65 N 1st Ave #101
Arcadia, CA 91006 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
65 N 1st Ave #101
Arcadia, CA 91006 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
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He performed HIFU on my recurring prostate cancer, after 3DCRT treatment had failed. His salvage therapy has been successful to date, with no PSA reading higher than 0,1 in nearly four years. He has also helped me deal with prostatic stricture using a temporary stent called the Spanner. He always responds to queries by e-mail. A great doc.
July 09 , 2010
Excellent physician with great communication and medical skills. Treated my cancer with HIFU after failed radiation therapy. Cancer recurred after HIFU and he performed cryotherapy to resolve issues.
February 25 , 2011
I am not a online review but I felt compelled to write this review. To be upfront, the low rating is strictly based on Dr. Douglas Chinns professionalism. I had taken my moms friend who needed an English translator to see him and for the most part the initial meeting with him was delightful. He seemed pleasant and we even exchanged stories and background information about our families. After the initial visit, my moms friend wanted to clarify test results with him to make a decision on whether she wanted/needed to proceed with the scheduled cystoscopy the following day. I called the office and the staff who was very rude over the phone said he could not discuss with me until the next day during the scheduled visit. I told her that I needed to know over the phone beforehand because we might cancel depending on what the doctor tells us. I thought I had made myself very clear but still, they would not give me any information over the phone. Ive dealt with many doctors in the past, and tell me if Im crazy but is calling the doctor for health-related questions UNREASONABLE?! The point of the call was also for Dr. D. Chinns sake because I DID NOT WANT TO WASTE HIS TIME THE NEXT DAY (he would be coming in on a Saturday to see my moms friend). So I went into the office in hopes of getting that point across. When I got there, the recepionist very rudely told me that the doctor will probably not see me because he has patients. Okay- understood. I said that Id wait until he leaves. So I sat there patiently in the waiting room....all of a sudden, Dr. Douglas Chinn from back of the office points at me and in a very unprofessional tone of voice scowls --I was NICE ENOUGH to schedule a Saturday appointment and any questions you have should be addressed tomorrow. Its not fair to my patients--. This was in front of his other patients who without a doubt knew he was yelling at me. It was embarrassing. I was so appalled by his behavior that I said there MUST be a misundertanding. He did not let me speak another word and then stomped away. I was left speechless. It took a while for me to register what had happened and the more I thought about it, the more infuriated I became. I was left without a choice but to cancel the appointment with him - I left an angry cancellation letter on the office door. He must be insane if he thinks wed go back to see him after the way he treated me. I feel very embarrassed by his action and not only was I mistreated, he screwed my moms friend over because as a result she now has to see another doc and pay the initial visit fee (she doesnt have health insurance and paid $230 out of pocket). I felt horrible and took it upon myself to pay her back that amount because somehow I felt responsible. The real culprit, however, is Dr. Douglas Chinn and he is without a doubt the most unprofessional doctor I have EVER encountereted. He DOES NOT deserve the PROFESSIONAL --Dr.-- title
December 28 , 2011

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65 N 1st Ave #101
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