Presbyterian Healthcare Services
2400 Unser Blvd SE, Suite 18200
Rio Rancho, NM 87124 (Directions)
3.2 out of 5
Presbyterian Healthcare Services
2400 Unser Blvd SE, Suite 18200
Rio Rancho, NM 87124 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
13 ratings, 13 reviews
I and my Family would highly recommend Dr. Barrows. Dr. Barrows does not make you feel well cared for.
August 05 , 2015
I have been a patient of Dr Barrows for 15 years.At 45 I had bladder cancer and another Dr told me I was fine having removed all of my cancer.Dr Barrows saved my life.I am appalled at the other review and can not understand what happened..He is very honest a little vauge sometimes on description ,but he does listen and always follows up.His office staff are amazing every last one of them going above and beyond always .When you go in the waiting room and it's always full ,what does that tell you people he is my hero.
March 04 , 2013
"Dr. Barrows is amazing, He is thoughtful, takes his time, answers all my questions, Remembers my name. I've had several surgeries through the years. I've had several Urologist the last 20 years, By far Dr. Barrows has been the best. I wouldn't want another Urologist. He really cares about his patients. Every time I have surgery, If Dr Barrows is my surgeon, I know I'll be o.k. He ..."
December 09 , 2019
This doctor explained all of my options with me in the kindest manner. My surgerywent beautifully and his follow up was amazing.
January 12 , 2011
I have had many doctors over the 67 years of my life, Dr. Barrows is the greatest! Professional, and confident. He really knows what he is doing. I only have one functioning kidney, and I am a complicated case to care for. He is the only Dr. I feel knows and understands how to care for me. One day I may have to have a bypass surgery and Dr. Barrows is the only one I have confidence in. This Dr. cares for each of his patients, has a wonderful way of making you feel that you'll be o.k. even in the scariest times. Dr. Barrows goes above and beyond what is expected of a great Doctor.
March 05 , 2019
I was terrified after reading some of these reviews. I was prepared to leave if he seemed as bad as some if these reviews. Well, I have seen him twice and found him professional, reassuring and truthful. His office staff were very helpful as well.
February 14 , 2013
I found Dr. Barrows to be very competent, efficient, forthright and he has small fingers. All characteristics I value in a urologist.
October 14 , 2010
Great doctor, excellent communication with patient; his staff is TERRIBLE with follow-up communications.
November 05 , 2015
What a nightmare. Doctor Barrows is arrogant, rude, has zero communication skills. I would strongly urge anyone who is considering Barrows as his doctor to keep looking.
October 04 , 2012
Dr. Barrows is a horrible doctor with no integrity and no soul. He doesn't care about his patients, only the bottom line. It's worth traveling outside of the valley for decent care. AVOID this man and his colleagues!!!!
July 07 , 2014
My husband was recommended to Dr. Barrows by our family doctor at Providence. Please stay away from this doctor as he is the worst doctor we have ever encountered.I wish I could leave my phone number so you could call us. Our story has a happy ending as we quickly got to OHSU in Portland Oregon where we were treated with great kindness and respect and my husband is now cured (his bloodwork is perfect following surgery at OHSU).Here are the highpoints of our experience:1)Dr. Barrows was disrespectful overall to our family. He called with the cancer diagnosis late on a Sunday night. We found out he had our lab results for 4 days before calling.2)He hinted strongly that my husband could already be late stage cancer - the Portland doctors laughed at this, it was a scare tactic.3)He was worst in person, when we had tears - he stood up - signaling the meeting was over4)When we said we were going to another doctor he made it difficult to get all our medical records away from his office efficiently5)Since then, we have spoken to many others in the Medford, Oregon area who have also had terrible results with this doctor - but had nowhere to tell their story.Please - seek a second opinion! Get away from this doctor as quickly as possible as he is toxic. You will be glad you did. There are other very skilled and caring doctors at OHSU here in Oregon.
October 10 , 2011
This doctor was my worst nightmare. He seemed angry. It was hard for me to make this appointment anyway and he made me never want to see a urologist again. Everything I asked him about he gave me worst case senerio like it was the only case senerio and in an angry manner. Scary. Even his staff seemed on edge.
August 22 , 2010
My dad died because this supposed doctor did a biopsy on him when he didn't have my dad's permission and he made my dad's cancer spread do not go here
March 29 , 2020

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Presbyterian Healthcare Services
2400 Unser Blvd SE, Suite 18200
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