Womens Health Care Associates Of Santa Monica
1245 16th St Ste 300
Santa Monica, CA 90404 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
Womens Health Care Associates Of Santa Monica
1245 16th St Ste 300
Santa Monica, CA 90404 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
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Dr. Blumenfeld is hands down my favorite doctor ever! I was so scared and nervous when I got pregnant with twins after the devastating experience of multiple losses and was looking for an Ob-Gyn that I can trust with a high-risk pregnancy and delivery. Dr. B managed to put me at ease throughout my entire pregnancy and addressed my every concern with exceptional professionalism and care. There were times when he called me after hours to check on me and make sure I'm ok when I was experiencing minor complications. Did I mention that he also has an exceptional sense of humor? What more could I ask for? :) He does not talk much and is very straightforward but it never bothered me since he has years of experience and clearly knows what he's doing, so I trusted him fully. I'm usually very skeptical and do my own research on everything. However, with Dr. B I stopped googling since I knew I was in good hands and if something was not right he would notice and take care of it way before I suspected it while googling my symptoms and stressing out unnecessarily. Also, Dr. B is a c-section wizard! I've never had any surgery in my life before and was freaking out when they took me to operation room. Again, Dr.B managed to make me feel comfortable and performed the c-section quickly and professionally with a scar that is barely visible. He came to check on me everyday during my time at the hospital and made sure to do everything to speed up my recovery. I'm so grateful to Dr.B, his amazing colleague Dr. Olivia Crookes and their entire staff for taking such good care of me and simply being so awesome!
January 20 , 2019
I read the reviews below that did not care for Dr. Doron and can not imagine we are discussing the same doctor (although we are). In a word he is "fantastic." Before Dr. Doron (about 2 years ago) we went to different OBGYN. While she may have been smart enough to graduate form med. school she had zero people skills. Dr. Doron was the antithesis of this as he deftly handles difficult questions and potentially tense moments with knowledge, experience and humor. Our beautiful baby boy was born 2 months ago. The only sad part of the experience is that now we will no longer be seeing Dr. Doron. We wish he was family so we would have a reason to visit with him more often.
December 15 , 2010
Dr. Blumenfeld is an exceptional physician. He was able to assure that I would have a child of my own . Through 5 surgeries he preserved my reproductive system. I was told by another doctor that I would never have children. Well guess what? I have a healthy 10 year old son. Thank you Df. Blumenfeld.
June 02 , 2016
Dr Blumenfeld was the perfect Doctor for us. I have already recommended him to friends and he would be my Dr again if we choose to have another child. He is genuine and warm in addition to having 30+ years of experience. I cannot express how much we adored him. He made our experience even more special
December 13 , 2010
He has been my doctor for over 10 years. The very best.
December 28 , 2018
I love Dr. Blumenfeld since he is direct and to the point. I experienced difficulty with getting pregnant for 3 years before I saw him. He performed IUI and I got pregnant with twins on the very first try! I have never had a bad experience with him as he is always professional and takes the time out to sit down with me to explain what is going on. He always greets me with a smile and a hug, so I find him very personable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is having difficulty with fertility. He treats infertility as a puzzle and feels challenged to solve it. I feel very lucky to have met him!
August 12 , 2010
Dr. Bloomenfeld is an amazing doctor with a heart of gold. He has been my Doctor for over 12 years. He has always provided great care and compassion especially after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. not only he referred me to one of the Oncology Breast surgeon, he made sure that he remained informed of my condition and the entire process. Since then he sees me twice a year and run tests to make sure I'm healthy and take care of. He is an unbelievable Doctor and human being. I am grateful to him for life.
November 20 , 2018
I think he might be the best obgyn I've seen. Granted I'm not pregnant nor have ever delivered a baby, but for a 20-something who has seen about 5 obgyns in my life for the regular pap stuff, he was definitely the best. I would say he seemed the most knowledgeable and had the most reassuring bedside manner. He even called me into this office after each visit to discuss my concerns and didn't try to rush me out of the office, and either he or his nurse would follow up with a phone call to discuss results. Dr. Blumenfeld even gave me his cell phone number so I could reach him at any time for any questions I might have. In my book, that goes way above and beyond what any doctor is required to do for his patients and shows his level of dedication. I am sorry to the women who had traumatic experiences during labor. I can't imagine what that would have been like, but as far as how he conducts himself in the office, he is grade A.
February 27 , 2013
The worst experience of my life!!!! Imagine delivering your first baby without a OBGYN in the room. This is what happened to me. Dr. Blumenfeld saw me once during my 38 hour labor. I was in labor for 38 hours after my water broke. He originally decided to induce labor, but later stopped it for no reason and never came back to explain why. Perhaps he did not want to be bothered delivering on a weekend. I did not see him until my son's head was crowning. He walked into the room and told the nurse she was doing a great job. He still had his regular clothes on. I feel the nurse, not Dr. Blumenfeld really delivered my baby. As a result of Dr. Blumenfeld's absence during my delivery and his rush tactics I suffered a number of tears. I left the hospital and never went back to see him again. I would NEVER recommend this doctor. He caused myself and my husband a lot of emotional distress during a time that should have been the most wonderful time in our lives.
January 03 , 2011
After reading one of the other reviews, I could not believe my eyes, because I had the same EXACT experience when I was in labor. I liked Dr Blumenfeld DURING my pregnancy, but could not believe his actions after my water broke. I called him and he had no idea who I was, then he made me stay in labor with my water broken until after his office hours were over THE NEXT DAY. This is dangerous. In addition, the nurse also almost delivered the baby until Dr Blumenfeld came in at the very, very end. Because the Dr was not around, the nurse sprayed too much of that oil stuff and my son ingested it and had to spend hours taking tests after he was born! I never returned to see Dr Blumenfeld again.
May 30 , 2011
Dr. Blumenfeld is "known" on the Westside medical circle for his "eccentric" personality. Read: difficult! He doesn't listen, interrupts patients constantly, and is very condescending. He's one of those doctors more interested in triple booking patients (keeping you waiting for an hour). Complete factory mentality toward his patients. Avoid, avoid this man.
March 13 , 2010
I had an accident in his office and suffered thousands of dollars of medical bills as a result. They offered to pay the bills for me before I asked or sought legal action and I appreciated this goodwill. This office now has delayed over a year and a half in reimbursing me for a large part of the bill and are unresponsive to my requests for updates.
June 28 , 2016

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