Vasectomy And Reversal Centers Of Florida
3000 E Fletcher Ave Ste 330
Tampa, FL 33613 (Directions)
4.2 out of 5
Vasectomy And Reversal Centers Of Florida
3000 E Fletcher Ave Ste 330
Tampa, FL 33613 (Directions)

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4.2 out of 5
9 ratings, 9 reviews
Had my Vasectomy done by doctor Stein and he did a great job. His follow up and answered questions were timely. 5 years now and no more babies!
February 06 , 2019
I've been seeing Doug Stein for some time and can say he is one of the best doctors I've ever had to deal with. Nobody likes going to the hospital or clinic and everything it entails, but Dr. Stein really explains things thoroughly and makes you feel at home.
July 25 , 2017
Dr. Doug Stein is an inspiration and an exceptional physician. Period. End of story. God bless that man, and thank God for him. What an inspiration!
September 28 , 2016
Best doctor experience!!
April 29 , 2016
15 min. from start to finish. Was told application of needle-free anesthetic would be much like a rubber-band snap. Barely felt it, more like a dull thud.No pain during or after procedure. Successful but poor orgasm the 1st time, subsequent orgasms completely back to normal.Thank you Dr. Stein, from me and my girlfriend
February 04 , 2010
Went to Dr. Stein for snip snip a week ago. Procedure start to finish was about 12 minutes. Pretty much painless. Drove there and home. A bit sore the next day but nothing to stop from working a desk job. Highly recommend. Talked to me during the procedure and made me feel more comfortable.
August 11 , 2012
Dr. Stein was completely professional, yet still had a personable and friendly personality. The staff was also very friendly and professional. I expected to be more uncomfortable considering what was about to be done, but it was really quite easy. Only the slightest discomfort getting the anesthetic, but it was only for a second and really isn't that bad (less painful than getting a regular injection at the doctor's). After that, it was all quite painless and quick. We chatted while he worked and I felt quite at ease, especially considering the fact hat someone was cutting into my scrotum.I would highly recommend Dr. Stein and his staff. If you're considering a vasectomy, don't be put off by what your imagination comes up with. This really is a quick, painless, in-and-out (no pun intended) procedure and Dr. Stein makes the entire process quite comfortable.Thanks, Dr. Stein!
May 08 , 2011
Vasectomy from Dr. Stein a few years ago. Paid for a private visit but he had a room full of trainees in the room. He was an arrogant sob who did not believe I was visiting from another country. Service was less than good, the procedure was ok. I can only assume it worked.
December 07 , 2021
bad doc, bad person
November 10 , 2020

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Vasectomy And Reversal Centers Of Florida
3000 E Fletcher Ave Ste 330
Tampa, FL 33613
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