Swedish Health Services
1101 Madison St, Suite 1400
Seattle, WA 98104 (Directions)
4.7 out of 5
Swedish Health Services
1101 Madison St, Suite 1400
Seattle, WA 98104 (Directions)

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4.7 out of 5
16 ratings, 16 reviews
Dr. Torgerson and his office are amazing. Extremely organized, efficient, clean and knowledgable. I truly felt cared for in this office.
March 19 , 2014
I’ve been to Virginia Mason and Polyclinic urologists. Dr. Torgerson is superior in all respects. He listens better, he connects the dots and comes up with far better solutions. No malpractice or refusal to treat sexual function issues like his sub-par competitors. Couldn’t be happier. He also performs delicate procedures himself, rather than delegating to young women in their early 20s who actually draw blood by damaging the urethra. Imagine pissing blood after a trip to the doctor. That’s Virginia Mason. Dr. Torgerson sets the standard with other urologists way behind. This kind of medicine is both physically and psychologically high stakes. I only recommend Erik Torgerson for care.
October 18 , 2018
I live a distance from Seattle and Dr. Torgerson and staff made the initial exam and testing very convenient for me. A suburethal sling was inserted in a procedure at Swedish hospital. My results have been better than expected and follow-up was very good. I am quite satisfied and recommend him highly.
March 22 , 2014
Dr. Torgerson immediately put me at ease in a situation that made me very anxious. He took extra time to talk through everything with me and show me images. He was caring, knowledgable, and thoughtful. Highly recommend.
October 10 , 2015
With excellent professional service, Dr. Torgerson guided me through a cancer diagnosis to remission. Hes kind, funny and extremely knowledgeable
March 16 , 2017
Dr. Erik L. Torgerson is very knowledgeable, intuitive and helpful. He did answer all the questions that we had, offered few solutions for the issue, and explained how to prevent it from happening. I would highly recommend Dr. Torgerson to those who seek great service and understanding from the professional.
May 03 , 2018
Dr. Torgerson was so unbelievably skilled and caring! Prior to seeing the doctor, my husband was seeing a doctor steering him with procedures and a diagnosis that were off track. We got a recommendation for another urologist from a golfer friend (golfers know the best urologists!). Dr. Green,whom we first saw and then was referred to Dr. Torgerson, were both very aware and sensitive to my husbands concerns regarding surgery. You see, just 3 years prior, my husband suffered a cardiac arrest and spent 3 weeks in ICU. Guiding us through the decision to apt for surgery and a partial prostatectomy. Dr. Torgerson was sensitive and honored our concerns. During surgery he had a OR nurse call me half way through the surgery, assuring me everything was going well. At the end of surgery, Dr. Torgerson met our family and assured us everything had gone well. In fact, Dr. Torgeerson called us a couple times to answer or questions and concerns. The surgery and skill of Dr. Torgerson has changed my husbands and my life. We no longer are continually looking for and stopping at bathrooms. On a trip to WSU, my husband drove from Vantage to Colfax without stopping for bathroom! My husband and I now enjoy sporting events, car and airplane trips and long walks together. Dr. Torgerson was skilled, professional and extremely aware and addressed our concerns. Thank you, Dr. Torgerson, for improving our lives. Ken and Doneen Jasman
October 27 , 2016
in summer of 2012, Dr. Torgerson helped me by diagnosing a very aggressive prostate cancer. He and Dr. Grimm developed a multi-treatment plan that worked. It is 2021 and I have remained cancer free. THANK YOU for my life, Dr. Torgerson
January 15 , 2021
have been going to Swedish Urology and Dr. Torgerson for 10 years highest praise for both.
April 29 , 2018
Amazing doctor. Made my whole process very smooth.
February 11 , 2018
One of the finest Urologists we have in Seattle. As a family, we are extremely pleased with the results of my treatment.
June 04 , 2014
I found Dr. Torgerson and staff to be very professional, caring and generous with their time. I have no complaints and would recommend this Dr. as well as Swedish Hospital. Thank you Eric and staff.
February 21 , 2017
Dr Torgerson was thorough and even showed me my test images as opposed to just telling me the results. I appreciated his personal touch.
December 28 , 2014
Getting through to the office in a timely way is always a challenge, but once a connection is finally made, it is usually helpful.
April 09 , 2018
Dr. Torgerson saw me for a gross hematuria. After catheterizing me to flush out remaining blood and clots from bladder, recomended TURP (trans urethral resection of prostate). Second opinion from leading urologist thought this was very bad idea because 1. I had already been TURPed 7 years earlier and 2. Increased risk of incontinence for patients with Parkinsons. Suggested trying Proscar or Finasteride first to shrink prostate. Cancelled operation scheduled for next day. Years later, Finasteride working fine. Torgerson either too eager to do surgery or didnt know about adverse outcomes. Unacceptable for top doc.
January 13 , 2016
Dr. Eric Torgerson is an uncaring physician who is concerned more about creating and collecting fees than the welfare of his patients!
December 26 , 2010

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