Springs Urology
1725 N University Dr, Suite 400
Coral Springs, FL 33071 (Directions)
4 out of 5
Springs Urology
1725 N University Dr, Suite 400
Coral Springs, FL 33071 (Directions)

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4 out of 5
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"Probably the best MD that i have ever seen.. Super nice and knowldgable in areas of ED and prostate issues. Very clear easy to understand medical terminalogy that applies to your specific problem. Spends as much time as necessary to make sure you understnad and feel comfortable leaving the office. Excellent diagonistic skills identifying and treating complex problems relating to prostate and bladder. ..."
May 20 , 2022
I was having urinary problems for a long time, Dr. Scarzella was able to pin point a diagnosis, treat it, even though I have multiple allergies to drugs and to offer me new died and life style change. She was very compassionate and caring. She went out of her way to insure I did not suffer any pain during treatment. Since my visit 3 months ago, I have not had another problem and I thank you
January 07 , 2014
Everything great about this doctor except for she is a little rushed when spending time with you.
August 03 , 2016
DR Scarzella is a great conservative urologist. She is very personable, a great listener, compassionate healer. I have used her for many years with great satisfaction. Would not hesitate to recommend her services to others.
July 21 , 2014
I was referred to Dr. Scarzella by my gynocologist for incontinence issues and was blown away by how kind and patient she is! She answered all of questions in detail and made me feel very comfortable. I am now relieved of all of my issues and feel amazing! Each staff member was so kind and always had smiles on their faces! I would highly recommend Dr. Scarzella to anyone! She is amazing!
March 04 , 2013
Great experience. Very nice and knowledgable. On time and staff was great.
September 18 , 2014
I had urinary and female problems some 15 years ago. Dr. Dawn Scarzella solved them. Recently, I was urinary and female problems again. Although I had lost track of her, It is a relief and pleasure to be once again under her professional, knowledgeable, friendly and thorough care. Her staff is as reassuring as she is. She is as wonderful as I remember her and as wonderful as I need her to be.
September 20 , 2014
I was referred to Dr. Scarzella by my primary phycisian. My appointment ran on time. Her office staff was courteous and professional. Dr. Scarzella was very patient with me and was very thorough in my treatment plan. My symptoms have improved and I am highly satisfied with my overall experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Scarzella to anyone.
March 05 , 2013
Dr Scarcella is a patient centered doctor. I heartily recommend her to anyone with urological needs.
October 02 , 2019
Dr. Scarzella is extremely compassionate, reassuring, and confident. My husband and I have been seeing her for year without any complaints. She has always treated us like family. Her staff is very knowledgable and respectful. We would recommend to Dr. Scarzella to everyone. She is truley loved by her patients, staff, and epecially us.
February 25 , 2014
Dr. Scarzella is reassuring, confident, and compassionate. My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Scarzella for years. She has always treated us like family. We love her.
February 26 , 2014
I was referred to Dr. Scarzella by not only my internist, but also by a second recommendation from my gyn. Both doctors said I would be extremely happy...and am I!...ten times over!! I have seen other urologists over the years, but finally I have found one who has actually helped me. Thanks to Dr. Scarzella, I have my quality of life back! I have since referred several of my friends to her and each one of them has thanked me several times over for her. There are special people in this world, and to me, she is definitely one of them.
January 29 , 2011
I have been seeing Dr. Scarzella for several years and feel confident in her professional ability. The office staff is typical of any other DR--s office and is always cordial and professional.
August 25 , 2016
I had no idea that a female urologist was so rare until I was told I needed to find a urologist for my mom. She only wanted to see a woman and after searching I realized that they were almost nonexistent. I couldnt believe our luck to have found Dr. Scarzella! She is adorable and couldnt have been kinder, so reassuring and explained her findings to us so clearly. She is the absolute best!!
February 13 , 2017
Am currently seeing Dr. Scarzella for enlarged prostate. With elevating psa numbers I asked my primary care physician to write a referal for Dr. Scarzella. Although my psa numbers are high, the biopsy and subsequent mris and bone scans have all been negative. I like the concern the Dr. shows in searching for possible reasons for the elevated psa numbers. She is very knowlegeable, down to earth and caring. The staff is also top notch. I would highly recommend this physician for urological concerns
October 19 , 2018
Dr Scarzella is the best urologist I have been to. I like that she spends time with me and not sending me back and forth for visits. She comes to a diagnosis immediately and wants to make sure you are comfortable and not in pain. I highly recommend her.
November 20 , 2013
Cannot say enough about Dr. Scarzella and her entire office. I have been to many doctors in my life between myself and my husband and I wish they all could be like her ... she has been able to keep my bladder problems that I have suffered with for years under such amazing control that I forget I ever had a problem at all. Her office is beautiful and her team is kind and available! You will be very happy!
January 02 , 2017
Dr. Scarzella is a smart, witty, caring and most of all a talented Surgeon.
May 02 , 2019
Dr. Scarzella is very special. She takes time to listen and take care of your needs. She even asks about my Lymphoma to see how Im doing with that. Ive been a patient for years and would highly recommend her.
August 31 , 2018
Dr. Scarzella takes care of three generations of my family all at the same time. We all love her for different reasons! She relates to us each on an individual level which I find so intuitive. We recommend her a thousand times over!
March 02 , 2017
Very caring and helpful. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
August 22 , 2015
She makes you feel comfortable and easy to talk to about anything. Also didnt rush.
November 02 , 2017
I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Scarzella for a second opinion. She came highly referred to me by my Gynecologist and 2 of my friends that are current patients of hers. She was extremely thorough and caring. She addressed all of my concerns in detail. The surgery that my previous urologist said I needed is in fact, not necessary! After the trial of medication and the lifestyle changes she recommended, I feel amazing and my symptoms seemed to have resolved completely. Her staff went above and beyond to help me and were extremely courteous. I absolutely love Dr. Scarzella and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a urologist!
October 08 , 2013
I could see right away that Dr. Scarzella is extremely sharp and an expert in her field. She was also warm and kind that I felt comfortable with her immediately. She never rushed me and took the time to listen to me and really explained everything so clearly. Now I understand what has been causing my symptoms for so long and I I am feeling so much better thanks to her! I am extremely grateful I found Dr. Scarzella!
January 18 , 2017
One of the most conscientious and personable doctors I have ever known. She diagnosed my bladder cancer many years ago when it was missed by two other doctors thinking it was just a persistent bladder infection. I have been cancer free since then and am more grateful to her with every year.
December 25 , 2016
I have seen many different doctors in my life as I have multiple chronic diseases, but Dr. Scarzella is my absolute favorite. She just has a way about her. She shows that she is really hearing me and has spent more than what I feel is my share of time to help correctly diagnose me. I have been complicated but finally I have such a better quality of life thanks to the treatments I have received. She and her staff make me feel like family when I come in. Love her and recommend her a thousand times over.
December 26 , 2016
"Have been seeing Dawn for over 2 years, she is dedicated to helping her patients. Had a successful BPH reduction via Rezum 1 1/2 years ago and things are much better. She had me do extensive scanning and imagery to rule out aggressive prostate cancer. Found her easy to work with and competent. Highly recommended"
May 08 , 2020
Such a sweet, caring woman. Will recommend her to anyone in need of a urologist!
December 18 , 2012
She is fantastic and amazing at what she does! I have a neurogenic bladder and Dr. Scarzella has been my Godsend for many years now. She treats me with such kindness and has helped me live with a condition that had previously been debilitating for me and my family. I have referred so many of my family and friends to her as well and they love her the same!
March 07 , 2009
She is very easy to talk to and also listens to what you have to say. Explains the situation to you and doesnt push you into anything.
October 17 , 2018
Been working with Dawn, for the last 3 years for BPH, and couldnt be more satisfied with her and her staff, highly recommend
August 23 , 2020
Probably the best MD that i have ever seen.. Super nice and knowldgable in areas of ED and prostate issues. Very clear easy to understand medical terminalogy that applies to your specific problem. Spends as much time as necessary to make sure you understnad and feel comfortable leaving the office. Excellent diagonistic skills identifying and treating complex problems relating to prostate and bladder. She exhausts all diagnostic methods and analytics before recommending surgery.. Highly recommend..
May 20 , 2022
Dr. Scarzella is a very knowledgeable, caring, compassionate and easy to talk to. She makes you feel comfortable and listens to what you have to say and very thorough explaining the situation to you. The staff is very pleasant with a family atmosphere. Dr. Scarzella is a wonderful doctor and I would highly recommend her to anyone with urological needs.
February 17 , 2020
I have been going to Dr. Scarzellas office for 5 years now and I have always had a great experience. Everyone there is super friendly and always willing to help. I have had many ultrasounds at her office and the Ultrasound tech has always been wonderful and compassionate towards me. Dr. Scarzella is one of the nicest doctors out there. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.
May 13 , 2015
I am surprised by these comments, I am a 33 year old male, and thought she was very knowledgable, friendly, and not at all aloof or talked down to me. I highly recommend her.
November 27 , 2007
Professional service did not impress me at all!!!
June 16 , 2015
Nice office, nice doctor. My problem was handled diligently and she was thorough.
April 26 , 2010
I had to wait for almost 2 hours to be seen by the Dr. During the appointment the Dr. did not care about my case and did not resolve any doubts nor did explain the usual protocol to follow for my conditions (what is the least expected). Overall, I think the Dr. gets an excesive number of patients and so that the service doesnt fullfill patients expectations.
January 06 , 2008
After the visit the horror started. No prescription sent to be filled, multiple calls had to be made, days wasted trying to get antibiotics. Person on phone was frequently frustrated and rude, even hung on on me. 18 days after visit, still cant get their office to send prescription to diagnostic center which is $650 cheaper than who they want me to go to (1 floor below their office). Frequent nightly pain and a waste of going to them.
February 03 , 2014
I found this Dr. to be unsympathetic and almost condescending.I would never use her nor recommend her to anyone.She needs to learn empathy and kindness.
February 19 , 2007
She lied. I never needed a bladder sling to pick up my dropped bladder. She tried to pass off Vesicare pills when the surgery went wrong. Then she slammed my file on the counter and dismissed me. The Cleveland Clinic confirmed I never had a dropped bladder and I had to have a 2nd surgery to loosen the sling as Scarzella put it in too tight. Her office mgr said he did not have to prove I had a dropped bladder. Her office PA Amanda OLaughlin faked the Urodyanamics test. Find a real doctor. Not board certified as claimed on her website. No Medical malpractice insurance. I got scammed and ruined for the rest of my life. I am filing charges with the Medical Quality Assurance.
June 05 , 2010
My husband went to her after a CT scan revealing a mass on his kidney. Right away, she wanted to remove his kidney. We sought a second opinion at the U of Miami and the tumor was deemed non-cancerous. A year and another CT scan later, the tumor had shrunk on its own. Do not recommend.
March 09 , 2008
Agree with previous comments. No personality. Seems to be in a rush to get you out the door but makes you wait 1.5 hours to see her. Explains nothing that is going on regarding your health. Never asks if you have any questions. Wound not recommend.
October 24 , 2007
If you want to wait days before being seen and never have phone call returned combined with being treated like your health is not important this is the office for you. For a Kidney stone pain I was recommended an ultrasound. Waited 2 weeks in pain because it could not be done the same day. Go back for it, the ultrasound tech might as well be working in a funeral home. No smiles, no bed side manner. Then I was given a 3rd appt to go over results and I am told this is office policy. So I waited 3 weeks in pain just to find out whats wrong. Called several times explaining that I am in pain. But no one ever called back. Terrible service all about the several office visits to collect copays
November 02 , 2014
Very disappointed in Dr. Scarzellas bed side maner. I was questioning her choice of antibiotics, just trying to get clarification and she snapped, --Dont you trust me?-- That wasnt the issue, I just wanted to be educated, but apparently her ego is very fragile! Her ultra sound nurse had no bedside manner what so ever. One of her schedulers always appears angry that she has to help you. I will be looking elsewhere for care.
March 23 , 2015
November 23 , 2006
Was seeing dr. Over 3 wks,was put on 3 different antibotics and Also prescribed one that i explained i was allergic too and had bad reaction but dr still prescribed it and it made me very ill. They do no return calls when there is a problem and does not give a actual report when a test is done, i wasted my time and had to find another dr in all of my discomfort.
September 01 , 2015
She should learn manner and be more kind towards her patients. Rude doesnt even begin to describe this doctor. Stay faraway from her.
April 11 , 2007
Horrible office staff, Sarah is rude and unprofessional beyond any words I can find to describe it. When confronted with it the doctor seems to not care. Roll of paper for table was laying on floor, no towels to dry hands after washing them in the restrooms.....overall HORRIBLE all the way around. Never had a problem with front desk staff or Katie the P.A. but everything else about it - HORRIBLE.
July 23 , 2015
Each time I went to visit her, I actually had to go to the hospital because she could not help me. Then I get a collection letter after paying all her co-pays and after the insurance was billed. I NEVER got a bill, only a collection letter.
April 02 , 2015

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Medical School - George Washington University School Of Medicine, 1993
Residency - Medical University of South Carolina (Urology),
30 years
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