Ochsner Clinic LLC
1514 Jefferson Hwy
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3.2 out of 5
Ochsner Clinic LLC
1514 Jefferson Hwy
Jefferson, LA 70121 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
14 ratings, 14 reviews
Just a really down to earth doctor that fully explains everything. The pros and the cons. Highly Recommend!!
January 16 , 2013
Dr. Laborde was amazing, explained everything clearly so I was comfortable.
April 23 , 2022
HSome ideas to get you started:-Write about overall experiences-Write about what you like or dislike about your physician-Write about whether you would recommend-Write as if you are talking to a peer who is asking your opinionHe is a great Doctor he answers all questions n makes u feel like you have known him ever.
September 01 , 2011
Had my first visit with Dr. Laborde, and he was friendly, to the point, answered my questions, and seems to be proactive. I will be back, and I will recommend him to others.
July 29 , 2021
Dr Laborde was great to speak with, honest and informative. After exhausting all alternative moethods to treat my ED (caused by diabetes) he implanted a prosthetic system that works great and has saved my marriage. It is entirely internal and cannot be seen but it works well.
August 05 , 2012
Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, honest, compassionate and straight forward. Had prostrate cancer and appreciated Dr. Labordes honesty and professionalism. Felt very confident having him as my surgeon and have a pretty good result.
August 25 , 2011
Finding a good urologist is hard to come by. This guy knows what hes talking about. I like him a lot.
September 23 , 2014
Dr. Laborde is a great Doctor. I did not like the response I received after inquiring about a refill of my meds from my previous Urologist. I was told to refer to my previous Urologist, who does not practice in New Orleans anymore. Even though, I was seen by Dr. Laborde already. All I had to do was make an appointment to see Dr. Laborde to get him to refill the meds. I think there is a communication issue coming from Dr. Laborde’s office.
November 09 , 2021
Very disappointing experience. Even if this were FREE care, and it was not, it would have been very unacceptable. Inept staff and uncaring doctor.
August 24 , 2013
Very uncaring doctor and staff. Would not raise a finger to help and would not return or take a phone call to help me and save me terible pain. I have never met a doctor who cared less about his patient and it shows in his incredibly rude staff. Find a doctor who cares, they still exsist, just not in Dr Labordes office.
January 26 , 2012
Dr. Laborde has staff that will not return phone calls or answer emails. He is totally unresponsive. Without a doubt, the most insensitive doctor I have ever seen. I have been waiting weeks to get test results. I am seeking another doctor immediately.
September 11 , 2015
I find Dr. Laborde unprofessional, arrogant, petty, and vindictive. He really does not care about the well being of his patients. As for all the reviews about his staff, they are instructed by him, I learned from experience!
September 23 , 2022
Dr and his staff could care less about you. Switched insurance company and needed a simple prior autorization so I could pick up a refill on a medicine he prescribed (had 4 refills). This is a medicine I must take every day or suffer terribly. It has been over a week and after nemerous phone calls and even going to his office they have not taken care of it. They scheduled me an appointment 3 weeks out and said I have to wait. Dr will not return phone calls. I am moving on and am disgusted with this doctor and his staff. Find a doctor who cares I promise it is not this one!
January 27 , 2012
Doctor was uncaring.
August 25 , 2013

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