Fisher-Titus Medical Care LLC
2800 Hayes Ave, Bldg D
Sandusky, OH 44870 (Directions)
2.1 out of 5
Fisher-Titus Medical Care LLC
2800 Hayes Ave, Bldg D
Sandusky, OH 44870 (Directions)

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2.1 out of 5
17 ratings, 17 reviews
Min wait 30 minutes past schedule time he has no sense of time your time is not valuable
July 11 , 2017
Had an urology appointment with Dr. Smith Friday, and he kept me laughing from the time I walked in to the time I left. Very knowledgeable and broke everything down to me, so I could understand them. Would highly recommend!
March 04 , 2019
Really - the first comment is hard for me to believe. My Gyno referred us to Dr. Smith for hubbys vasectomy. We were pleased with Dr. Smiths personality and demeanor which helped make an awkward process go as smooth as possible. Dr. seemed very competent and we would see him again if in need of a urologist. We had no problems with the dr. or staff.
November 12 , 2013
Seems to have a chip on his shoulder. Blames others for problems he created. Refuses to be challenged. Full of pride. Sad to see in a professional.
May 15 , 2016
do not ever bother showing up on time. I have never been seen in less than 1 hour wait time. absolutely rediculous!!!!!!!!!
April 30 , 2014
This doctor LACKS communication in all aspect of treatment
May 23 , 2020
Very rude and arrogant. I am a senior citizen who was treated as if I was senile. He would not answer my questions and lied was not honest about the test results.
April 07 , 2017
The doctor was very rude. He made cry due to the was he was talking to me. I seemed as if he had somthing against the doctor who refured me to him. He was also very rude to my husband who was with me. He acted as if he was better than us and was just not very nice at all! I left his office crying. I have cancelled all futher appointments and have found a very nice Urologist in the mean time. While we were leaving we could hear his nurses making fun of other patients of his that had just called them. No a very professional office. I will gladly take my care some where else.
June 23 , 2008
Had several successful procedures with Dr. Smith until mid 2009 when he performed a surgery in which I became extremely ill with an infection that he kept telling me my symptoms were the result of the surgery. His office misdiagnosed me following a ct scan and was going to do emergency surgery but thankfully we went to another hospital who diagnosed the infection and never performed surgery. Dr. Smith never followed up on my care even though I had medical equipment attached from my body that he placed there. I ended up needind 12 procedures/surgeries to fix things after his intial surgery. When I finally was well enough to talk with him, he just simply stated, --You left me and I never knew what happened to you.-- Though he did know because his office personally gave my ct scan to a relative so it could be taken to the other hospital when I was so ill. I was very dissappointed in his reaction to me and how he deals with a crisis. I would never recommend him to anyone!!!!!!!
August 21 , 2010
Horrible bedside manner. Unresponsive to concerns and patient questions. Incompetent and rude. Rolled his eyes when asked a question, as if he were god himself. After a few more questions, he flung open a drawer, pulled a book out and Threw the book on my lap about prostate cancer and told me to read it. He is totally self absorbed and could care less about patient. My husband barely got out alive under his care. Go to the cleveland clinic!!!!!
July 22 , 2019
Horrible self absorbed narcissist. Arrogant unresponsive to patient concerns. Became annoyed when asked questions. Bragged about 30 years experience but answered questions with how would I know that, when he did answer. If you value your life go to the Cleveland clinic.
July 22 , 2019
Dr. Smith was, from an RN perspective very unprofessional. He seems to recite prepared information he learned in medical school and in his opinion should cover any questions you may have, so dont ask questions, you will be made to feel stupid, belittled and bothersome. He is very prideful and shows little or no compassionate about the patient or clarifying any medical questions/concerns they may have. He even made inappropriate statements about other patients during our visit. He seems to be more interested in being clever than listening to his patient and he presumes to know what the patient thinks.
April 16 , 2019
Dr Donald Smith is a poor Doctor who is in his own world. Patients are just a means to an end. If you want someone who will give you shoddy treatment, he’s the one. WARNING if your an older person, avoid Dr Smith at all costs. Careless and Rude! You will regret choosing him.
October 11 , 2017
I thought he must be really good based on wait time, but this doctor and office sucks. Had groin aches and pains and went to see what was wrong, and after 2 visits and telling me that I need to trust him, he was wrong both times! Ended up having a hernia, which bothers me that a specialist in the area the hernia was could not even notice an abnormal lump. This was after a ultrasound of the area as well! You can say it isnt their job to notice things like this, but after seeing another urologist for a second opinion, he clearly found the hernia within a few minutes! What a joke of a doctor! Go back to school and refresh your knowledge. Very educated and nice if you know for sure that it is urology related, but if you have any doubt DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! Youre better going to the ER or urgent care before coming here. Good luck getting him to change or explore other opinions as well, too prideful for his own good!
April 18 , 2017
Never came to see me after my surgery but knew I was in serious distress and ordered a procedure which made things worse and corrected nothing. When I talked to him about it on phone, he hung up on me. Incompetent and dangerous man. I wouldnt recommend him to my worst enemy!
January 02 , 2016
October 26 , 2018
My husband just had a procedure. The nurses kept telling him something wasnt right. He said it was normal. My husband was flown to another hospital where he almost died.
January 28 , 2016

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