Baptist Health Medical Group Inc
1700 Ring Rd
Elizabethtown, KY 42701 (Directions)
3.5 out of 5
Baptist Health Medical Group Inc
1700 Ring Rd
Elizabethtown, KY 42701 (Directions)

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3.5 out of 5
11 ratings, 11 reviews
Sensible, practical yet very professional. I agree the follow-up is pretty much non-existent. However, if the Doctor is confident in his work, follow-up is an area they can slack off on a little and still be good.
April 10 , 2012
Ive only seen Dr. Shafran once but he seems to take alot of time with his patients, very personable and made you feel at ease. Wait time was minimal. The office staff was very unprofessional and loud but the Dr. is very good.
May 26 , 2012
He is by far the BEST urologist I have ever had. He is an excellent professional, treats the patient respectfully, and provides all of the necessary information so the patient knows everything he needs to know. I will keep being his patient.
August 19 , 2015
The doctor took time to explain things to me. Did necessary testing to find out my problem. Was very easy to talk to. The front staff could have been friendly. If i was rating them alone, it wold be lower, but he is a great doctor.
September 12 , 2011
He is an outstanding physician. Takes the time to explain things and listen to the patient. Does not recommend a drastic approach. Tries the simple things first. Top rate doctor.
November 06 , 2015
Very professional and personable. Understands patients sensitivity and concerns. Takes the time to answer questions with complete answers.
April 11 , 2012
To me, it would be a challenge to bring any type of personality or warmth into a job where urology was the primary focus. This group does a good job in making me feel comfortable, and cared for. The skill level has been above par, and I have been able to face the inherent indignity of examination for my type of problem, with much more ease. I highly recommend the good Doc.
January 05 , 2011
The office staff was rude when I called to setup the first appointment. They would not accept medical records to be faxed from previous doctor. Apparently they have issues using fax machines. I had my records faxed to one of my doctors office with no issue. However the records I had were incomplete. Dr Shafran was rude and very unprofessional about my current employment situation. He trivialized my disability and questioned the hard life choice of taking diablity. After that first visit I was angry but he came highly recommended. I figured I can take a bruised ego if he is such a good doctor. I received one call sayin they need more information. I contacted all my past doctors and delivered the test results. After over a month I called to see on the status of the insurance and my treatment. I was told that they needed more information and that I would get a call back. I received no call that day. I called once more and was told that they would check and call right back. And yet nothing. The bottom line is the doctor is rude and unprofessional. The office staff if rude and incompetent. Stay away find someone else in the area. Or drive to Lexington.
May 12 , 2015
Dr Shafran is an unprofessional joke. He seemed more interested in his comedy routine (hes NOT funny) than my medical emergency. He was my Dr when I was transferred to Harris Downtown Ftw. He was immediately rude & condescending. He made jokes to my husband about me being his housewife & how --all women should know their place & stay home--. Are you kidding me?? Neither my husband nor I were pleased @ the comments. After that he proceeded to repeatedly cut me off as I was speaking. So much so that I finally had to tell him that when Im talking, thats his cue to stay silent & LISTEN. He treated my entire stay like a big joke. The worst part tho? He pawned me off to another Dr instead of taking care of me himself. He put a stint in then expected someone else to take it out a week later. The doctor Mr Shafran refered me to admited it was unethical & flat out wrong of Dr Shafran to do so. But I informed him after my AWFUL treatment @ Harris (the nurses, the Dr, everything) that I would rather DIE @ home than go back to Dr Shafran or Harris Downtown. He reluctantly helped me out & i am beyond grateful. No thanks to Dr Shafran.. What a joke. What a complete joke of a Dr. Go back to Appalachia where the ppl are ignorant enough to think youre a decent Dr, you quack.
April 19 , 2018
Extremely unprofessional and stuck up. Made many derogatory comments to patients and staff members.
April 22 , 2019
Hes a quack! He didnt too concerned nor did he know what was up with me. He didnt bother sending me to figure out why Im having certain problems. Dont waste your time. He was highly recommended by others but after what Ive experienced, I dont see why hes even a doctor!
August 19 , 2015

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