Bocacare Inc
670 Glades Rd, Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33431 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
Bocacare Inc
670 Glades Rd, Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33431 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
16 ratings, 16 reviews
December 23 , 2016
I too had to see a urologist ASAP to correct another doctors work and had nothing but the finest care. Not only did Dr Taub correctly handle a difficult procedure the follow up was immediate and kind. I will be indebted forever to this doctor
April 13 , 2017
I would send any of my family members to this man. He is an amazing doctor with outstanding surgical skills.
August 10 , 2019
After 3 poor surgeries from another urologist, Dr Taub saw me on short notice and immediately corrected my serious problem. He was in Lauderdale and now Boca but I do not mind the drive to see a top notch doctor.
October 12 , 2019
He --took me in-- as well. Corrected another doctors mistake and as the gentleman said, Ill be forever indebted to him. Bedside manner? Im not looking for a best bud and rather have best Dr.
July 24 , 2018
After two poor surgeries elsewhere Dr Taub saw me immediately and corrected the issue 4 yrs ago. Couldnt ask for more caring staff too. We hated to see him leave Lauderdale but will follow him wherever he goes for for what I consider the best urologist in S. Fla
October 08 , 2018
Best Dr. you can find!!! great bedside manner and knows what needs to be done. If you have an issue ...He is the MAN!!!
February 08 , 2019
"First visit he saw me on short notice and corrected a previous doctors 3 surgeries of a serious problem. He moved to Boca Raton from Lauderdale but the drive for me is well worth seeing a caring, sharp doctor."
October 12 , 2019
Love Dr Taub but staff is rude and not helpful.
March 03 , 2015
Poor experience with DR.Taub ,no helpful ,no compassion with patient and we felt rush out of the office.Waste time.
October 28 , 2020
Zero bedside manner. Does not seem to care. I had to see a urologist immediately after 2 failed attempts to clear my problem and he --took me in--
May 11 , 2015
After 3 surgeries, Dr Taub being the 3rd, my follow up appointment was just a staff member. I have not personally spoken with the doctor of --what he saw, what he did--
May 12 , 2015
Most memorable moment was leaving his practice.
October 15 , 2014
I should of wrote this 2 years ago. i just found this site. This is how bad I felt when i left his office. I Went in about a kidney stone and nothing else. He also wanted to do a prostate test. [ I guess he wanted to increase his check ] when I said no he went on 15 min verbal assault about his Education and Qualification and his right to preform his exams. A complete ???????
August 10 , 2017
He did a radical prostatectomy on me in 2011 and caused a fistula which caused multiple uti’s which caused me to go to the ER AND GO SEPTIC WHICH PUT ME ON antibiotics for five years. Then cancer returned. I went on radiation. I now have a permanent colostomy bag, am incontinent and have had ED SINCE. I SHOULD HAVE SUED BUT WAITED TO LONG. DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO DO SURGERY ON YOU. I give him zero stars
March 26 , 2019
Never will see you for an emergency. Who needs that?
February 12 , 2015

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Bocacare Inc
670 Glades Rd, Suite 300
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