated to the care and well being of his patients with an amazing staff!
November 08 , 2018
As he himself would say, dont ask someone if they thought their doctor was good, as they will only tell you where they fell in the statistics. I am a post surgical patient of Doctor Rosencrantz, and whether it was that I got lucky in the percentages, or I found his descriptions of what I needed to do compelling enough to follow, or maybe he is really good. I found him to be easy to work with, clear to understand and every bit the surgeon I was hoping for. Beverly is also great as they work together very well. Tony
October 03 , 2018
Dr. Rosencrantz is the BEST Urologist on the West Coast as I have been a patient of many in San Francisco and Portland : accurate , to the point , NO nonsense guy. Interesting humor , On the button diagnosis and surgery . I feel great now !.... Would not use any other Urologist but him . He is unique and a great Surgeon .
February 11 , 2016
i believe him to be condescending, rude, impatient, prescribes medications that should not be prescribed. The list goes on. How on earth he has so many good reviews is beyond me.
February 19 , 2016
After years of association I have full faith in Drs ability and patient care
September 17 , 2015
he is crazy..long wait over 2 hrs in LCity he scared me
July 06 , 2016
Unfortunately I have had the opportunity to meet many many doctors throughout my life. I have NEVER had a doctor swear at me or belittle me so severely before. I have NEVER had a doctor get 6 inches from my face and nastily ask me if I pee myself and fall on the floor all of the time or feel like I want to die, otherwise I am fine. I have an undiagnosed condition and went to Mr Rosencrantz to simply eliminate the possibility of bladder issues(per the request of my regular doctor). I was humiliated and completely stunned to receive such unprofessional and disturbing behavior. He was even disrespectful to the family member I brought with me for support and that family member barely said anything during my office visit. There are many Urologists out there, its just my opinion, but unless you want an abusive --doctor-- I would go elsewhere. If I was able to give less than one star reviews on this man I would.
January 29 , 2014
A minus-one star on bedside manner. But worse than that, prescribed meds specifically not approved for my gender. I read the warnings from the pharmacy that came with the meds, and about had a stroke! Scary, life-threatening side effects listed. Now recovering after several weeks, but it took a new Dr. and different meds to do so.
September 15 , 2016
terrible frightening
July 06 , 2016

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