Brown Urology, Inc.
195 Collyer St, Suite 201
Providence, RI 02904 (Directions)
3.2 out of 5
Brown Urology, Inc.
195 Collyer St, Suite 201
Providence, RI 02904 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
12 ratings, 12 reviews
he was very kind helpful and really listened to me. He also solved my problem.
August 24 , 2011
Great bedside manor takes his time to listen to your concerns
October 11 , 2018
Dr. Sobel is very warm, professional and you feel comfortable with him right away. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a smart, dedicated urologist. Cant say enough about him. He had all the time in the world for me. Very rare these days.
August 24 , 2011
Saw Dr Sobel for Renal Cell Carcinoma, Was great diagnosis, great explanation and sense of urgency to treat appropriate, great hands, bedside manner pre and post op... very caring... saved my life and I really appreciate him and his staff.
August 04 , 2014
Ive only had one appt so far with Dr. Sobel at Urology Assoc located just North of Littleton Adventist. I also saw another doctor Galensky there. I have to say the staff have been VERY friendly and efficient during both appts. Since the staff were bashed in all the other reports for Denver Urology, I thought Id let everyone know you can see Dr. Sobel down South and have a more pleasant experience. My wait time was 20 minutes and Dr. Sobel apologized for this as well. Perhaps the staff run a more efficient office at their 7720 S. Broadway location?
January 17 , 2014
My husband has been a patient of Dr David Sobel for a few years. He has had several office procedures and I have waited in the waiting room. I found everyone to be pleasant and helpful. I do know appointments times may result in 30 min delay but my husband gets the time he needs. I meet Dr Sobel in pre op and found him to be very pleasant. He found me in the waiting room after surgery. Later he admitted my husband and asked my opinion. I found him to be a very caring physician.
January 28 , 2014
I am very impressed by Dr Sobel. He has been helpful and polite. He has also been very instrumental in diagnosing and correct several issues I have recently had. But the most important fact about Dr. Sobel. Or any Dr. For that matter is that I trust what he says and absolutely believe he knows his area
August 04 , 2013
Dr. Sobel is perhaps the worst doctor, regardless of specialty, that I have ever had. He is unkind, rude and did not care about me. His staff (when he was at UA) gave me the wrong time to arrive for my surgery. Yet he was angry at me for having to waiting an extra hour. However, he was always late for my appointments. He did not even bother to visit me after the surgery. I have had other surgeries, and the physician always visits. Unless you have low standards, I would avoid him.
August 29 , 2019
Dr. Sobol is always running behind and often cancels. He spends very little time with patients and is truly burned out. He can be insulting and brusque with patients. The office is TERRIBLE. They dont return calls. Wait time can be over 2 hours for a 5 minute cursory appointment. They dont call in prescriptions theyre supposed to. Urology Associates is too big and bureaucratic and youre just a number. Sobol is a nice enough guy, but not a competent doctor.
October 07 , 2012
Poor experience all way around. Does not return phone calls and can not call their office without being routed to a call center.
March 09 , 2020
Very very slow. Average of more than hour wait time. Doctor has taken less than 30 seconds with me on last 3 visits. I wonder if he treats everyone this badly?
January 05 , 2015
The office staff sure stinks. I called today and was dealing with a nice receptionist who put me on hold to look something up. Someone called Diana then picked up the line. I said someone was already helping me. She said she was going to help me now. She was very unpleasant so I said Id wait for the first person rather than go through everything with a different person. She put the phone down for a second then came back on the line pretending to be someone else but it was obviously still Diana! How juvenile! I said Im waiting for the first receptionist and she said I cant. I told her the first person was looking something up for me. She said I was being rude then hung up on me! Im disgusted. Make sure you get the persons name you are dealing with so you can get back to them if you get put on hold.
February 15 , 2010

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