The Health Care Authority For Baptist Health, An Affiliate Of Uabhs
470 Taylor Rd, Suite 201
Montgomery, AL 36117 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
The Health Care Authority For Baptist Health, An Affiliate Of Uabhs
470 Taylor Rd, Suite 201
Montgomery, AL 36117 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
16 ratings, 16 reviews
He cares and is committed to his patients.
March 28 , 2020
My primary care doctor made me an appointment with Dr Bhuta and after reading some of the reviews I was a little skeptical ptical about seeing him but he was nothing but professional when I did. I went back the next day to have a cat scan and he told me to come by his office as soon as I was done and we went straight back to the exam room To discuss the results. He also called me back himself a few days later to give the “official “ results, which I Might add , were very good. I don’t know why there were any negative comments about him but I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
July 06 , 2018
I loved Dr. Bhuta. He is very sweet, thorough, and attentive. Highly recommend him. 👍🏻🩺👨🏻‍️
August 14 , 2021
Dr Bhuta did an amazing job and probably saved my life. His bedside manner is a little rough but I need the hard truth rather than all platitudes and sunshine. He showed prior to my procedure the CT scan and walked me thru the issues threatening me and showed me photos of the issues resolved. I am Very thankful Dr Bhuta was the consulting DR I got after my ER visit.
January 27 , 2016
I loved Dr. Bhuta. He is very sweet, thorough, and attentive. Highly recommend him. ?????????????
August 14 , 2021
He is the best doctor. he was very nice and funny. he is very knowledgeable. he was able to diagnose my illness. he makes sure his patients are well. He also makes sure that his patients remain healthy by having follow-up appointments.
September 14 , 2011
I have known Dr. Bhuta for more than 10 years; he has been in the Montgomery area for over 30 years!! I think he is amazing!! I know for a fact that he has taking care of thousands of patients in the hospital and in the office and all LOVED him!!! He is s busy man but is concerned about all his patients. I know that if I need surgery I would go to him. I know plenty of friends and family that have gone to see he and loved him. I would refer anyone to see him.
March 01 , 2014
Had Kidney stones, now I dont. He didnt leave me in pain either!
December 29 , 2014
The staff is average, and you need to be prepared to wait a long time to see the dr. However, it is worth the wait. He correctly diagnosed what other drs could not. Highly recommend!
February 15 , 2011
Very Disrespectful to say that my belief in Christ would not effect my prognosis.
August 27 , 2013
While Dr. Bhuta seems competent, he is rude and flippant. When you see a doctor and you are in pain, you need someone who understands that pain and wants to help find the cause. Dr. Bhuta seemed more interested in making his tennis game than performing the surgery my sister so desperately needed. In fact, after being called in after hours to see us in the ER, he left for two hours to play tennis, then came back to do her surgery, then discharged her without any pain medicine. He doesnt believe in it. He told us he has never experienced pain and doesnt understand it, therefore he never writes pain Rx! What a quack!! My sister had a miserable recovery, and now sees another urologist in the area, who she loves!
April 03 , 2011
Dr Bhuta was knowledgeable about kidney stones. He also had decent bedside manner. I was admitted through the ER doctor because I had a 10 mm stone. I was discharged immediately after I had a procedure to remove the stone and place a stent. I was in so much pain right after the procedure that I was waking up every hour in pure agony. Dr. Bhuta prescribed me barely any pain medication after the procedure and after the stent was placed that I literally almost ended up back in the ER from pain several times. Ive had stones before but this was the worst pain that I have ever felt in my life. I ended up needing a second procedure and felt much better. But I would not recommend him unless you are fine with being in extreme pain or dont have any other options.
November 02 , 2014
The first thing he said to me when he came in the room was --why did you come up here? dont you have a urologist in your home town?--. I knew then I was in the wrong place. Will never go back to him.
June 12 , 2014
this dr is horrible . he doesnt hear what you are saying. he went from room to room. would come in my room for a few seconds then go to another patient then come back. did not answer my questions and never sent my reg dr who sent me there a report. he was not concerned with my problem at all. it was an upsetting visit with this dr. will never go back nor will my family or friends. he never laid a hand on me. he wasnt interested at all what was going on with me and had been for about 6 months. my urine was clear at the time but had been passing stones and tissue for 6 months. had taken 3 antibotics for infection from reg dr.
January 29 , 2014
Left a kidney stone that I had passed with the staff to be sent off for analysis. After waiting 3 weeks for results and making several inquiring calls, I was told the staff had --misplaced-- the stone and it was never sent for analysis. Also, a stone that showed plainly on ct scan that was lodged deep in my kidney and over 5mm in size could never be located by the doctor. In my opinion, this office should close.
November 18 , 2013
Dr. Bhuta only stayed in my appt room for about 3 minutes and didnt even examine me. Just because my urinalysis was clear while in the office, he told me it was pulled muscle. I went to another urologists who diagnosed me with kidney stones. Bhuta is no good in my opinion. He doesnt care.
August 28 , 2013

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The Health Care Authority For Baptist Health, An Affiliate Of Uabhs
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