Northeast Medical Group Inc
52 Beach Rd
Fairfield, CT 06824 (Directions)
1.9 out of 5
Northeast Medical Group Inc
52 Beach Rd
Fairfield, CT 06824 (Directions)

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1.9 out of 5
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My 10-year-old son was recently treated for testicular torsion by Dr. Paraiso. He was able to relate to we parents on an adult level, while also making sure our son felt informed and involved in what for him was a scary, painful and awkward ordeal. We felt like our son was in excellent hands and our confidence was well-placed. Would recommend him 100%. Office staff was great.
March 31 , 2014
Ive seen dr paraiso for about 6 yrs. he is not good at diagnosing and he doesnt try and listen to what you think is the problem. Long waits and his assistant sucks!!
April 21 , 2014
I was a patient of Dr. Paraiso. I had a couple of appointments with him for a problem with my bladder. both times I waited over an hour to see him. I was still not feeling well and called asking if I could speak to him about maybe getting on some new medication or something. The assistant got on the phone and told me he said I would HAVE to be seen. So the staff gave me an appointment for the next morning. This time I waited about 2 hours to see him. My appointment was for 11. I saw him at about 1. He came in the room where I was sitting in a chair in the corner still wearing my coat. I started to tell him how I was just wanting to speak to him over the phone and he cut me off, telling me he did not know what was wrong with me and to go to a different doctor because I might need surgery. I said --For this I waited 2 hours? For you to tell me this?-- He then got up and left the room without even examining me. A nurse did not examine me either. They didnt even do so much as take my temperature. He couldnt care less that I waited 2 hours for nothing and showed no compassion or concern at all for me. I got no apology for the long wait from him or his staff. I have transportation problems so I had to take a cab up and back, which cost me 40 dollars and then I also had the 25 dollar co pay. All for this doctor to spend a total of 30 seconds just talking to me. I also got the feeling he was trying to upset and frighten me because he didnt like the fact that I still had questions. I dont know about you, but if I was dying and this doctor had the only cure, I would not go back.
November 16 , 2013
Very Confusing. That's all I can say.
May 01 , 2023
I have never reviewed a physician online before, but have found my experience with Dr. Paraiso to be so frustrating, I am writing this review in the hopes that I can help someone else from avoiding a similar experience. I have had to call the practice repeatedly seeking test results, and only received those results after nine days and three phone calls. The results were given to me in a very rushed phone call at the end of the day, and the next steps were poorly outlined for me. I had to call again and follow up with other staff members to make sense of my diagnosis and follow up testing protocol. I have been awaiting more test results for two tests, one conducted several weeks ago. I have already called once and have waited several days for a response. I have never had to call a doctor repeatedly to receive test results and discuss next steps. I am left wondering how much time would go by before I was contacted by Dr. Paraiso if I did not repeatedly call for my results. I do not feel as if my discomfort or health are of much concern to Dr. Paraiso.
November 20 , 2014
This doctors office lost my sisters urine sample 4 times in a row!!! Make an appointment with a psychiatrist if you even CONSIDER going to this place!!!!
April 25 , 2014
Bad doctor cares more for money than patients
June 22 , 2018

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Northeast Medical Group Inc
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