First Urology Psc
3920 S Dupont Sq C
Louisville, KY 40207 (Directions)
2.6 out of 5
First Urology Psc
3920 S Dupont Sq C
Louisville, KY 40207 (Directions)

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2.6 out of 5
12 ratings, 12 reviews
Interesting that many of the negative reviews were written by patients seeking pain medication. With the soaring number of patients with addiction and overdose deaths I understand why Dr. Smith is not going to provide people with pain medication that isn't needed. I used to work in the addiction field and know how manipulative these people can be. Not only is he protecting those patients who beg for opioids he is protecting his practice.
March 17 , 2023
Never have to wait long and I feel he is concerned about my health. I have been a patient of his for 3 years and I am thankful for his professionalism.
June 20 , 2018
He has treated my husband several times for kidney stones. He gives him options and asks for his treatment preference and they discuss what is best.... Very nice man. Quiet and professional.
January 28 , 2019
Dr. Smith has been very approachable, non-argumentative, and concerned with my appropriate care. Its hard to believe he is the same doctor that others have reviewed. He has been responsive to all of my isdues and has offered what I think are ecellent responses. Mine has been a difficult case, but at no time have I felt that I was receiving inappropriate care. Some limited duplicate testing was due to hospital rules, not Dr. Smith. I saw Dr. Smith many years ago, and felt the same way about him then. I have had to wait a long time in the exam room, but knowing how busy he is, Im not surprised nor overly upset about that.
May 04 , 2015
I brought my 77 year old aunt in to see Dr. Smith and he was very knowledgeable and informative and he was a pleasure to work with !!!
March 27 , 2019
Followed textbook care, did not listen to problems and deal with them on a personal level. After many tests ( not needed) went with the simple diagnosis that had been made by family MD. From first visit, argued that could not be the diagnosis.
October 14 , 2012
Doctor doesnt even review chart before he sees you and has no idea what is going on until you tell him no beside manner at all no idea what tests you have had terrible doctor no idea what is wrong
August 31 , 2018
Dr is indifferent to patients pain and does not give even minimal follow up. This Dr prescribed an antibiotic that was toxic when mixed with other meds I was taking. He also took 7 days to replace the antibiotic with a safe one. Finally, he told me I could take the antibiotic for my infection, or just live with the infection...yes he said that! Infections dont just go away,,,Will never see him again under any circumstances.
September 04 , 2014
I went to see dennis and right off the bat, he did not even care to listen. My girlfreind was with me and felt the same. But i thought its ok hes probaby see this all the time. After a few visits he said he could not help me and i felt like my life was over because of the pain. Even though i told him please help me, i told him i was having suicidal thoughts because of the pain, even thought i would never hurt myself because i have a son that needs me. But still no compassion, i dont even think that he belived me. Even when i reseached my issues, and said could it be my prostate,(which is what everything was pointing to) he didnt even check my prostate. I know that dennis will probaby see this but i think he should know. I hope Dennis that in the furture when you have more patients like this, you try you hardest to help them and try to reseach some stuff, because when your at home enjoying your day, some of you patients are in pain. Nothing like seeing a 4 year old cry because he sees his dad in so much pain.
August 27 , 2015
This man has no bedside manner and would not listen to anything we had to say about pain. I would not want him touching anyone in my family ever again! Very rude!
September 18 , 2013
most memorable is the fact that Mr Smith injected into my prostate 156 iodine pellets instead of the 105 recommended for a Gleason scale of 4 and injected me with Lupron that made me swell up. The pellets did the trick of burning out my cancer and prostate and left me with burning that lasted for a year. This of course has not pleased me but I have been cancer free for over 11 years and incontinent as well as unable to have sex.
October 18 , 2016
Made me repeat tests that I had one week earlier that were ordered by family doctor. Argued about the diagnosis and then after repeated tests, told the original diagnosis was correct. Consulted with one of his partners that also said he didnt understand why Dr. Smith had told me the original diagnosis was wrong. Charged for tests that no one could give me results for.
January 28 , 2015

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