Albany Medical College
2200 Rosa Rd
Schenectady, NY 12309 (Directions)
2.3 out of 5
Albany Medical College
2200 Rosa Rd
Schenectady, NY 12309 (Directions)

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2.3 out of 5
11 ratings, 11 reviews
I have had 2 experiences with Dr. Engelmyer. Twice I have had extremely painful kidneystones that I could not pass. I was doubled up with pain and vomiting. I barely made it to the emergency room. The first time Dr. Engelmeyer operated, removed the stones and placed a stent in. 1 1/2 years later when I had the second attack, one of his associates was on call and he operated the next day to take the stone out and put the stent in. With the second stent I had a bad reaction. I called the office 9:30 at night and Dr. Engelmeyer was on call. He had me directly admitted to the hospital. Again I had the extreme pain and vomiting. I was very thankful that he did that, I couldnt take the pain anymore. The next day when the stent was suppose to be removed, my blood pressure was 225. Dr. Engelmeyer kept watch on me all day from the operating room by calling the nurses. Finally they lowered my pressure and he was able to remove the stent by 6pm that evening. It is wonderful to have a doctor listen to you when you are extremely ill. He has a kind caring manner besides being very knowledgeable in his field.
January 28 , 2014
After my previous Doctor moved from this office, I met Dr. Engelmyer. He had a gentle approach to the manual part of the exam. He was friendly and had a caring attitude. The two office staff were very friendly as well. Im happy to give this happy review compared to the other questionable ones.
April 19 , 2018
Extremely professional and compassionate care. Dr Engelmyer is a superlative sugeron and no one should hesitate to seek his medical care. His office staff, medical and clerical are highly responsive to your needs and very courteous.
November 14 , 2019
Office staff were more interested in chatting with each other than checking patients in at the reception desk. Nurse did a better job of describing/explaining the procedure than the Dr. did
December 02 , 2013
Were you there at the end of 2014, and you found that the office doesnt follow, protocol. Scdydy does do their job...protocol. You became very ill.....I would never recommend this office.
March 17 , 2019
He totally was incorrect on condition and the nurses did not honor hipaa law. Very bad both for office and the doctor. Waste of time going to this doctor
January 15 , 2018
Not impressed with this doctor or his office. He didnt like when I asked questions or inquired about the treatment. The office and staff are terrible, you can never get a person to talk to, always have to leave a message and they are SO disorganized.
June 30 , 2016
The staff are patronizing and unprofessional. You are kept waiting in a room for the doctor to show up.
February 06 , 2015
The experience with Dr. Engelmeyer was unbelievable poor. Would never recommend
March 31 , 2015
Didnt bother to read hospital chart before ordering unnecessary surgical removal of kidney stone. Incredibly egocentric bedside manner that, effectively, disrespected the patient and resulted in grossly substandard treatment. I was outraged.
September 18 , 2018
My father who has a long history of prostate issues went to Dr. Engelmyer when his urologist left the practice. He has never complained about any MD in the past, but now refuses to return to Dr. Engelmyer following a disturbing and painful visit, where he performed a procedure without explaining ahead of time what he would be doing, offering any anesthesia or pain relief, or acting in any way as if he was concerned about the great pain he caused my father! He appeared indifferent and uncaring/unkind - and my father has a high pain tolerance! His bedside manner leaves much to be desired. We promptly left the practice.
August 27 , 2019

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