Brian J Logue MD PC
2907 S Mcintire Dr
Bloomington, IN 47403 (Directions)
4.5 out of 5
Brian J Logue MD PC
2907 S Mcintire Dr
Bloomington, IN 47403 (Directions)

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4.5 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
Gentle, soft hands, intelligent, seemed minimally invasive, recovery was as he outlined, do the exercises, follow the diet suggestions, highly recommend.
September 14 , 2017
Dr. Smith is the most compassionate, welll informed and trained urologist I ahve found in Dallas and I have been to 7 in 2 years. I have hade/have multiple serious issues and he deals with each one, explains each one in an informative easy to understand manner, often with paper and pen, and/or chart, and takes the time one needs to fully understand the situation. He manner is so overwhelmingly calm and warm it is hard for me to believe he is a 21st century doctor, and that he has a room full of patients waiting to see him as he allocates so much time to each one. His expertise and training at both UTSW and Memorial Sloan Kittering shines brightly
November 18 , 2016
exceptionally compassionate, patient, and understanding. Dr. Smith has shown true devotion in accurately diagnosing my somewhat rare disease and has taken all lengths to consult with his colleagues to insure and provide the most efficacious treatment and surgery for my condition. He is dedicated and provides clear explanations regarding any questions or comments I pose. Extremely courteous and kind, with an extremely realistic and honest manner regarding the nature of treatment and outcomes, yet retaining optimism and genuineness. Absolutely wonderful urologist, easily adapting to the needs of each client (including myself, a 22 year old female.)
November 21 , 2015
RUDE DOES NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS MADE A MISTAKE NO COMPASSION FOR PEOPLE Terrible communication and does not have a sense of transparency. I would not recommend ANYONE. be under the care of this doctor.
January 19 , 2018
In the course of 81 years, during which I have lived in a dozen or more places and experienced a significant variety of medical problems, I have been in the care of many, many doctors, nearly all of them good to excellent. Doctor Smith is, in all respects, among the best two or three ever, and is the very best among those I have consulted recently! His most memorable trait is his compassion – a virtue in which he has no equal! If it were possible, I would entrust all of my medical issues to him.
December 22 , 2018
An exceptional doctor. Dr. Eric Smith is willing to listen and think on through a range of options that can be causing your symptoms. You really cant go wrong with this Doctor.
July 16 , 2013
Exceptionally patient; takes time to answer all my questions; compassionate, sensitive, upbeat honest but reassuring!
February 17 , 2015
Dr Smith accepts my insurance plan. However, when his scheduler found out that I purchased it through the Exchange, rather than an employer (the plan is available both ways) she refused to schedule me. My insurance company was flabbergasted and just about hit the roof when they heard about this. I gave her the name of my plan and asked her to double check, and she refused, nastily saying --We dont take Obamacare.-- I was absolutely livid, as was my insurance company, who has referred him up the chain to be reeducated on provider contractual obligations.
January 06 , 2016

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Brian J Logue MD PC
2907 S Mcintire Dr
Bloomington, IN 47403