Centers For Advanced Urology LLC
915 Old Fern Hill Rd
West Chester, PA 19380 (Directions)
4 out of 5
Centers For Advanced Urology LLC
915 Old Fern Hill Rd
West Chester, PA 19380 (Directions)

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4 out of 5
11 ratings, 11 reviews
Dr. Anderson treated my father for kidney stones, and he was exceptional in every way!
May 10 , 2010
Wonderful, first-rate doctor and person. Grateful Patient in West Chester Pa office
December 05 , 2013
Dr. Andersen is top doctor. Performed robotic surgery on prostate cancer. He was very clear in his explanation of extent of cancer, and available treatment options. He was very patient, answering every question I needed answered to get mentally and physically prepared for surgery. Very successful results.
December 03 , 2011
Sub standard office staff. Poor telephone follow up and filling perscriptions
March 22 , 2009
A skilled doctor. My Prostate Cancer is well controlled with a 0.0 PSA after seven years- and it was a Gleason 9!
February 10 , 2011
My husband and I were apprehensive about the visit due to the rudeness and lack of professional courtesy in so many drs offices today. We went to the West Chester office and were pleasantly surprised and relieved. The office people, the attendants were all friendly, respectful, professional and easy to communicate with. Great customer service skills not seen in many offices today. It is at the point where people just walk out due to the lack of common courtesy. It was our first visit with Dr. Anderson. He was professional, easy to communicate with and kind. Very efficient, quick, sharp and intelligent. Would go back.
February 26 , 2013
The best Dr. I have ever had the privilege of knowing. The very best at his profession
March 12 , 2019
So far so good, Switched from a different dr in the practice, he has a MUCH better bedside manner, and is very caring, never forgets to call me back. Doesnt mind the million questions I like to ask! 3 large kidney stones down, 1 to go!
October 23 , 2011
Dr. Andersen is deffered me to other doctors in the group. He did not explain the complications of stents and when I told my employee my return date he gave did not take into consideration the time with the stent. This was done twice since I had two surgeries. I asked the staff for a copy of my medical records and several were missing. I was also told the wrong place for my 2nd surgery and only knew of the correct place when the hospital called me to confirm my surgery. I had stones on my ultrasound and the paperword was simply put in my file and I was never told I had three stones. This office is very disorganized! I would not recommend to anyone. The surgery center they use barely accepted any of my insurance and I had to pay >$500 out of pocket.
February 19 , 2012
cant get through ton phone! Leave message and no one returns. This practice is the ‘best’ in Chester county? I wish another group would open in WC area.
February 01 , 2018
I took my father, who is in his 90s to see the doctor because of referral from his primary care doctor. We were there for 2.15 hours! My father had a cath removed and had a sore in the area. The doctor never prescribed an ointment to clear up the area and instead referred him to another practice. My father left the office very upset. It is hard enough to get him out to appointments. I wanted to speak to the doctor, but was asked to wait in his office...I had to leave after waiting a short while. We were already there long enough. I was very upset with the level of service and treatment of my father and would never refer anyone to this practice. The waiting area is also shabby looking, with a broken window treatment and dingy surroundings. I hope to never come in contact with this office again.
January 20 , 2013

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