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5 out of 5
Johns Hopkins University
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5 out of 5
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Was the first Urologist to be honest and very non-bias! I so appreciated that!Was very knowledgeable regarding my voiding dysfunction, and I felt totally comfortable that regardless of what treatment option I would choose, he would he there whether it was a success or not, and would keep trying different options until something worked. (unfortunently I was from out of State).And decided to take treatment close to home. It was my LOSS that I could not go back to him.It took 17 years before I found a Urologist who was this honest and NON-BIAS!
November 02 , 2008
I have traveled from ilinois to see Dr Wright.Having been through Prostate surgery, radiation and the lupron shot and having complications my physician friend DR Milner recommend DR Wright.Im glad I took the recommendation and came to Hopkins.I feel im in the best hands possible.
August 20 , 2013
After going to several different specialists and 3 surgeries later, Dr. Wright was the only Doctor who figured out my problem and fixed it, and did a wonderful job. HE IS SIMPLY THE BEST! He explained everything in detailed to me and my husband and made me feel so comfortable and relax. My experience at the JH was great. Everyone at the hospital was really nice, carrying, and professional. I am forever grateful to himâ€
November 07 , 2013
Dr Wright fixed my bladder fistula without having to cut me open. No one in Florida could figure out what was wrong with me after a GYN cut my bladder after a hysterectomy and the radiologist read the Ct scan wrong three time.These all happened in Florida. When I flew to Baltimore my first appointment with Dr Wright upon walking in he said, "I don't know what it is yet, but we will find it and fix it!" He found the hole in my bladder and three days later my surgery was over. I refer everyone I know to him and will for the rest of my life. When I came back to Florida after Dr Wright put me back together, the follow up doctors could not believe he fixed a bladder fistula with numerous holes without cutting me open.They don't call him the genius for nothing. A nurse that works with him in the O.R. told me she loved working with him the most , because he does things people say can't be done..and he does them right. Don't look any further for a urologist. He is well worth the trip from wherever you live.I Love you Dr Wright!
August 21 , 2011

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