Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital
200 Johnson Ridge Medical Park
Elkin, NC 28621 (Directions)
3.9 out of 5
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital
200 Johnson Ridge Medical Park
Elkin, NC 28621 (Directions)

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3.9 out of 5
11 ratings, 11 reviews
Meet him when i had my first kidney stone. I was scared but Dr.Carbone explained everything. Had to have kidney stone surgery twice then the had to fix my bladder. He us a great Dr and would and have referred friends and family to him.
May 15 , 2013
I was 45 when I starting seeing Dr Carbone with urge incontinence a condition usually seen in much older people. I had had low back surgery and countless #of epidurals. Dr Carbone did some tests that were uncomfortable but necessary. It was hard for me to go out in public before Carbones treatment. Thanks you!!!
August 14 , 2012
Dr.Carbone treated me for kidney Stones in both kidneys in the last six weeks. I am so pleased with his professionalism and his kindness he showed me. He called me himself and that is just unheard of any more. He also has the greatest office staff you will ever want to meet.
July 24 , 2018
Surgery for prostate cancer in 1993 at Baptist Hospital left me esentially impotent.. I was referred to Dr. Carbone in 1997 and underwent penile implant surgery at age 62 at Baptist Hospital. The results were very positive at the time and have remained positive even after 16 years. Have had no problems with this procedure and am 100 percent satisfied. Dr. Carbone is/was an outstanding surgeon whom I would recommend anytime.
June 24 , 2013
My experience with this office has been nothing but pleasant. I enjoy going to see Dr. Carbone although the circumstances for which you see a urologist are not fun. He is a very intelligent doctor with a wonderful staff.
April 25 , 2012
He is an excellent doctor who cares about his patients
April 17 , 2011
Great doctor
May 31 , 2016
I went to the emergency room in the middle of the night with what ended up being a 5.1mm kidney stone. They gave me Dr. Carbones information to contact the next day since the stone was not going to pass. His office immediately fit me in the next morning went over my treatment options and procedures due to the fact I had a kidney infection on top of the stone. I had to have both a stent and lithotrypsy. His staff was very understanding of my pain and he worked me in even through the Thanksgiving Holidays. I am glad I was referred to him. His staff went above and beyond to make sure I was well cared for.
December 03 , 2015
Rude & arrogant
May 18 , 2017
Medical ethics and negligence in question for me
December 09 , 2022
Was hoping he’d at least answer questions about why it takes more than 3 times longer to hear back from a cancer biopsy. Very frustrated.
August 15 , 2018

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Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital
200 Johnson Ridge Medical Park
Elkin, NC 28621
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