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Temple Faculty Practice Plan Inc
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5 out of 5
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I have been a patient of Dr. Chens since 2015, when he operated on me for prostate cancer. Dr. Chen has been very involved in my care, encourages your questions and answers them in a professional and caring manner. He maintains an open dialogue - I have been able to call Dr. Chen and ask questions during my recovery and have found him to be most patient and available. During my post surgery visits, Dr. Chen continues to be open, frank and provides options to any topic discussed and I have never felt rushed during office visits.
March 24 , 2017
My PSA went from 4 to over 5. My GP doctor wanted me to get a biopsy of the prostate. Dr. Chen said that wasnt that high for a 72 yr. old. He wants another PSA in 6 months. I liked the fact that he didnt want to rush me into surgery. He spent a lot of time with my Wife & I explaining my options.
February 11 , 2019
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2014. My surgeon, Dr. David Chen, and the Fox Chase staff provided me with excellent care. Aside from getting rid of the cancer, a concern that I had before having the prostatectomy was whether or not I would be incontinent. After the surgery, I was very pleased to find out that it would never be an issue. Dr. Chen makes you feel very comfortable and is thorough in answering your questions.
November 11 , 2014
Dr. Chen is a urologist and oncologist at the Fox Chase Cancer Center who has been my prostate cancer doctor for several years. (Ive been to Fox Chase for about ten years.) An office visit today is a good example of why Dr. Chen and Fox Chase -get 5-star ratings Most important: Dr. Chen spent a good half-hour reviewing my status and options. As usual, he had good knowledge of my situation, and was very clear in explaining my options now and in the future. Im very very fortunate to have a good prognosis, and as usual Dr. Chens feedback was reassuring because of his ability to communicate clearly and his responsiveness to questions. As usual Fox Chase get high marks for past encounters and for todays visit. Today every staff member from garage attendants to admins to nurses and the obligatory intern. My lab test and appointment with Dr. Chen both started on time. The waiting room was comfortable and the offices were spotless.
January 16 , 2018
Sometimes its hard to totally trust your doctors, especially when cancer is involved, but i have never trusted any doctor more then Dr Chen, he is professional has a caring heart and has nurses that are great, I would recommend Him and those at Fox chase, a great place.
April 29 , 2022
Dr Chen very helpful caring and takes time to listen he and entire staff makes you feel comfortable would highly recommend Dr Chen and staff
October 22 , 2021
I travel from Scranton, where I was told that I have bladder cancer, to Philadelphia to see Dr. David Chen. After a successful surgery by Dr. Chen, he advised me to have immunetherapy treatments. The nurses working with him are helpful, caring and make you feel at ease. DR. Chen will make sure to answer any questions that you have. I have seen him for 3 month checkups and now my 6 month checkups. While doing this procedure he explains everything that he sees with the use of the camera. He is kind,knowledgable, caring, respectful and you can tell the staff feels the same way about him.I highly recommend DR. David Chen. Edward G. Evans
October 20 , 2021
"I'm so grateful to have Dr David Chen as my Urologist. He's easy to talk to and listen well and explains what he like to. when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. by a different urologist I wasn't given any options five years to live. Fear was taking place in me. I Found Dr David Chen of Fox Chase Cancer. He talked with me how to tackle my cancer and that was 2014 and now its 2022. I'd recommend ..."
August 02 , 2022
Alwaya professional and always foward with the truth
October 01 , 2020
Dr. Chen is an expert in the field of urology/oncology. I went to him in January 2010 with a diagnosis of renal cancer, that a previous doctor wanted to treat by removing my entire right kidney. He said that he could remove the cancer cleanly and only about 15% of the kidney. The surgery was successful and did not require chemo or radiation. Over 4 years later I am cancer free. I am currently being treated by him for prostate cancer also; small amount of non aggressive cancer, not requiring surgery. I am blessed to have found such an expert and caring doctor. He saved my life.
April 07 , 2014
Doctor David Chen and staff very knowledgeable very good bedside manner makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and would recommend him and staff to anyone who wants it done right.
January 23 , 2022
I couldnt ask for a better doctor and his staff. I felt confident with him from the beginning. His knowledge of my condition and his recommendation as to how to treat my prostate cancer was much appreciated. I feel like he gave me a second chance and found that not only is he a good doctor but a really caring human being whom is thorough and made sure I was well informed at all times from the beginning and all the follow ups. I would highly recommend Dr. Chen!
February 19 , 2019
An outstanding physician. Reassuring, knowledgeable and willing to take the time to converse about all the options. Im very grateful to have been his patient for nearly eight years!
April 22 , 2019
After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, and having it treated with HIFU based on the recommendation of my previous urologist, only to discover that the cancer had spread aggressively, I turned to Dr. David Chen, affiliated with Fox Chase Cancer Center. in Philadelphia. He took to the time to explain all my options and helped me understand why the previous treatment failed. He performed minimally invasive, nerve-sparing laparoscopic surgery to remove the prostate. Recovery was rapid and return to full continence within 2 weeks. My PSA has remained below 0.1 for six months and I feel great. I trust this man with my life!
July 07 , 2017
Saved my 80 year old mothers life. Radical Cystectomy and Urostomy performed on my mother because of invasive bladder cancer. He carefully factored in her age, overall health, and support network before suggesting the surgical approach. As a testiment of his skill, she had no complications despite her age. His support staff are excellant. Thank you for saving her life.
June 28 , 2009
I was referred to Dr. Chen after a friend underwent a total kidney removal for cancer. During my initial visit, Dr. Chen and his staff explained all of my options, after which I elected to go ahead with the partial nephrectomy (kidney removal). My surgery was schedule for about 6 weeks after that visit. On the day of surgery, the staff at Fox Chase were great, and I felt totally at ease and comfortable in anticipation of the procedure. After the surgery, I felt totally fine. Except for some soreness where the surgery was performed, I did not have any of the pain I was anticipating after being operated upon. I was taking selfies with my wife and texting family that night, and was sitting up in my chair. The next morning, I was up and walking the hallways, and was released mid-afternoon. After getting home, I was up and walking up and down my street, and I increased the distance with each day. Overall, I was amazed that this surgery, in my opinion, was a non-event. I want to thank Dr. Chen and his staff, along with the staff at Fox Chase Cancer Center, for as good an experience as anyone could hope to have when having to undergo surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Chen to anyone requiring the services he offers. EXTEREMELY THANKFUL!!
October 20 , 2021
I had only one appointment with Dr. Chen to date. He is very personable and explains options in detail. I am impressed with his abilities and approach to prostate cancer. I previously went to Penn for 17 years and really enjoyed the promptness and efficiency of Dr. Chen and his office compared to my experience at Penn.
September 26 , 2017
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Gleason 7, stage in July 2015. Dr. Chen performed nerve-sparing robotic-assisted prostate surgery in September to remove the prostate and now I am cancer free with an undetectable PSA. He demonstrated knowledge, skill and has an excellent bedside manner, taking whatever time needed to answer questions thoroughly and to ensure I understood all I needed to know about the disease, the treatment and the healing process. I recommend him highly. He is a real professional.
December 28 , 2015
Dr David Chen and his staff are truly among the best,God Bless them All!
July 07 , 2021
In 2013 I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer by my doctor at Lehigh Valley hospital. I was a Gleason 6 so I opted to do Active Surveillance where I would regularly check my PSA and have MRIs and biopsies. After a few years my doctor informed me that I was a Gleason 7 and recommended surgery. I searched for a second opinion and did some research and decided on Dr Chen. It was the best decision I could have made. He reviewed my biopsy and disagreed with my doctors assssment and retested my biopsy slides. He felt I was still a Gleason 6 and recommended I remain on Active Surveillance. I still do blood work regularly to check PSA...and my cancer has shown no change. Dr Chen does not do unnecessary tests or invasive biopsies that are not needed. He is knowledgeable....very like able ...and really takes time to answer your questions. The staff at the office are also outstanding and caring. I gladly drive two hours for my appointments with Dr Chen because I trust his care.
January 11 , 2017
Dr Chen performed robotic surgery and removed two tumors on my left kidney which were thought to be cancer. Due to the pathology report I found that both tumors were benign. Thanks to Dr Chen I still have part of my kidney. The previous Doctor I saw wanted to remove the entire kidney.
December 09 , 2015
Dr. David Chen is an excellent Doctor. He was very through with my case. His procedure of HDR was very successful. He is kind. thoughtful, and very professional. I would reccomend him and Fox Chase to others. Sincerely David DeLong, Pottstown
April 11 , 2021
I have been in Dr.Chens care for 4 years. In reviewing my case, he is always knowledgeable, clear & understanding of my feelings. He always gives me a feeling of confidence and I would not go to anyone else.
October 28 , 2019
I'm so grateful to have Dr David Chen as my Urologist. He's easy to talk to and listen well and explains what he like to. when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. by a different urologist I wasn't given any options five years to live. Fear was taking place in me. I Found Dr David Chen of Fox Chase Cancer. He talked with me how to tackle my cancer and that was 2014 and now its 2022. I'd recommend Dr David Chen Urologic Oncology, at Fox Chase Cancer Center
August 02 , 2022
I have been a patient of Dr. Chen since March 2015 and he came highly recommended. He saw me immediately for an evaluation of a prostate cancer biopsy. He took the time to explain my situation and the options I had before me. We decided on a path of active surviellance with PSA testing every three months. Around September 2016 my PSA went up and again in December. In January 2017 he scheduled another more detailed biopsy and the results indicated it was time to make a decision for further treatment. Based on all we discussed and the results of the biopsy we decided on robotic radical prostatectomy. It was performed 2nd week in February. He explained the entire process of the operation the recovery process and my and his expectations post surgery. Its been seven weeks since surgery and I am at the point where I can do what I was doing prior to surgery. I am back at the gym 5 times a week and feel great. Incontinence is not an issue and I could not be happier. He is an excellent oncologist/urologist/surgeon and I would highly recommend him. I am grateful for everything he has done for me.
April 04 , 2017
End of 2005, a cytologic diagnosis showed that, there were Positive Malignant cells in my urine. I then went to a top cancer hospital for a biopsy. Nothing was found in my bladder. Since then, I had a cyctoscopy on my bladder every 6 months, and, always, nothing was found in my bladder. Also, always, almost all the cytologic diagnosis showed that there was Atypical Cells Present in my urine. Not until early 2014 that my then doctor found, for the first time, at a routine cystoscopy, that there was a red semi-circle around the distal end of my urethra, which was never carefully surveyed in all my previous cyctoscopies done by him before. He then hurriedly arranged a biopsy for me a few days later. Only then I was told that the biopsy would be done in the forms of Frozen Sections, i.e. my private part would be kept being cut off section by section and examined until it was sure that no more cancer cells remained in my private part. I refused taking this kind of biopsy and left that hospital. After that, I spent several months to look for a good doctor to take care of me. An intern in a renowned cancer hospital that is far away from my then residence suggested Doctor David Chen of Fox Chase to me. I went to see Doctor Chen. I found that he was very knowledgeable of my disease. He was very patient and took time to explain to me my disease and ways to treat it. I found that he was the doctor I was looking for. He then did a biopsy for me. A tiny specimen was taken away from my urethra for diagnosis. It turned out that my cancer was Non-Invasive High-Grade Papillary Urethral Carcinoma. I asked him to allow me a watchful wait. He granted my request. Early this year (2016), it was found that my cancer was getting more protruding. He then ordered a surgery. The surgery was very successful. Only a short section of my urethra was taken away. My private part is basically kept intact. A few days later, the catheter was taken away, and I could urinate standing. I had a cystoscopy recently, and nothing was found in my urethra. I feel lucky to have found Dr. Chen, who is an expert in genitourinary cancer, considerate of his patients, and with both ethics and knowledge. I will recommend him without reservation to anyone who has a need of his expertise. Also, his support team is marvelous, and in particular, Sue Burke, who is very warm and professional.
August 31 , 2016
After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I met with Dr. Chen to discuss options. He was very patient and comprehensive in his explanations, and made me very comfortable in choosing him to proceed with surgery. He performed nerve-sparing robotic-assisted surgery in September 2014. The incisions were very small, the pain was less than I anticipated, and my recovery was speedy. Since then I have been cancer free and my April 2016 blood test showed no detectable PSA. Throughout this entire process I have appreciated Dr. Chens professionalism and ability to clearly respond to any questions I have had. I can recommend him without reservation.
May 03 , 2016
I have been a patient of dr.chen for over 5 years ,he is top rated
October 05 , 2018
In September 2013, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The report and image tell me:-- 4.8 x 4.6 x 4.9 cm left renal mass is suspicious for malignancy. There may be neoplastic invasion.-- My oncologist provided me two surgeons and I choosed Dr. David Chen because based on name, I guessed he might understand and speak in Chinese and it would be better for our communication. Later I knew that Dr. Chens family came from Taiwan, but he is --banana-- and cant speak in Chinese. But my decision was correct. I was lucky to choose a very good doctor. Surgery was scheduled immediately and very successful! Dr. Chen told wife that although the cancer size was big but not spreaded. No further treatment needed. During the past more than three years, I met Dr. Chen several times for reguarler check. I found he is very knowledgeable and knows my case well. Every advise he provided has been through his deep research and consideration and avoided giving his patient any over-treatment. So far I didnt do chemotherapy and another treatments . He believes that it was unnecessary. Last year I experienced most hardship in my life. My loved wife died of colonic cancer. Recent CT report shows my lung has some nodules that are suspicious to be inflammation or neoplastic spread. After his careful check and compared with my previous records, Dr, Chen showed me on his computer screen explaining the different images of inflammation and neoplasm. He told me dont worry about it because it not seems cancer metastatic disease. I really appreciate Dr. Chens effort, knowledge and skills. No doubt, I would strongly recommend my friends who have similar disease in urological system.
January 15 , 2017
I have been to Dr Chen 3 times now. He always takes his time and explains things thoroughly, I switched to him from a different Urologist I was seeing in another practice and the difference is night and day. His bedside manner is great. He explains all options and treatments and the pros and cons of each. Hes ot just hawking surgery. His office staff and office environment are heads and shoulders above the previous practice I went to. They are personable and caring and the waiting area is clean and expansive and comfortable. I would wholly recommend him and this practice to anyone.
April 12 , 2018
I have been a patient of Dr. Chen since Feb. of 2015. I was referred to him by my family physician because my PSA was high. Dr. Chen had me wait 2months and have another PSA. It had risen to 10.2. He called me personally and scheduled a biopsy that same week. My Gleason score was 9. We talked about my options and I decide on a robotic radical prostatectomy. Dr. Chen did the surgery. It will be 2 years this coming June since my surgery and I am doing great. I would highly recommend Dr. Chen to anyone.
April 21 , 2017

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