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4.9 out of 5
Urology Austin, PLLC
11410 Jollyville Rd, Suite 1101
Austin, TX 78759 (Directions)

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4.9 out of 5
109 ratings, 109 reviews
Dr. Giesler was very kind and explained my situation in detail. He also gave me samples of the medication I need. I also enjoyed the PAs help.
January 12 , 2015
Dr Geisler and the staff at the Urology Team go above and beyond in the care of their patients. I always highly recommend the Urology Team to all friends and family.
February 14 , 2016
I couldnt ask for a better experience, or MD, than the UT staff and Dr. Giesler. The entire experience continues to be exceptional and the idea of --partnership-- in a successful treatment plan comes through very clearly.
September 23 , 2017
I came in for a follow up visit. I found Dr. Giesler to be very helpful, friendly and reassuring about my complication following surgery.
November 23 , 2014
Dr. Geisler was knowledgeable and when in doubt did not hesitate to consult his fellow dr who specializes in Peyronies. Virtually no wait time, we were in and out within 4 minutes of our actual appointment time, with answers and a treatment plan
October 10 , 2015
I am so thankful for Dr. Giesler... after aggressive Ca. His joy & care for me as a person is truly wonderful. I could not believe that he would place his hand on my shoulder and walk me around to my scheduler. He is exceptional!!!
November 07 , 2015
Everyone was so nice!! Very professional. I am very impressed. Thank you.
December 14 , 2014
Dr Giesler was clear in his explanation of my options and what he recommended. He was confident in what procedure was needed. I am very satisfied with my decision to take his advice and with the care received. I am a --happy camper.--
July 23 , 2016
This was a video appointment, and the experience was very good. Dr. Geisler is exceptional.
January 30 , 2016
Highly professional, confident. His handling of sophisticated equipment was done with great ease, his interpretation of biopsy results was thorough, detailed and very helpful
April 04 , 2019
Dr Geisler has been a very attentive and effective physician for the last two years. My results have been better than I could have ever hoped for. Couldnt be happier that I was referred to him!
August 20 , 2016
Dr. Geisler was very helpful and provided me with extra service , support and advice!
October 12 , 2015
Great service. Very pleasant. Made me feel very comfortable. Explained everything.
December 31 , 2014
Hes a thorough and caring doctor and has taken good care of me. I trust him completely and think he has a great bedside manner.
July 01 , 2015
Dr. Giesler was excellent. His nurse Rudy is really off-putting.
June 24 , 2017
Dr Giesler is my hero. Hes sincerely wants to provide the best service for the client. His bedside manner is the best Ive ever encountered. Thanks Doc you saved my life.
June 17 , 2017
I have been a long time patient, the Urology Team are outstanding, I m currently under the care of PA Gordon Lang, who has continued the exceptional professional care I received from Dr. Giesler.
July 06 , 2017
Dr Giesler is the absolute best!!!!!!!!!! Dr Giesler is the absolute best!!!!!!!!!!
October 08 , 2017
Everyone that we met has been terrific! Im talking about the overall experience every time we had contact with anyone. Thank you! Dr. Giesler was truly outstanding. He spent enough time to give me peace of mind from the first visit.
August 13 , 2016
The Urology Team staff, nurse practitioner Gordon, and Dr. Geisler were all courteous and very professional. Dr. Geislers use of the screen to explain my bladder problem was most helpful.
July 20 , 2017
Im always amazed how well Dr. Giesler remembers our conversations from 6 months ago. Shows they actually care about you as a person, not just a patient.
February 07 , 2016
Personable, explanations helpful and thorough. Good recommendations and suggestions.
March 27 , 2015
Exceptional in all areas. From the woman who made the appointment, the reception staff, triage nurse and Dr Geisler.
September 01 , 2017
Experiencing great care from the Urology Team staff at the Austin - Westlake office. Dr Geisler is calm, confident and un-rushed. He provides in-depth explanation of treatment procedures and personal concerns.
September 23 , 2017
Friendly staff at both the Jollyville Rd and Bee Caves Rd location. Dr Giesler takes time to explain procedures and answer any questions.
November 05 , 2017
Dr. Giesler is one of the best docs I have had...and I have had quite a few. Easy to talk to, non-condescending, open minded, and progressive in his treatment options.If you have an elevated PSA and are considering a biopsy, dont dream of it without getting an MRI. I wasted a lot of time, money, and pain having two --blind-- biopsies which were negative. It took an MRI to find the spot.
February 10 , 2018
Dr. Giesler is a gifted surgeon and a wonderful physician. He is truly dedicated to his craft and the people he serves. Very refreshing to encounter in the medical field. I would refer anyone to him.
February 14 , 2016
I see Dr. Giesler for has what happens to a lot of 67 year old males. He made me feel very comfortable about my situation.. He really did when he ask me to call him Eric., I am there every 2 wk for a injection and the nursesl are very professional.
October 17 , 2015
As with each visit to the Westlake office, todays was managed by caring, courteous folks from entry to exit. Dr. Giesler exemplifies the caring doctor those of my generation were raised to respect and trust.
July 16 , 2016
Dr. Giesler call me back when I had concerns even on the weekend That was most helpful
September 18 , 2016
Pretty good doctor. I have nothing bad to say about this guy. Count yourself lucky if you get this guy.
May 23 , 2018
Dr. Giesler is the best. Hes thorough and always takes the time to explain his treatment approach. Lets face it, a visit to the Urologist is not a lot of fun, but with Dr. G I always feel he has things well in hand.
June 12 , 2016
Dr. Giesler is simply the best. He was able to answer all my questions.
September 24 , 2015
Everyone on the team is very friendly and helpful. Wait times are not an issue and doctors aire supportive and open to questions. Dr. Giesler has been exceptional in treating my urinary tract issues.
September 19 , 2015
The best doctor ever. Fast, painless, no problems. Made me feel better when no other doctor could figure out what was wrong. Highly recommend.
August 04 , 2014
Dr. Eric Geisler was highly recommended by my primary care doc and my cardiologist. They were spot on. Comfortable enough with him after 1st visit to schedule surgical procedure. Could not be more pleased with him or the results. Not only highly skilled in his specialty but has the best bedside manor of any doctor I have ever been to.
November 05 , 2017
Im seeing Gordon for my follow ups since prostate surgery in August 2016. He is great. Always reassuring, knows what questions to ask, and has a good sense about where you are physically and emotionally. Yes, men there is an emotional side to this. Dr. Geisler did my surgery and he was great. Had seen another urologist and switched to Dr. Geisler after one meeting with him. He and Gordon know how to put you at ease but let you know the importance of your decision.
November 05 , 2017
Dr. Giesler did my prostate removal Feb 2016. He was able to spare the nerves on one side. After radiation I’m now 3 months short of two years an there is no sign of the cancer. Gordon Lang has been a great help in recovery and restoring functionality, something I was not sure would happen. There is hope with the best care of the Urology Team
December 02 , 2017
We are very happy with the whole team. We came here for a second opinion—best decision ever. Thank you Dr. Giesler.
January 11 , 2018
Dr. Giesler got to the point and did a procedure right then. He told me what was wrong and told me what it would take to correct it I trust him with my complicated medical history and any urology problems i have now and in the future.
October 16 , 2015
Dr. Giesler - Great greeting at desk and a friendly nurse!
March 13 , 2015
Dr. Giesler is the best of the best. No matter how busy he is, he always takes the time to provide the best of care. His concern for your well being is felt at every visit, and he is reassuring and professional. Best Doctor any where!
September 16 , 2015
Dr Giesler has supervised my cancer. case through its primary treatment phases and 3 years of sucessful follow up, with expert advice, compassion and highly informative discussion. He and his associates rank at the top my list of the go to medical teams in the Austin area.
March 10 , 2018
Prostate biopsy by Dr. Eric Giesler was quick & relatively pain-free ... much easier than I expected. Dr. Giesler answered all of my questions -- before, during and after the procedure.
July 20 , 2017
I have been more than pleased with the service O received with Dr. Giesler.
January 27 , 2018
An exceptional rating by me is --exceptional--! Generally, --Very Good--, is the highest - because all human endeavors can be improved. The Urology Team is --exceptional--, not only because of way the staff performs, but also because Dr. Eric Giesler is exceptional.
December 13 , 2015
Appreciated Dr. Giesler displaying my CT scan and X-rays and his thorough explanation while we looked at them.
April 24 , 2016
Visited Dr. Eric Giesler and completed the procedure with a snap. So impressed with his exquisite skills and the kindest attitude. Anxiously wait for the next appointment for results. God Bless!
August 05 , 2017
Finding prostate cancer not entertaining. But Dr. Giesler communicated possible outcomes clearly, informed by his intelligence and experience; with the prompt diagnosis so far, and potential treatment in the future, things feel less than ominous.
August 05 , 2017
I have been Dr. Eric Gieslers patient since 2011 when I had my first kidney stone. Six years later, I had a very serious kidney stone issue arise that resulted in immediate surgery to remove the stones. I had the ER doctors call none other than Dr. Gielser and his team to alert them of my situation and take care of me. Dr. Giesler has always been caring and compassionate and is determined in getting me back to normal. His team and staff are always top notch in getting you seen as soon as possible and being attentive to your needs. If you havent found the right urologist yet, I high recommend The Urology Team.
January 11 , 2018
Met with Dr Gieselr to discuss vasectomy. Straightforward, confident and passionate.
October 12 , 2015
Dr. GIESLER is an excellent physician, as you know. He handled my bad with exceptional skill, precision, speed, and aplomb. I have already recommended Urologoy Team to other gents in my situation, do to the confidence Giesler inspired.
November 14 , 2015
Staff is congenial and efficient. Dr. Geisler is straightforward and understanding. He explains things well and is reassuring.
April 08 , 2018
Dr Giesler is friendly, professional, and candid. He is knowledgeable about his field and health in general. If I have to come back, I will request him specially
October 24 , 2015
I have never had a bad experience with the Urology Team. Dr. Giesler is great ! The nurses are very caring also.
September 25 , 2016
Came by to see if I could get worked in early. They were most helpful. Many many thanks!
October 23 , 2014
I just had my vasectomy a few days ago and went with Dr. Geisler. I read and heard negative things about Dr. Chopp, so I decided against him despite his impeccable name. Dr. Geisler was incredible. He was calm and very friendly which helped me stay relaxed. We chatted during the whole procedure up until he said, --Ok youre done.-- I was super impressed with him and his staff. If I ever need to get another procedure on my scrotum, Ill go to him! My recovery has been great so far and Im sure that can be credited to him as well as Im taking it very easy the past few days.
July 09 , 2011
As you can imagine this is a nerve wracking procedure for any guy. Dr. Giesler and his staff were amazing in making me feel conformable and explained every step of the way. I would recommend Dr. Gielser and Team to anyone considering a Vasectomy.
September 22 , 2015
Dr. Geisler and team including Gordon Lang have treated me wonderfully. They have been kind, very informative and have been very straightforward. Thank you so much for your help and caring.
March 10 , 2018
I drive 400 miles one way to see Dr. Giesler, so obviously I am pleased with my treatment.
December 13 , 2015
Dr. Geisler and Dr. Chopp were exceptional in all aspects of my appoint and procedure today. I would recommend Urology Team to anyone that asks. Thank you for a pleasant experience today.
April 29 , 2017
thank you, a very positive experience, a caring friendly staff, a well run practice in every aspect, I appreciate Dr Gieslers thorough explanation and his integrity
April 24 , 2016
Dr. Giesler and Gordon Lang are exceptional, caring staff, willing to listen and explained my procedure. If I get a chance to recommend a urologist, it will be these two.
June 17 , 2017
Everyone is so attentive, cordial and kind. A most pleasant experience each time we come. Thanks so much.
November 25 , 2014
Very impressed with Eric Giesler. Easy to talk with and usually on time.
February 24 , 2018
Thank you, Dr Giesler!! You were excellent in your time with Pam and me. You answered all our questions and helped us know about the best treatments going forward. If we lived in Austin, you would definitely be my doctor. Bill and Pam Kennedy
September 09 , 2017
I love the Urology Team. The best decision I ever made was choosing them manage my cancer treatment. I thank God for them and Doctor Giesler in particular.
September 24 , 2015
Courteous, clean, everything explained with patience.
February 07 , 2015
Dr. Geisler analyzed my seemingly complex problem and reached a diagnosis that seemed very reasonable. He explained it in a way that I could easily understand. I was quite relieved.
December 25 , 2016
I have been very pleased with Dr. Giesler and his staff since I have been scheduling appointments with him for over a year. They are a very professional group of individuals.
October 07 , 2015
When you want the best, contact Dr. E. and his team!
May 26 , 2014
Through every step, from the receptionist, to MA, Christopher, to Dr Giesler, I felt I was in good, caring hands. What was initially frightening became comforting.
November 28 , 2015
After 4 other urologists and benign, benign and bph diagnosis again and again....I found the DR. that found the cancer . The grade 5 cancer. It was always like a spark plug was going to ignite my bladder unless 10 times a day i passed 4 oz. Finally 5 years after demanding an MRI I by divine providence that I found the only surgeon in the Austin Texas area that could operate by the guide of a 4K 3D MRI and kill it... out patient. 1 month afterward, 20 oz. without any sudden urge and a PSA that crashed from 22 to 1.1 that remains a success at the one year post op point tells me that DR. Giesler is the precise solution to the rest of my life! He found it where no one else looked. Dont mess with this stuff, it will kill you! Thank you sir for being beyond the quick answers. Im 72 years old and have the urinary system of 50 years ago. Roger in round Rock.
February 26 , 2019
Dr. Giesler shows genuine concern. How he does with so many patients is indeed a gift.
November 28 , 2015
I have been going to Dr. Eric Geisler for 8 years. I have now been released from his care. I can honestly say that I trust him completely. So in the future if I need him again. I sure hope the Urulogy Team keeps him.
January 14 , 2017
It is always a good experience to meet with Dr. Eric Giesler. He is an excellent physician, and I respect and trust his professional judgment.
July 23 , 2016
Very thankful we found Dr Giesler for my urology issues.
May 22 , 2016
I already have an Urologist; I wanted to see Dr. Eric Giesler for a second opinion; if I, for some reason, ever want to change to another Urologist, I for sure would go back to Dr. Giesler. He is an excellent doctor.
August 05 , 2017
My urologist at Urology Team is Eric Giesler, MD. He did a great job on my prostate Cryo-Surgery. He took the time to answer all of my questions, and he did an excellent job in discussing over the phone and helping to fix a minor issue in follow-up a couple of weeks after the procedure. He woks at the Urology Team Westlake Office mainly. I also had to see the nurse at the Urology Team Round Rock Office on Highway 620 to deal with re-inserting a catheter for a short time, and she did a really good job - no pain
January 27 , 2018
Best choice ever for my husband’s prostate cancer treatment. Very thankful to Dr. Geisler is a professional.
May 24 , 2018
Dr. Giesler was very professional, courteous and thorough. My wait time was only a few minutes and everything was handled first class.
November 27 , 2016
Dr. Eric Giesler is a --top notch-- urologist, in my mind. He appears to care about his patients and seems to know the personal situation of those with whom hes dealt over the years, in spite of not seeing the patient for 6 months.
April 10 , 2016
I commend Dr. Giesler, I m a patient for about 4 years and Hes very understanding, patient and informative about my health. The staffs really good , like Celina, shes patient about answering all my questions. Thanks, and may God bless You All!
April 22 , 2017
Dr. Geisler has been taking care of me for a very long time (8years or close to that). I truly love the care he gives his patients. He goes above and beyond what some doctors do. I always recommend him.
October 01 , 2016
I really admire Dr. Eric Giesler he is a very compassionate doctor, makes me feel very comfortable It would be wonderful if we had more Doctors like him.
January 24 , 2016
Outstanding from start to final end of our visit with Dr. Giesler - we are glad you are all here
February 03 , 2015
Dr Eric Giesler’s consultation was easy to understand caring and thorough. He explained everything well using MRI imagery and what the expected next steps would be based on potential outcomes. Excellent , professional, and caring!!! 5 stars for Dr Giesler
March 03 , 2018
Dr. Eric Giesler is a very compassionate, caring and highly intelligent urologist. I feel I am in good hands after the initial consulation. His thorough knowldeg and experience gave much confidence and comfort in the upcoming procedure.
July 29 , 2017
Dr. Eric J. Giesler ...one of the best doctor Ive ever had. So caring, good listener, explained throughly about the treatment and procedures. I cant thank him enough for exceptional care
November 07 , 2015
Dr. Giesler, my physician demonstrates exceptional communication skills and --bedside-- manner. He has always exhibits a very professional contact with me. A super Doc.
November 14 , 2015
Staff was professional. I would recommend Dr. Giesler to anyone with prostate problems.
October 16 , 2015
Dr Geisler as usual was exceptional. Medical Assistant Sean helpful and informative
October 08 , 2017
Excellent Doctor
June 01 , 2018
Dr. Giesler and Gordon Lang are exceptional in their interest and competence in listening to and dealing with patient needs.
August 28 , 2016
Im very happy with my visit. Everyone was very friendly from the front-desk to the nurse to Dr. Giesler. Dr. Giesler did a great job of explaining his thoughts about my situation and creating a plan of treatment.
May 28 , 2017
I am very grateful and pleased with the care I am receiving by Dr Giesler and staff. The practice is very well run, communication is good, lots of informative videos and other documents.
May 08 , 2016
Dr. Giesler is phenomenal. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Not only did I receive outstanding care, but he also made me feel that he truly cared about me, not just as a patient, but also as a person and friend. What a great doctor!
February 07 , 2016
Outstanding service and professional. Dr. Giesler and his whole staff. Have recommended them to several clients.
December 23 , 2014
Im seeing Gordon for my follow ups since bladder surgery in 2018. He is great. Always reassuring, knows what questions to ask, and has a good sense about where you are physically and emotionally. Yes, men there is an emotional side to this. Dr. Geisler did my surgery and he was great. Had seen another urologist and switched to Dr. Geisler after one meeting with him. He and Gordon know how to put you at ease but let you know the importance of your decision. They are a great team! So glad I switched to Dr. Geisler for surgery-great surgical hands and a warm heart that listens to patients. Gordons follow-up work could not be better. He even helped me remove a very aggressive unfeeling female prep person (Ki) prior to my scope up the private area which was a great relief to me. It difficult enough to work in that area, and then to have an inappropriate unfeeling prepper about to clamp the big boy way too roughly. Ki, dont let her in your room if she is still there. No Way. The Guys are the Best, Surgeons, and Scoping and Follow-up (Dr Eric Geisler and Gordon Lang!!). They care deeply about your health and your recovery, guaranteed.
November 02 , 2020
The greatest decision I have ever made! I placed my health and well being in the hands and care of Dr Eric Giesler, I recommend him and his total staff to anyone? I cannot tell you How much trust I have in him and his professional judgement
February 21 , 2016
My visit was handled with respect for my time and my person. All the staff and dr. Geisler share a caring, positive attitude. I am cared for in excellent fashion.
August 20 , 2016
Very great service and made me feel very comfortable.
January 27 , 2015
overall a very pleasant experience. I was quite apprehensive when I arrived, but front desk and consultation with Dr. Geisler put me completely at ease. Thank you very much.
November 11 , 2017
Dr Giesler was the Doctor I was hoping for when I came in for my vasectomy. The front staff was very professional and I can clearly see they can multi-task quite well. Dr Giesler came in to see me prior to prep and I found a very calm and polite gentleman. He made sure to ask any questions and did not rush through anything. He was very calm and and informative during the procedure, always making sure I was comfortable. The procedure was quick and I experienced no side affects or problems post-op. I truly feel no regrets whatsoever for my vasectomy.
April 06 , 2010
Pretty good doctor! Prostate event was found and solution provided. Dr. Gisler has great instincts as well as confident demeanor.
February 25 , 2020
Rather than being dedicated to finding the source of my pain when tests confirmed that he had been wrong all along, threw in the towel and said there was nothing he could do for me. Thanks for nothing.
February 02 , 2018
Felt we were treated rudely and disrespectfully. Getting phone calls returned is a nightmare. Records include so much wrong info and ended up with no helpful treatment
November 15 , 2019
I have no choice but to vent here. Worse service EVER. no return phone calls, unprofessional nurses, never met the Dr. after three visits. enlarged Prostate but never suggested a drug (that I found out from my niece (a physician assistant) that there was a drug to decrease the size of the prostate. Why would they not have suggested it?
January 22 , 2019
after three visits I have yet to see Dr. giesler (although they still charge you for a specialist). I have called and left repeated messages (they say their phones system is messed up). I was called and told I have a VERY large prostate two months ago and they never suggested a drug for it (I had to find out from my niece that there is a drug called Adovart that will decrease the size of the prostate). Why would they not have told me that as they are the professionals. I called to discuss and left a message w/ the Nurse (Gordon Lang) and he told the office manager that he call me back but did not leave a message. Are you kidding me? Why not leave a message so I would know as I dont wait by the phone for him to call.
January 23 , 2019

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