Inova Urology - Fair Oaks
3700 Joseph Siewick Dr, Suite 206
Fairfax, VA 22033 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
Inova Urology - Fair Oaks
3700 Joseph Siewick Dr, Suite 206
Fairfax, VA 22033 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
24 ratings, 24 reviews
I have been going to Dr. S. for the past two years and been treated for enlarged prostate, kidney stones and bladder stones. He took the time to explain the options for prostrate treatment and benefits of each.He is working with me through the kidney issues with surgery scheduled on short notice to resolve problems. I was able to get in on same day issues when needed with appropriate follow up actions. His bedside manner may not be the warmest, but he is knowledgeable and his staff, especially Bonnie is absolutely magnificent. Bottom line is if you want a urologist who knows his profession and can help you resolve your problems, Dr. S. is a good choice.
May 21 , 2013
I was referred to Dr. Suatengco when my GP was concerned about PSA levels. Diagnosed with early, confined, low-volume prostate cancer in April 2010, and Dr. Suagengco performed cryosurgery in August. I have had no complications and am doing very well in October. He is very matter-of-fact and a man of few words, which does not bother me because I dont need hand-holding or agonize over nuances when making treatment decisions. I did a lot of reading (Im a librarian) and he clarified my understanding of this disease and its treatment as necessary when I was puzzled or mistaken. Staff is very good also. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
October 25 , 2010
I have been a patient with Dr. Suatengco for several years now. As my body has aged , I have found that I need help with Quality of life issues. He diagnosed and treated me for low testosterone and provided insights and medication for E.D. He is easy to talk with, he makes a personal connection with his patients. His nurses are the best that I have seen. They know mens urology issues are difficult to discuss but they make it easy.
September 26 , 2013
My son had a very serious condition and the Dr. recognized the condition and acted quickly. The procedure was done competently. No he isnt warm and fuzzy but he knew what he was doing and acted accordingly. I would recommend him to others.
June 16 , 2010
I usually don t write comments. Dr. Suatengco is a very good doctor. He takes care of you. I trust his diagnoses and he always has the solutions on how he is going take care of you. He has been my doctor for a very long time at least 5 yrs or more.
September 01 , 2017
highly recommended. he is wise. excellent diagnosis. excellent surgery. excellent follow through.
October 19 , 2009
I switched to Dr. Suatengco after spending over a week in a hospital with a urologist that seemed very incompetent. In one day Dr. S. had my problem figured out and fixed! He has always been very friendly and helpful. So much so that once that urgent problem was resolved I went back to him for a chronic problem. He was A ok with that also and scheduled me for the surgery that literally changed my quality of life. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him to anyone and would go back in a heart beat. I work in the medical profession myself and am more --picky-- and hard to impress....and I loved him. His office staff, specifically his nurse of many year is the best!
April 15 , 2008
Dr. Suatengco has cared for my mother, my husband and my son over the last several years. Very professional office. Never feel rushed. I believe him to be extremely thorough.
August 30 , 2015
As stated by others the staff here is outstanding, very caring and efficient however the Dr did seem either very busy or distant, it gave the impression he didnt care which I think is not the case. Also my condition though helped with treatment keeps coming back and I was told there is nothing that can be done about that. That concerns me. I would recommend this Dr if only because of the caring staff.
June 11 , 2008
Dr. Suatengco is very gentle, friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. His entire staff is helpful, thorough and accommodating. They make their patients feel at ease, which is extremely comforting when youre sick. Youre in good hands with Dr. Suatengco and his team!
August 03 , 2011
very knowledgeable and understanding. When I came into his office in extreme pain he took one look at me and had me admitted. His surgery was well done and I am pleased to have him treating me.
February 10 , 2011
Dr. Suatengco can be a bit aloof at times, but mostly because he is focused on what hes doing. I have been his patient for over a decade and he has been terrific. Diagnoses are on-target, treatments are effective, and the office staff and nurses are great. Im glad I found him.
July 13 , 2016
Dr S is my husbands urologist. Ongoing kidney stone issues. Dr S has always been responsive to concerns and sat with me after a procedure explaining what was done and even diagramming the kidney for me.
May 13 , 2015
I have been seeing Dr. Suatengco for over six years and he has been terrific. He is not chatty and warm, but knows his stuff and will answer questions directly. The nurses are angels, but the front desk staff can be distant. My quality of life is much improved because of him.
December 26 , 2013
tendency to overtreat and over diagnose. Is competent, knowledgeable.
January 27 , 2012
I unlike others actually think the staff is very condescending and even though not rude lacking bed side manners. Approach is too cold and unemotional. As far as the doctor, I agree with previous posters, he seems to always be in a hurry and spends a couple minutes with you and leaves to this office.Rubs you of as uncaring.Ive had Kidney stones and wanted to ask questions about it, he left the room and I had to ask the nurse if I can see him again to ask the questions. Took a few minutes but she then took me to his office and it felt like I was sent to the principals office. Doctor is very unapproachable. As far as his skills, Ive had two kidney stones in the last 4 years, first one I passed naturally, the second one required surgery. He didnt find it and I was left with pain. I decided to finally change practice.New Dr went in, found the stone and removed it.I asked for pictures and I dont understand how can you miss a truck in the middle of the highway. very, very disappointed.
March 18 , 2011
Ive been seeing Dr. Suatengco for about 4 or 5 years for a chronic condition. He is nice, though not overly warm. I have been concerned a few times that the information he gave me was not accurate and that my diagnosis is not correct; however, this is simply speculation on my part--nothing I have verified. The staff and nurses are especially nice. However at times staff (i.e., front desk attendents) have helped with procedures that seemed inappropriate. Now it is important to say they did not perform anything medically relevant, they simply helped prep for procedures. But, as the patient, this was a bit uncomfortable/embarrassing for the front desk person to do. At least Ive never had that experience before, maybe this is normal for some offices. In sum, while Im not overwhelmingly unhappy about my treatment here, I certainly havent been extremely happy or confident with it either.
May 23 , 2007
I would NOT recommend this guy to anybody for any reason. Not because the outcome of my procedure was completely unsuccessful but because he is totally unapproachable and unlikeable. I found him to seem almost offended if you questioned anything he did. His staff however is very pleasant.
October 10 , 2007
I would NOT EVER recommend this doctor to anyone. I had an absolutely horrible experience. Staff was pleasant. The doctor spent a couple minutes with me while he was standing in between the room and door as to show he was in a hurry. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Despite his absolute unfriendly behavior, (worst bedside manner I have ever experienced) he proceeded to discuss possible diagnosis in front of other patients. UNETHICAL, UNPROFESSIONAL I cant believe I experienced this. SO SO DISAPPOINTING!
November 21 , 2017
Dr. Suatengco and associated staff have lost their connection with patients. I was seen 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment time. When I asked questions to either the doctor or staff, I was only provided a short-tempered answer after an eye roll and a sigh. The room I was asked to bare all in, was a broom closet, next to the checkout window and included used syringes, open biohazard boxes, and boxed Christmas decorations. When I asked the doctor if the environment was safe, he said ...
April 15 , 2018
The Dr. had the worst bedside manner I had ever encountered. At first I thought he had poor communication skills because he didnt speak english very well. However, at the follow-up visit he spoke english just fine, however, rolled his eyes and seemed agitated when I would ask questions to try to understand the problem. My brother-in-law had an incorrect diagnosis from him. I learned that when I was sharing my experience with him. I got my records and will not be returning!
May 15 , 2012
Did not have a good experience . After a couple of visits and surgery I didnt need I was told to come back in a year. I found a new Dr. Who was surprised what I had been through and took care of my kidney stones. I do not recommend Dr.S and his staff is all over the place mess
January 17 , 2016
Unethical and unprofessional. Over treats and doesn’t commit to fixing his mistakes. Horrible.
July 07 , 2021
The nurse was very thorough and I was impressed they already had my husbands info from hospitalization. However, Dr. Domingo spent very little time explaining what could be wrong, was going to take out cathiter but after we told him he had not had it in for 24 hours changed his mind. He acted like he did not want to answer our questions. The nurse asked my husband to lower his pants so the Dr. could examine his cathiter, but when Dr. Domingo started to leave the room without examining my husband, I asked him if he should take a look and he walked over to my husband and lifted the cover up and said OK. Im finding another urologist!!!
June 28 , 2011

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