Vidant Medical Group LLC
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4.2 out of 5
Vidant Medical Group LLC
401 N Main St
Kenansville, NC 28349 (Directions)

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4.2 out of 5
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Dr Rampersaud did my surgery in 2014 to remove a dead kidney and a bag of toxic fluid. I feel he was instrumental in saving my life. I really hate he has left Duke Clinic in Durham, NC. B. Ray
March 14 , 2019
After my surgery to see how I was doing. I was very impressed, and felt as though he and all the nurses were really looking out for me.
August 17 , 2010
"Dr. Rampersaud is an excellent surgeon. I highly recommend him."
December 06 , 2020
I cannot begin to express my admiration and respect for this very through and skilled surgeon. He delivered all he promised and more. The staff at Morris Cancer Center/ Duke Medical Center was tremendously skilled and professional. My cancer is CURED! ... and I had a very agressive type of bladded cancer. The results of my surgery are excellent. Thank you Dr. Rampersaude!!
November 03 , 2013
Highly competent surgeon, have great confidence in him
April 19 , 2019
I wrote this because not only because I have something positive to say, but because I am in the customer service industry. In customer service, very similarly to websites like these, we receive hardly any positive reviews. Another reason I write this is because I recently was searching for Dr Rampersaud to talk about a friend of mine who has a condition he could possibly help him with. During that search I came across this site and thought that must comment. My husband and I live in Florida. We went to Duke to see Dr Rampersaud in 2018 based on a broad reputation he has for managing very advanced kidney cancer. My husbands cancer was growing into his heart, and we had heard of only a handful of surgeons who were equipped to handle this problem. We went to Duke scared as could be, but when we met Dr Rampersaud he began by acknowledging that the problem was bad - he even went so far as to say that we should get our affairs in order. BUT THEN he said to not think anything negative beyond that. That he thought we had a chance, and that we simply have to prepare for the worst, in case that we’re to occur. My husband went to surgery that lasted 10 hours. He was in ICU for 4 days. Dr Rampersaud and his team were always visible. We eventually left the hospital, and we’re thanksful to be alive. 3 months later we went back to see Dr Rampersaud for scans which were thankfully negative (and they have been ever since). I’ll never forget the words he spoke to us, “Save your money, but not all of it. All those things you’ve been planning to do in the future - go do them all now.” (Something like that). We’ll forever be grateful for his skill and expertise. For every 1 disgruntled client/patron/patient, there are 100 happy folks who never say anything. So I thought I should. Thank you and god bless you Dr Rampersaud, wherever you are.
February 06 , 2020
The check-in staff, and nursing staff were kind, thorough and professional. Dr Rampersaud, on the other hand, was none of these things. As I sat waiting in the examining room, a gentleman entered, closed the door behind him, introduced himself as Dr. Rampersaud, then leaned against a counter, crossed his arms, took a big sigh and asked me --So, why do you think youre here?-- My first thought was perhaps he had walked into the wrong examining room. He held no records when coming into the room, nor did it seem as if he had even read my records. At one point, he started asking me about my treatments. I was diagnosed 12/16 and have not started any treatments. This would have been vital information for an Oncologist (Urologist or not) to know about their patient when entering a room to discuss their health. Additionally, his tone was one that seemed to speak down to me for not have started treatment by now. Then he proceeded to speak to me in a manner that indicated I had wasted his time. His explanation of my ultrasound imaging was vague and held an air of --Your regular oncologist should have talked to you about this and should really be the one doing this.-- When I asked questions, his replies were in a tone that he was dealing with someone completely ignorant and he didnt have time for it. I would not recommend this dr to anyone else. I would not recommend this dr to be on staff at a well known medical university such as Duke. Regardless of his medical training, he lacks compassion, tact, and common human decency. After I left Duke I googled Dr Rampersaud, I immediately found a negative review on the site that felt as though I had already written a review for him. Someone else had an identical experience in January of this year (2018), which tells me this isnt an isolated incident. I would recommend he take some training on how to interact and deal with his patients. In oncology, people are coming in that fear for their lives on a daily basis. A little human decency should be protocol when a medical professional interacts with a patient.
March 01 , 2018

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