Permanente Medical Group Inc
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3.4 out of 5
Permanente Medical Group Inc
3600 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
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I was put onto the path of UCSF after reading reviews of Dr. Lue online. It turned out I couldn't see Dr. Lue because apparently my condition didn't qualify and although I was a little anxious about this I am EXTREMELY happy with the care I received from Dr. Deng. I had to wait months after scheduling an appointment but well worth it. Dr. Deng and all of her staff, nurses etc. were all extremely nice people, very caring, and very good at getting rid of any inhibitions you might have about your private areas/ bodily functions. You get the sense, they are there to help. Not only in comparison to some other urologists, but in comparison to anyone, they are some of the nicest people you will ever met.After running tests, Dr. Deng went over my results with me, explaining everything thoroughly. She has scheduled me for physio and gave me her email so I can get in contact with her whenever I need to.
March 28 , 2011
As for the previous review I totally disagree.Getting appointment was a difficult task and my recommendations would be to physically go to clinic to set up an appointment and forget about phoning.Dr.Donna Deng is by far the best in her field and if you want the best there is only Dr.Deng!Diagnosing and Surgery is A++++.Dr. Deng is a loving and caring individual in which it was a great pleasure to have meet a wonderful person.
July 24 , 2010
I came to Dr. Deng at my absolute wits end. I had bladder leakage issues plaguing me for years, disrupting my life in the worst way and had honestly lost all hope of ever living a normal life...until I was referred to Dr. Deng. Not only did she come up with and executed a plan (that other doctors had attempted with failure) to prevent my bladder spasms but did so in the most genuine, caring way that I have ever experienced with a doctor. I felt like I was with a good friend and considering the circumstances of my situation (T5-6 paraplegia), that really helped me. I can’t say enough about Dr. Deng as she has literally saved my quality of life from completely crumbling. Thank you so much.
August 03 , 2019
"Dr. Deng is intelligent but made several unprofessional and nonsensical remarks. She eventually abandoned me as a patient without cause despite my being referred to her as a specialist. "
January 16 , 2020
Dr.Deng is a pain. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, insufferable at times with over explanations of simple concepts (we're all dummies to her), and strict, inflexible attitude. There are better urologists at CMPC. Deng is pompous and annoying. Kristy is the best member of Deng's team, some of whom are as frustrating to work with as Deng. Patients don't need to waste time and energy with Deng.
April 13 , 2013

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Permanente Medical Group Inc
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