University Urological Associates
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3.2 out of 5
University Urological Associates
450 Veterans Mem Pkwy Bldg 14-1
East Providence, RI 02914 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
12 ratings, 12 reviews
Dr Miller has been more than a doctor he has been a good freind to talk to and take his time and listen .To your problems .I,m truely bless to have a doctor like this in my life .......
September 01 , 2012
Dr. Miller explained my condition and the surgery required to treat it. He was very straightforward and detailed. His confidence and assurance put me at ease, and everything went exactly as he stated. This was fairly major surgery and it couldn't have turned out better. I highly recommend him for anyone needing assistance in his area of expertise.
March 23 , 2020
Dr. E. Bradley Miller was amazing. I went in with 25 questions, when he was done explaining everything, I only had 2 questions left on my list. He took the time needed to explain the diagnosis and EXACTLY how the procedure would take place. He had to consult with surgeons from other fields and kept us informed every step of the way. He was caring and compassionate, and is very experienced in his field. I strongly recommend Dr. Miller
January 26 , 2017
i needed emergency Prostatectomy surgery and was referred to Dr. E. Bradley Miller by my Urologist who was unavailable to perform the surgery. He made the time on his schedule to fit me in quickly. Everything I heard from the hospital pre-op nurses was that he was the "best". He performed a difficult surgery on me and results were superb. He likes to joke around a lot and speak his mind, but I guarantee that he is well intentioned and is the doctor that you want to see if you need surgery or a difficult problem to be diagnosed.
July 08 , 2014
April 12 , 2011
f course you want a doctor who is smart, has great technical skills and is up-to-date on the current treatments. Thats what you pay them for.....1/2 of all doctors graduate in the bottom of their class! Having said that, technical skill isn't what makes a great doctor. Listening to the patient and their family, explaining procedures in depth if they request that, and personal follow-up is what separates an OK doctor from a great doctor. Needs to re-think bedside manner, recognize fear and anxiety in patients and their family, and keep arrogance in check. May be good, but is definitely not great. I want great from all my doctors..........
March 06 , 2013
I have been with Dr. Miller for several years with recurring kidney stones. His ultra sound technician has shown more concern for the number and size of my stones than the Dr. has. When I've mentioned the dozen or more stones in each kidney I saw in the ultra sound he stated,"....Why should you be concerned when I'm not?" I recently passed stones with considerable pain 3 times within six months, and notified his office on each occasion; no call back or response from him. I'm shopping for a new Urologist, but it's difficult when they're mostly all in the same group practice!
September 25 , 2014
I went to see Dr. Miller due to a problem with urinary incontinence. The first visit wasn't that bad, even though there was a good 40 minute wait or so. The doctor did a brief exam, and put me on a medication for an enlarged prostate. The 2nd visit was my last: This time I waited over an hour and many of the patients in the waiting room said this was normal for him. I told Dr. Miller that I was experiencing bad side effects from the medication he put me on, and he seemed to dismiss them as psychological when it clearly wasn't. I had brought my wife along to help explain my symptoms, and Dr. Miller was more interested in flirting with her then listening to what I had to say. No testing was done other than a urinalysis. I have sinced moved on to a new Urologist who is much less arrogant and much more thorough.
February 26 , 2016
Saw E. Bradley Miller for a cyst in my testical. He had me pull down my pants, grabbed my testicals, and while he was seated in his stool, with a smirk he said, "Follow me." And began to back up and walk me accross the floor with my testicals in his hand. I shuffled with my pants dowm. He grabed a flash light and shined it under my testicals, then said, "This is nothing. It's just a water sack." I felt uncomfortable and pushed his hand away as he was rough with my testicles and just embarrassed me. He is lucky I did not report him. Also, I went to him for a painful nodule in my groin, and his comment was, "Oh common, toughen up." Then told me to just take pain medication when I was in pain. He was very insensitive, and diminished how often I was in pain and the level of pain. Very cocky and smug Doctor.
November 23 , 2012
When the one goal is to surgically break up a stone, the expectation is that happens. Instead, it was done so poorly I needed to go to an emergency room 48 hours later to finish the job properly
October 03 , 2021
This doc is the most incompetent and arrogant doctor that you will ever encounter. He removed my dad's kidney, said he would be fine and out of the hospital in 2 days. He failed to notice that the remaining healthy kidney did not function thereby resulting in complete kidney failure. He has a number of civil complaints. Check him out before you let him cut you.
May 22 , 2008
Was referred to him for a kidney stone surgery. While a pleasant man overall... he failed at his one job as I needed to go to the ER 48 hours later to have the surgery done again (correctly that time and by someone else). Never followed up afterwards either which, considering he got my medical records showing I needed another surgery... a but inexcusable
March 10 , 2021

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