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17070 Red Oak Dr, Suite 200
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4.8 out of 5
Millennium Physicians Association PLLC
17070 Red Oak Dr, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77090 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
61 ratings, 61 reviews
I have been a patient of Dr. Berardinucci for 3 years and he has effectively treated me for BHP and bladder cancer. Professional and
June 14 , 2017
Never had any problems. Great dr and staff. They always explain everything and make sure your taking care of
December 09 , 2019
This dude is all about the patient. He cares and listens!! Nothing else needs to be said
December 09 , 2019
He successfully removed my prostate and implanted an arrificial urinary sphintecter, some 20 years ago. Excellent doctor!
February 23 , 2020
My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Berardinucci for a number of years now. In addition to his being our physician, we consider him our friend. He is very easy to talk with, he listens attentively, and his focus is always on the patient’s welfare. We have both had several out-patient procedures and Dr. B. is always there, before and after, to explain the plan and the results. His staff is friendly and efficient. We can call with any kind of question or problem, and the staff is very responsive and helpful. I have no reservations whatsoever about my five-star rating for Dr. B. and his staff.
February 17 , 2017
I just returned to Dr B after six years with a different condition and he is always very attentive and gives great advice for healing
December 09 , 2019
Dr B and office has been effective in helping my husband recover rectal cancer. Lately theyve greatly improved in communication. I appreciate them as part of my husbands health team
December 23 , 2019
Great Doc, Great Guy. All ways on time and pleasant assistant
February 21 , 2020
Her good doctor. Has a very good understanding of the field he works in. Very caring for his patients. All appointments were on time.
January 20 , 2020
Great doctor and great staff. Doctor Berardinucci is a very knowledgeable.
February 10 , 2020
Awesome doctor and staff. Very helpful and friendly staff.
February 10 , 2020
Same excellent ratings for over 15 years. Dr Berardinucci has been outstanding.
November 05 , 2019
Always pleasant and thorough. He’s very smart and informative.
March 10 , 2020
Highly recommended and I could not ask for a more professional, knowledgeable and caring doctor. I consider myself fortunate to have him as my doctor..
February 24 , 2020
Every one is very friendly, nice, and easy to talk to.
December 18 , 2019
Dr. Barardanucci is always very professional and helpful. Great bedside manner. Staff is friendly and helpful. Would recommend him to anyone who might need a urologist.
July 01 , 2020
Dr. Berardinucci is an excellent doctor. He was very helpful and cared about my husband’s medical condition.
January 02 , 2020
As a health care professional, I felt compelled to write an evaluation of this physician and his practice. I was seen immediately upon arrival. Office staff very friendly. Physician did comprehensive exam and history taking. Expressed genuine concern. So pleased with his care.
April 05 , 2017
One of the best doctors I have. Very helpful and knows what he is talking about
December 26 , 2019
This was my first visit with him. I f poo ind him to be attentive and explained a lot. He answered all my questions satisfactorily. I would gladly recommend him to friends and relatives.
November 27 , 2019
My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Berardinucci for over 13 years. He is extremely easy to talk to and over the years weve come to consider him a friend as well as our physician. His easy going manner is very calming especially when an outpatient procedure is required. Visits with him on-time and not rushed. His staff is always very helpful and cheerful. I would recommend Dr. B to anyone without hesitation.
February 17 , 2017
Dr. Berardinucci is thorough in his examinations. He explained my situation well and presented options I could take. His follow-ups are exemplary. He and his staff are true professionals. They are always polite and caring.
July 24 , 2017
Dr. B Im very comfortable and enjoy my visit very much! I would highly recommend him if youre in news of a urologist.
October 28 , 2019
Very good appointment, no problem. He seems to be very knowledgeable and answers your questions promptly.
December 09 , 2019
I had what I thought were constant infections, for over a year, until I finally went to see Dr. --B--. I had over 20 stones in my bladder, and my bladder had dropped to the point, that I felt like I was sitting on it. He removed the stones, but wanted to support bladder with Mesh. I heard all kinds of horrible stories, so I said, --lets wait and see--. He assured me he had done this for over 10 years, and never a problem. Well, after a couple of months, the pain of that horrible feeling that my bladder was going to fall out, I decided to do it. Best thing I EVER did. I feel wonderful!!! I am so glad I went to him. He didnt pressure me, and left it my decision. Should have had this done a year ago! His bedside manner is wonderful...has lots of humor to make you feel very comfortable, and his support staff are great! highly recommend him !!!~Barbara
May 13 , 2017
Excellent experience every time. Waiting is limited. Knowledgeable. Takes his time to explain.
December 09 , 2019
He’s very Professional and Knowledgeable Friendly Doctor!
February 27 , 2020
Been going here for 15 years. Great doc. Always interested and good advice
October 07 , 2019
Very helpful. On time, even before time! Get there earlu!
March 09 , 2020
Ive been a patient for three years. Very informative and addresses all my concerns . Hes top on my list of urologists.
December 03 , 2019
Ive been going to Dr. B for five years now and will continue to do so into the future. Dr. B. is the consummate professional- ethical, competent, empathetic. Treatment is always based on a cautious evaluation of all options with the patient making the ultimate informed decision. Staff, office, appointments, etc. are the best Ive experienced. I arrive for my appointments early and never had to wait. Follow up appointments are equally easy. Five stars all the way.
July 25 , 2017
Dr. B has been my doctor for 9 1/2 years. He compassionate, caring, and thorough. He goes out of his way to help his patients. He is ever sensitive to their needs.
July 28 , 2020
I love this doctor and his staff
February 07 , 2017
Friendly staff. Doctor B is very knowledgeable and personable.
September 30 , 2019
He is always so reassuring and always gives options, He is efficient and easy to understand. i I always feel confident in his judgement. Great surgeon.
November 26 , 2019
I’ve been with Dr. B for more than fifteen years, the reason I stay with him is his professionalism, knowledge and caring. Need I say more?
November 11 , 2019
Great Doctor- we have been with Doctor B. For 19 years. Enough said!
December 05 , 2019
Caring and Friendly. Quick response when immediate help is needed.
March 02 , 2020
Excellent. Gets right to the point. Excellent surgeon as well. He has been my doctor for 11 years.
October 08 , 2019
I have been going to Dr Berardinucci for three years. He has always treated me with courtesy and respect. He treats you as an individual with individual concerns and not a number. i highly recommend him.
August 11 , 2020
Dr. B has been my urologist for 20+ years. I have recommended him to my friends. He knows his craft well and continues to learn new techniques/procedures to offer as treatment. He listens. He explains. He answers questions. And he is NOT one of those Wham! Bam! Gust of wind, in and out style doctors.
October 21 , 2019
Excellent as always! One of a few doctors that I actually look forward to seeing.
November 01 , 2019
Pleasant Professional who is passionate in his profession and is patient friendly
February 18 , 2020
I have been seeing Dr. Beradinucci for 3 or 4 years. He and his staff are very competent, professional and caring. I am happy to have him as my Urologist.
November 18 , 2019
Great knowledge and a great communicator does his partTo keep you informed
October 07 , 2019
A CARing doctor..His staff is also good...wish him all the best
December 23 , 2019
Dr. B is the best. He is compassionate and caring, answers all my questions and I never feel rushed or uncomfortable. Also, his staff are friendly, helpful and puts you at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a urologist.
November 04 , 2019
Great doctor in every aspect. He is on top of course of treatment and very caring.
October 14 , 2019
Dr. B is wonderful! I wouldn’t see anyone else for my needs.
December 14 , 2019
Dr. Don is an excellent doctor, courteous and caring. Attentive staff. ..
December 24 , 2019
Well up to date on treatments. Thankful for your expertise. On alternative toward further treatment.
October 07 , 2019
Doctor Berardinucci has the best bedside manner and is very knowledgeable about whats best for the patient.
October 07 , 2019
Use this doctor as your urologist ... period. All his five-star ratings are earned, but his greatest skill is providing an honest opinion to your condition and your best options.
October 14 , 2019
Dr, B helped me thru a very trying time when it was determined I had bladder cancer. He described in straight talk what the future could hold. Each time I have had follow ups, the checkup was on time, and very efficient. Thank u Dr. B for all u have done for me.
September 29 , 2019
Feel like I have received not only safe care, but quality care in a system that is broken very badly. As a health care professional for over 50 years, I can spot a quality physician in a heart beat. Very pleased that my appointment time was honored, and I was a new patient. Great face to face experience with enough time for good discussion of options. I have found a jewel in the health care system. You will not be disappointed if you select this physician. Thanks to your office for a wonderful experience.
May 18 , 2017
He has been my Urologist for the past 12 years or more & I find him & his staff highly professional.
December 03 , 2019
Satisfying and rewarding!!!! Feel very comfortable in his care and not apprehensive at all.
September 29 , 2019
Dr. Barardanucci is always very professional and helpful. Great bedside manner. Staff is friendly and helpful. Would recommend him to anyone who might need a urologist. Thanks Dr B!!!
July 27 , 2020
Great Urologist
April 30 , 2020
Doctor is out for himself. Big ego. Surgeon attitude-when in doubt cut it out. Would not recommend this guy or partners for that matter.
December 17 , 2014
He should not be there we are not animals he had no compassion not a care ….
June 24 , 2021

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Medical School - Queen's University, 1991
Residency - Queen's University, 1996
31 years
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English, Spanish
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