Integrated Medical Professionals PLLC
4100 Duff Pl A
Seaford, NY 11783 (Directions)
1 out of 5
Integrated Medical Professionals PLLC
4100 Duff Pl A
Seaford, NY 11783 (Directions)

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1 out of 5
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I dont know which was worse--the office staff or the doctor. The office manager, Marie, is actually horrible. I tried to get my fathers records sent to his primary doctor, and she disconnected me twice. Upon the third phone call, I got the answering service because the office closed. It seems like she disconnected me on purpose because I was calling close to closing time. The doctor didnt seem to know what the next steps should be, he was ambivilent and disconnected. He spent more time typing on his computer in silence than speaking with the patient.I am finding my father a new urologist because I have no trust in this one.
November 26 , 2013
Dr. Kreutzer does not treat patients with care. I came to him three time but he always expedited me. In less that 5 minutes my visits always ends. He would not take time to really listen to you because he is always busy doing something while talking to you. Nor does he would answer efficiently to patients questions. Worst of all he had me do some unnecessary tests. Yeah, Unnecessary because when I came for the results, he was surprised himself and he asked why I did the test!!! He wouldnt even comment the results of the test. After waiting my turn for hours and being moved from office to office (on the same floor), he was done with me in 2 minutes. Now I have to pay $165 for an useless ultra-sound and some more $$ for the doctors visit. I would definitely not recommend Dr. Eric Kreutzer to any patient.
May 08 , 2019
You rarely can contact him. All he really does is try to prescribe you something then you pay arm and a leg.
June 18 , 2020
My appointments are cancelled on a regular basis. The doctor has informed me that its his staff that does the cancellations. This is not acceptable standard of care. I will be contacting the relevant medical board to file a complaint.
February 11 , 2015

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Integrated Medical Professionals PLLC
4100 Duff Pl A
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