Dimitri N Kessaris Mdpc
315 E Shore Rd
Manhasset, NY 11030 (Directions)
4.1 out of 5
Dimitri N Kessaris Mdpc
315 E Shore Rd
Manhasset, NY 11030 (Directions)

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Rating and reviews
4.1 out of 5
85 ratings, 85 reviews
One million Percent satisfaction never been in any Doctor’s Office And the bean treated death royalty and that professionally. Great doctor and wonderful crew
October 15 , 2021
This doctor is an amazing urologist very nice and smart :)
January 28 , 2019
Exellent doctor, very careing and has a very nice office staff.His assistant is also excellent.
November 22 , 2008
All the front desk staff always take care of you and treat you like family. Dr. Kessaris is knowledgeable and caring. Always recommend him to all my friends and family.
January 28 , 2019
Very happy with care given by Dr. Keesaris. He spent the time to explain my condition to me and my family. His staff is excellent and very professional. I would strongly recommend him.
October 21 , 2007
Dr. Kessaris & his staffing is always helpful & compassionate in the Astoria and Jackson Heights offices.
May 31 , 2020
Encantado con el tratamiento
February 21 , 2019
Always satisfied with my every visit at progressive urology the doctor and employees are very passionate about serving the patients it’s worth every minute of waiting :)
April 23 , 2019
I highly recommend Dr. Kessaris! The office is beautifully decorated and made me feel like home - really eased my mind as I was waiting. The staff was kind, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Kessaris was also very pleasant, and although he seemed to be really busy, he took the time to answer all of my questions. I wish all my doctor visits were as enjoyable as this one!
September 22 , 2010
Recommended to Dr Kessaris by my primary care. Dr Kessaris was very thorough and helpful in the diagnosis of my condition. Not only was he patient with the many questions from my husband and I, but did everything necessary to treat the problem. He is a great doctor and highly recommended in my community!!!
August 17 , 2011
I went to Dr. Kessaris practice last year as I had a problem with frequent urination problems and traces of blood in my urine. The staff was courteous and answered all my questions in a prompt time frame. I went for the testing and although not a pleasant procedure it was done in a way that made me feel the most comfortable way possible. Waiting time was not long and I was happy with my consultation. I would definitely recommend to others, I have already. Dr. Kessaris is an excellent doctor.
November 16 , 2018
Excellent service at this clinic
April 23 , 2019
Great doctor!! Have been dealing with my incontinence issues for years. Have gone for many consults with other physicians, but never received a clear answer. Dr Kessaris did all of the necessary testing to develop a treatment plan that worked for me! Thank you Dr Kessaris, and thank you to your wonderful staff for helping me out!!!
February 03 , 2015
Very professional office and knowledgeable staff. Been a patient for years never had any issues
July 15 , 2020
Great doctor and great service! Dr. Kessaris took care of me thoroughly.
November 20 , 2019
Estoy encontrado CON EL testament y buenos empleados
February 21 , 2019
Appointments are timely. He and his staff are helpful and compassionate.
February 17 , 2020
I have been seeing Dr. Kessaris for the last couple of years and have recommended him to everyone seeking a specialist. He is thorough with his evaluations and makes sure to solve the issue. All staff members are friendly and willing to assist. It is always easy to get an appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Kessaris and his lovely staff members to help with you health concerns!
January 21 , 2019
Very profressinal office.
January 28 , 2019
I have been seeing dr kessaris and his staff for the past 3 months. I am very happy with the outcome. Office is always clean and staff is very nice and considerate.
January 19 , 2019
Excellent doctor. Both professional and personable. Would rely on his advise without hesitation. Staff is excellent.
March 08 , 2008
Very professional, very clean, and a gentleman. Staff is wonderful with you as well. Highly recommend.
September 09 , 2020
Doctor services very good
April 23 , 2019
Dr Kessaris has always been on point , extremely knowledgeable in his field . He takes appropriate tests to make the patient has the proper diagnosis so he can determine the right solutions. I’ve had recurring kidney stones and after each procedure he performed I came out with flying colors . He really cares about his patients. I recommend this doctor .
June 01 , 2018
Effective and efficient, short wait time
April 24 , 2019
Dr and staff are professional, caring and attentive. Thank you!
June 08 , 2021
Great attention, follow-up and diagnosis. Always punctual and professional staff.
July 13 , 2020
Dr. Kessaris was able to quickly identify the problem and provide treatment. I also found the office staff to be very professional and accommodating. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in the area.
January 22 , 2014
Great professional office. They whole place does a great job!!!!
April 12 , 2021
I recommend this doctor to everyone I know!! The office is beautiful and well organized. Dr. Kessaris is a wonderful doctor with amazing bedside manner. He sat with my family and I and thourouly explained and diagnosed my problem allowing us to understand. Not only is Dr. Kessaris a great doctor, but his staff is as well. They are very professional, have great knowledge of the urology field and made me feel like family.
September 08 , 2010
Dr. Kessaris provides excellent treatment and I’m so glad I found him. I have been seeing him for years. Wonderful staff that are always friendly.
January 28 , 2019
would recomend Dr. Kessaris to any of my friends and have already
August 13 , 2014
Great staff and the doctor is very detailed with my care
September 02 , 2020
If you need a urologist, Dr. kessaris will take great care of you!! My treatment for kidney stones has been excellent!
February 20 , 2019
Doctors are very professional,staff its very helpful with their patients, the place its very clean. Thanks
February 11 , 2020
Recommended to Dr Kessaris by my primary care. Dr Kessaris was very thorough and helpful in the diagnosis of my condition. Not only was he patient with the many questions from my husband and I, but did everything necessary to treat the problem. He is a great doctor and highly recommended in my community.
August 18 , 2011
Dr Kessaris and his staff were extremely caring and knowledgable with my case. The office was very clean and organized. He spent 20 minutes with my husband and I explaining possible treatments, which in the end helped me. Great doctor!!
May 19 , 2011
Great care
January 23 , 2019
Excellent urologist Has taken great care of me and his office staff very accommodating
September 09 , 2020
I have been going to Dr Kessaris for quite some time and I can honestly say he is the most efficient,knowledgeable, professional and caring doctor. I am also very pleased with his entire staff from the girls working the front desk to the medical assistance. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. I highly recommend!
January 23 , 2019
Such a great experience!!!! Thank you so much !! Your the best doctor every
October 25 , 2020
Very knowledgeable doctor& respectful doctor , I would Definitely Recommend Dr. Dimitri Kessaris to family & friends.
January 30 , 2020
Excellent service, everybody’s smiling. Take the pain away.
February 25 , 2019
Staff was warm, polite and professional. Wait time was not the best but my questions were answered by both the staff and Dr Kessaris. Very helpful and knowledgeable practice overall.
July 23 , 2013
I have been to many types of doctors due to my poor health conditions and Dr. Kessaris is one of my favorites. I trust what he says and have seen great results. Im very glad he is my doctor and highly recommend him.
August 08 , 2012
I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2004 and have a Medical team there including an Urologist. However, Dr. Kessaris is the only one I entrust with the Family Jewels! He is thorough, maintains a high level of training and up to date technology, a very professional, competent and engaging staff at all locations. As I have for the last 17 years I will continue to come to NY for my annual exam. Dr. Kesarris is the ultimate trusted professional with high standards of care, competence and practice. I highly recommend him to my family, friends, and anyone reading my review.
November 24 , 2021
Dr Kessaris and his staff are the nicest , practice Ive been to ! They couldnt be any sweeter and knowledgeable! If you need a urologist and not going to Dr Kessaris ..... youre wasting your time!
March 15 , 2021
And I also want to say that Mary at the front desk is absolutely beautiful and helps more than any person at any doctors office I have ever been and Michelle and Chrissy are absolutely helpful and kind and thank you
March 11 , 2015
Dr Kessaris and his staff are very knowledgeable and very professional in all aspects of their work. I would recommend anybody who needs a urologist to go to his office , Dr Kessaris is very caring and patient while going over the results of all tests.
April 26 , 2022
He was very thorough and patient with me. He explained all of my questions in detail and made me feel comfortable and at ease. The staff is wonderful and accommodating.
January 24 , 2012
Dr Kessaris is extremely knowledgeable and is able to converse with the patient in understandable terms. He made me feel very comfortable. He has the most up to date equipment. His office follows strict protocols concerning the Covid19 virus I felt very safe going in person. I highly recommend Dr Kessaris to anyone who has a urological problem.
January 06 , 2021
Professional, educated and courteous staff from front office to nurse, to techs....never had a negative experience in my past 4.5 years going to Dr Kessaris. Appts mostly prompt...even call backs for appt or Rx are very timely. Had 2 lithotrypsy s performed and always received a call to check to see how I was doing...always takes the time to explain and evaluate treatment regime and I never feel rushed.......
November 17 , 2015
Always knowledgeable. Sometimes the wait time is above average.
July 14 , 2020
I have been a patient for quite a while. Dr. Kessaris is always precise and knowledgeable. The staff is great as well. Glad to find outstanding healthcare.
January 05 , 2021
A real professional doctor who knows his stuff and makes me comfortable knowing I am in good hands
September 29 , 2020
They appointments are pretty much always on time. Today not so much. I was seen at 9:50, and consequently had a bladder issue. The is always is always good and very helpful. Dr Kessaris was not available today, but the nurse practitioner Emmanuel went over all my tests. He was very helpful.
July 08 , 2020
A very thorough screening and procedures. The Dr. was very informative and answered each of my questions.
July 22 , 2020
Dr K seems like a nice enough fellow, and appears to know his craft. However, for the miniscule amount of time he spends, he attempts to bill the insurance company a lot of money. The last 15 minute visit (2 minutes with him) he attempted to bill $2,500 to insurance. While this does not come out of our pockets, in the long run it affects our insurance premiums. I am usually seen within a half hour of my appointment time. But there is no doctor that can keep me waiting an hour. I will ALWAYS walk out of any office that leaves me sitting there for more than one hour. His PA is knowledgeable but a bit arrogant. Dr Ks bedside manner is better.
November 03 , 2010
The lady who did the ultrasound was exceptionally professional and pleasant.
November 20 , 2019
I been there yesterday, every things was good, all staff are nice too
April 09 , 2019
Dr. Kessaris seems to be very knowledgeable in his area. I did not like having a staff member complete the office procedure, nor did I appreciate the $27,000 billed my insurance for four visits even though the doctor was a participating provider and did not commence the prostate reduction I was being treated for. The insurance company sent me the check. It seems Progressive Urology (owned by Dr.Kessaris) bills separately from Dr. Kessaris for the use of its facility when treating patients. Not very ethical, but if you dont mind that, Dr. Kessaris is probably one of the best for treatment of urology disorders.
March 04 , 2009
I have been going to the Dr for many years. He was very hands on at the start and is the opposite now. All the negative comments made I can attest are true. Now I am having a problem with my primary being paid for a wellness visit because of the way the Dr coded my visit 3 weeks earlier. He got paid and me and my primary are now on the hook. If I have to pay, I will have to explore all my options and other remedies. I am no longer using him and will now be searching for a new urologist. It is a shame as he is a bright guy. My primary is a Norman Rockwell type. Dr K sadly is not. A neighbor in my building went to him on my recommendation. He has stopped for the reasons noted by me and others above.
November 11 , 2013
you wait a long time for him at any given appointment, but that may be the sign of a doctor many people want to visit. he doesnt make you worry about your condition. his visit with you is brief
April 11 , 2006
unessasary tests in my oppinion and the oppinion of other doctors i askeed
March 28 , 2011
Dr Kessaris is a doctor to completely avoid. After only meeting with him for 5 minutes did he order test after test. After receiving a scan of my kidneys and bladder I received a --everything seems normal and healthy-- but still was asked to come in for more tests. Not only did he not have the decency to speak to me himself before a cystoscopy procedure (which I thankfully listened to my gut and a lovely nurse at HIS OWN OFFICE and canceled the appointment. This doctor will only put you through painful procedures which will only introduce numberous other issues into your body. I am upset at myself for not listening to the other countless negative reviews on yelp and health grades Avoid at all cost.
October 24 , 2016
Went in to see Dr. Kessaris about frequent urination. My initial sample indicated a trace of blood. Dr. Kessaris was very thorough in his testing. Granted, insertion of catheters is not pleasant, but, I understand its necessary for my overall health. He and his staff are quick and professional. His staff is particularly professional and accommodating. Going to get urological working is never particularly pleasant, but, Dr. Kessaris and his staff did an excellent job.
February 01 , 2016
If it wasnt for the excellent treatment Mary gives you when you walk in the office I would of left day 1 . Too many young and uncompassionate medical assistance in the office.
September 05 , 2012
Spent about 45 mins with various pas etc 4 mins with dr.who sit there a looks at test results.
August 19 , 2014
Some of the staff are very nasty an do dont know why dr kessaris bills twice once for the facility and once for himself. He is dipping in the cookie jar twice!!! The dr also has terrible bedside manner and he is always rushing your appointment but you have to wait at least 2 hours for a 5 minute visit. Very unhappy
September 02 , 2013
Dr. Kessaris lacks sensitivity. He doesnt take the necessary time with each patient and doesnt address patient concerns properly.
January 28 , 2009
1 man practice, rushes in and out of examination room,discusses diagnosis/treatment in hallway as he is rushing to next appoitment, does not fully explain findings or treatment
February 18 , 2007
My girlfriend wanted me to get an STD test before we had unprotected sex, thats all I needed. I go to the office and after one test they said I may have prostate cancer because I had blood in my urine. So I had to go for an MRI at a separate location then back to the office too see the doctor who performed a PAINFUL prostate exam (from that I actually would pee blood and have painful urination 2-3 days after, ironic I know). It was clear all they wanted to do was do unnecessary tests to get more money (the patient assistant said she made 100k, as much as my dad does and hes a real doctor). I did not know how much it would cost and was shocked to find out my healthcare company would not cover all of the expenses (they broke up all the different tests and visits into separate bills so it wouldnt go over the $1000 deductible and I would have to pay each one individually, clever tactic by the medical field to make you pay out of pocket). Bottom line: unnecessary tests to rip you off.
February 17 , 2013
Phisician assistant does most of the work, doctor takes little time with you. Practice push unnecessary and painful procedures. Doctor does not respond calls. I do not recommend.
April 17 , 2013
This physician makes you do all these unnecessary tests to bill the insurance and then he sees you for a minute to explain. I was NOT HAPPY with my 2 visits to him . My insurance was billed 2500.00 and my poor primary care doc who does all the work gets like 50 dollars for seeing me and spends time . Avoid this Doctor .
April 12 , 2011
My experience with Dr. Kessaris was horrible. I had been experiencing issues with painful, frequent urination. After blood was found in the urine, I was sent for an MRI. He attempted a very painful procedure, then sent me for a CAT scan. I saw him again where he did the same procedure, and then informed me that I would require another test. He needs to test this much? As I type this, Im in intense pain and will see my PCP to find a solution, since Dr. Kessaris seems not able to, or doesnt care to. His bedside manner leaves much to be desired, as he is quite arrogant. He never looks at you when he speaks to you, preferring his computer instead. Would not recommend Dr. Kessaris.
January 21 , 2016
He spent the entire time looking at his computer insterad of paying attention to my mothers problem. Was not helpful, insensitive, condescending and rude.
September 13 , 2010
Sometimes am in the office for hours just to speak to him for 3 minutes or less. P.A. handles entire appointment/procedure, then walks you to Dr. Kessaris office, who never looks up from his computer screen and barely answers your questions. Sends VERY high bills to your insurance company. He may be knowledgable if you can get him to pay attention to you. Looking for a new doctor.
January 30 , 2013
Staff was very snotty. As well as the doctor. Waited almost an hour for an 8 minute office visit!
September 22 , 2011
Horrible place with horrible people. They keep scheduling visits for unnecessary tests, max out my insurance. I had to do 3 visits for tests before I see the doctor, and at the end I was send to collections for tests my insurance had paid. I had to spend hours on the phone to get everything resolved. As of today I am still in collection because of their obnoxious billing people. Dont go !
April 10 , 2014
My father was a doctor who practiced medicine quite successfully for 50 years and my grandfather was a pharmacist. I even considered becoming a patient advocate. I went to Dr. Kessariss in the Astoria. By far, THE most disgusting office Ive ever been in. The staff at the front desk was cold but efficient. When they called me to the examining room they asked me to lie down and unzip my pants. I hadnt even met the doctor yet. They were going to do some kind of test or scan or something. I demanded to see the doctor first but then I thought about it and decided to leave before I even saw him. The examining room was reprehensible. There was a large yellow stain on the wall. It could have been infrastructure but it could have been something else. This guy is a urologist. Use your imagination. They tried to get me to see the doctor but I refused. If an MDs office looks like this and he does this kind of test on a very sensitive area of the human body without taking your history something is very wrong. If someone recommends this guy to you run screaming.
January 18 , 2019
This doctor put me through a series of invasive and completely unnecessary tests. This was confirmed by my 2nd and third options from other urologist. I would highly recommend that you stay far away from this Dr.
July 23 , 2014
After a long wait, saw several technicials who took tests. At one point, took blood for a another test, then the blood was never analyzed, they threw it out, since it was not needed. Finally, saw the doctor for one minute (the bums rush). He wanted to have more tests done. No genuine concern for the patient; left there knowing what I did before I went. A complete waste, but heavily billed to insurance company. A horrible experience! Saw another physician, I was fine.
February 20 , 2015
Tenía programada una cita para hoy pero no me atendieron porque supuestamente mi seguro no pagaron un procedimiento q me hice 3 meses atrás y apenas hoy me dejan saber. Pienso q es una culpa de su oficina. Después de mucho tiempo q no se den cuenta De q este problema.
June 17 , 2019
so called the office today and the receptionist was very rude to me on the phone and would not answer my question and stuff i was not very happy at all.
July 21 , 2020
Performed tests unrelated to my condition. Took only about 4 minutes to examine me. Did not establish any type of communication doctor/patient. Showed complete disregard to my concerns and did not care about giving any explanation about results. Charged excessively for unsatisfactory services,
October 09 , 2015

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About Dimitri Kessaris

Education History
Medical School - State University Of New York At Stony Brook, School Of Medicine, 1990
33 years
Languages Spoken
Chinese, Spanish
Board Certified

Practice Information

Dimitri N Kessaris Mdpc
3739 75th St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Monday 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
Tuesday 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
Wednesday 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
Thursday 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
Friday 08:00 am - 04:00 pm

Dimitri N Kessaris Mdpc
315 E Shore Rd
Manhasset, NY 11030
Accepting New Patients
Monday 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Tuesday 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Wednesday 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Thursday 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Friday 09:00 am - 05:00 pm