Baylor College Of Medicine
6720 Bertner Ave
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4.2 out of 5
Baylor College Of Medicine
6720 Bertner Ave
Houston, TX 77030 (Directions)

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4.2 out of 5
12 ratings, 12 reviews
spent plenty of time, open to questions, connie is extremely helpful.
July 28 , 2013
although i still have to change 6 times a day after 2 years .Dr kadmon said the sphinter may have been damaged during surgery and corrective surgery may be required. Recom.a coleague i will meet after the first of the year.Robotic failed during surgery and had to make a 3inch incision to remove the gland.So far 2 years my psa is 0 which im thankful. I hope the corrective surgery works and i dont fall into the 5% whom never regain control. Heres hoping THnxDr. Kadmon
November 11 , 2011
Excllent, experienced, urologist in the best clinic in this part of the country for treatment of prostate enlargement and/or cancer conditions. Go to Dr. Kadmon before you go anywhere else in the Medical Center of Houston for your consult on prostate conditions!
April 29 , 2011
Dr. Kadmon is a fantastic doctor. I felt that he really cared about me as a person as did his nurse Connie. Hes a skilled surgeon and I credit him with saving my life. God bless Dr. Kadmon.
August 24 , 2011
"I am celebrating my 88th birthday because of Dr. Kadmon's knowledge and skill as a surgeon. In 1990 Dr. Kadmon operated on me for prostate cancer and his decision on how to treat me has given me 30 years of life. Thank you Dr. Kadmon for all these year of life! "
December 26 , 2020
Fabulous phsician, talented surgeon and a kind, compassionate, caring individual. As is Connie, his right hand --lady--
July 25 , 2010
He does not go through the motions of a pleasing bed-side manner. Instead, he grabs the bull by the horns and gets down to business. I had a biopsy procedure performed by Dr. Kadmon. I had been concerned about possible side effects. Not at Dr. Kadmons hand. The procedure was painless, with a mild discomfort normally associated with invasion. No side effects whatsoever, though Dr. Kadmon, in all fairness, had explained in detail about the various possibilities. Nothing. I watched my body like a hawk, did not notice anything even slightly out of the ordinary. Thank you, Dr. Kadmon. With best wishes, Yuri Tovbin
November 29 , 2018
Dr. Kadmon is patient, great communicator, very competent and smart.
August 26 , 2019
Great Dr , made me feel very comfortable , excellent nurses
December 30 , 2015
He made the pain go away. Thank you for showing on a Sunday morning.
May 23 , 2014
Doctor has very poor bedside manner. Talks down to the patient, does not like to be question about different options.
December 04 , 2022
Thanks to the doctor I went to MDAnderson instead. He refused to consider any treatment other than surgery. At MDAnderson, after much consultation, WE decided on radiation and hormone treatment. Now completed and all the while kept a normal life style.
May 09 , 2022

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