Samaritan Medical Center
22567 Summit Dr
Watertown, NY 13601 (Directions)
3.2 out of 5
Samaritan Medical Center
22567 Summit Dr
Watertown, NY 13601 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
13 ratings, 13 reviews
Dr. Deborah Wilson exceeded all of my expectations! We are very fortunate to have the option to be a patient of such an amazing woman urologist in Scottsdale! Dr. Wilson took the time to explained the procedures and my options. I really appreciate the courtesy and professionalism, of the entire office. I received a call the next day in regards to my test and the woman calling asked to make sure I understood the results. Thank you Dr. Wilson for all the years you spent training to be a urologist, your kindness, and expertise made a difference in my life. Your grateful patient!
June 01 , 2012
I had no idea that being sexually molested as a child would cause urology symptoms later in life. No other physician Ive seen told me this. Dr. Wilson recognized what was happening with me and treated me gently and expertly. No more running to clueless doctors: problem solved.
December 06 , 2010
Dr. Wilson has been amazing in my treatment and surgery! She listens closely to your concerns and explains everything thoroughly. The nurses at the Piper Surgery Center said that she is THE BEST!! Im grateful that I have been under her care!
April 17 , 2014
I have recommended Dr. Wilson to my friends, and she came highly recommended to me. After surgery, my nurses shared that Dr. Wilsons patients recover more easily than other surgeons. I felt she througly explained everything, answered my questions, and put me at ease. In hindsight, I could not imagine having anyone else do my surgery. She is highly skilled and proffesional.
June 18 , 2012
This doctor listens and gives helpful information.
September 21 , 2013
This was my first visit with Dr. Wilson, and I was extremely impressed with her. She was very friendly, and professional. I felt she explained everything to my understanding and was thorough with my examination. I have a follow up in one month. The only thing I didnt like, was I felt the atmosphere in the outer office was very cold. I would recommend Dr. Wilson very highly!
October 03 , 2012
I found Dr. Wilson to be a proficient surgeon, with excellent technique. She may not have enough --bedside manner-- for those that need a lot of TLC, but she knows her stuff and does it well. If you need warm fuzzies, go to another doctor.
August 22 , 2008
I love Dr. wilson! I refer to her iften...
June 29 , 2015
Terrible bedside manner. Complete issue not made clear nor thorough. No followup after procedure nor follow-up after surgery. Kept saying --Now we talked about this-- in response to questions that may have needed to be asked again or clarified. No discussion on potential problems during/after surgery and other procedures that may be necessary. Cannot recommend.
September 24 , 2011
Never met such a condescending, sarcastic Dr., who cannot admit that she possibly made a mistake in her communication. She is above her patients, and makes no bones about it. Arrogant isnt a strong enough word to describe the bedside manner.
April 11 , 2012
Deborah L Wilson, Urology, should pack up her bags and leave this profession. She is by far the most sarcastic, rude, uncaring medical professional that I have ever met. Her absolute disregard for the well being of her patients leads to extended illness, inappropriate treatment, etc. Coming in at a close second in this race for the worst communication with patients is the rest of the staff at this obnoxious clinic. The secretary takes pride in reading lab reports and doling out a diagnosis on her own. Considering this urologist? DONT!!
April 28 , 2012
I wouldn't bring my dog to this women or any of the freaks she works with they r the biggest joke around!!!
July 05 , 2019
I wouldnt bring my dog to this women or any of the freaks she works with they r the biggest joke around!!!
May 07 , 2019

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