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3.4 out of 5
Odr Pediatric Urology Institute PLLC
915 Gessner Rd, Suite 985
Houston, TX 77024 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
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I wanted to take a minute and thank Dr. Pham for his insight and expertise, but I also wanted to share my daughter’s journey. My daughter was very healthy and in 10/2018 was diagnosed with a kidney infection that required hospitalization and IV antibiotics to treat. While hospitalized, we were introduced to Dr. Pham. He was instrumental in trying to figure out the cause of her sudden urological issues. We were hospitalized a few more times with infection, and Dr. Pham performed several procedures and ultimately found out she had Dietyl’s Crisis and needed UPJ surgery on her left kidney. He performed the treatment in November of 2018 and she instantly felt better. The stents were removed 4 weeks later and she started to have trouble with her right kidney at this time and was getting multiple infections that required hospitalization to treat. During one of the last infections at Memorial Hermann, the admitting Doctor stated we should seek a second opinion while hospitalized to see if another opinion would shed light on her condition. The Doctor we were referred to in the hospital was Dr. Cisack. He met briefly with me (5 min) and stated he had spoken to Dr. Pham and both had concluded my daughter was holding her urine which was causing the infections and advised her to envision a red balloon when urinating to allow her to distract herself so she could urinate. Dr. Cisack was asked to come back and take another look by the Patient Advisors, but was in India and they sent someone from his office. At 6:00 am she came in screaming that we kept “pulling the fire alarm for my daughter and there was clearly no fire” and accused me of denying OTC drugs and wanting narcotics only. I explained I denied the Tylenol at one point because she spiked a 102 fever and I didn’t want to mask a fever and worried about another infection. It turns out she did have a yeast blood infection and when I denied the Tylenol and the fever was charted, they did a culture and found it. I was heartbroken and was working with the Patient Advocators and they called in Dr. Jones at this point for a consult. Dr. Jones spent an hour with us and explained that having UPJ surgery and Dietyl’s Crisis was really rare and was unsure if it was even needed in the first place and he leaned more toward her having kidney stones. At this point I had no assistance from the Urological team or Pediatric doctors since they default to the Specialists. The Doctors called in the Psych team and my daughter was labeled with anxiety, even though she had constant infections, blood in her urine and passing sediment. I was heartbroken and not sure what to do so I asked to transfer to Texas Children’s Hospital. On a side note, the same person from Cisack’s office called me after discharge and demanded to know where we were taking my daughter and what tests they were going to be running. I was appalled! I booked an appointment with Dr. Roth at TCH and met with him and he looked at both of us and said “we picked the wrong Surgeon and she never needed UPJ surgery”. My daughter cried thinking she had an unnecessary surgery and all the pain and suffering was for nothing. I reminded her that she did indeed have a crossing vessel and after surgery her pain went away on her left side. Dr. Roth then stated he felt it was kidney stones and that was what he diagnosed her with in his notes after the visit. He ordered an ultrasound and another procedure and I never heard from him again. My daughter was admitted multiple more times at TCH with the same symptoms (blood in urine, right flank pain, passing debris, etc) and was referred to the Stone Clinic. The Stone Clinic pushed us back to Urolology. The Urologist we were seeing at TCH, Dr. Tu, told us to seek an Immunology Specialist for her infections and pain because it was not urology related. I passed that information to my Pediatrician and she called Dr. Tu and then called me back and stated we needed to seek another avenue. We continued to be hospitalized with no answers and our Pediatrician then contacted Dr. Pham for guidance since he was the surgeon that fixed the left kidney originally. Dr. Pham was contacted and got us in right away and set a surgery date to do an exploratory surgery. Dr. Pham did a Pyleoplasty and found she indeed had a crossing vessel on the right side and fixed it immediately. To date, she has had no more flank pain. My daughter suffered for over a year, was told the issues were in her head and was even labeled as a patient looking for narcotics. Dr. Pham was the only Doctor who thought outside the box, believed my daughter and was willing to do whatever it took to resolve her issues. I am forever grateful to Dr. Pham and his knowledge and expertise that helped solve my daughter’s horrific medical journey.
November 14 , 2019
A few of my friends had Dr. Pham perform surgery on their children. I heard some wonderful things about him. After seeing 2 other doctors, I decided to give his office a call and discuss possible surgery for my 3 month old. The office staff was wonderful. They helped me find a time to fly out to Houston to meet Dr. Pham. Were from a small town in Oklahoma. After meeting him we knew he was the right surgeon for our son. He made sure we understood all the possible complications involved with surgery. He didnt sugarcoat anything which actually made us feel better about his confidence on a good outcome. Surgery went well and he barely needed any medications after surgery. We love Dr. Pham!
May 28 , 2019
I just moved here from Portland Oregon about 1 year ago. Long story short, I have severe curvature in my man part. Surgeons in Portland kept telling me I was born with it and it was not due to trauma. It is weird because I didn’t have this as a kid. The curve key getting worst so I finally decided to get it corrected. Went under the knife twice and it only got improved about 30%. Moved to a houston for a job. Went and saw a Urologist who was not comfortable attempting correction but referred me to Dr. Pham. He is a pediatric urologist but my surgeon says he operates on adults but only on complicated cases. Dr. Pham was honest about prognosis and did not paint a rosy picture since I had 2 previous surgeries. Curvature was so bad so I went forward. He had to use some graft but it is straight now. He just gave me my manhood back. His beside manner was also awesome. If you are getting surgery you should always get a second opinion. I recommend Dr. Pham to all my patients. It’s only been a few months but so far no issues.
May 22 , 2019
I found Dr. Pham on the internet while I was trying to find a doctor for my son. Read his bio. He said there is no penis he can’t fix. I didn’t even know that was a thing! My OB did a circumcision on my son. I love my OB but evidently it was not done well. He had some complications that we didn’t know about until later. That’s when we decided to find someone that could help us. Dr. Pham was so caring and kind. He took the time to explain the procedure to us and ensured us that everything was going to fine. As promised, he fixed it. I wished I had known about him sooner. I’m so happy we found him!
May 25 , 2019
Dr. Pham IS a good surgeon but any other care he lacks the ability to diagnose. He is arrogant and if it isnt a routine issue he gets an attitude. I could handle it with me but this is my 10 year old daughters doctor and telling me I should just take her back to her pediatrician for a urological problem because he has ruled everything out that it could be is pitiful. When my daughters urine was full of blood he never had her come in and just told me to get her prescription filled. He couldnt be bothered.
November 13 , 2014
I canceled my son’s surgery appointment with Dr. Dung Pham due to the unprofessional behavior of his staff, namely Holly and Brenda. It is very unfortunate that he employs people that lack compassion, maturity, and laugh at the expense of children and their conditions. I waited 4 days before I was called to discuss what occurred. When I received a call from the doctor, instead of holding his staff accountable he said, “I will talk to my staff and see if what you say is really what happened”. “I’m sorry you feel that way”. Giving me the idea that my family’s hurt in the interactions we had with his office is irrational and is lacking of empathy.
April 18 , 2021
I can’t believe I took my daughter to this flashy narcissist who doesn’t even care about patient privacy (see video)... a surgical nurse from his hospital told me to beware. Never going back! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0bdhLSvSZIQ&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR01flKkuS2T6CCOXPz0tdHE4v7N8Qvm7U0G9QB4hOZdZ5uX-zwD3gxQrUo&noapp=1
July 25 , 2020

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