Dayton Physicians LLC
2350 Miami Valley Dr, Suite 500
Centerville, OH 45459 (Directions)
4 out of 5
Dayton Physicians LLC
2350 Miami Valley Dr, Suite 500
Centerville, OH 45459 (Directions)

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4 out of 5
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This doctor was very good about explaining what my kidney cancer surgery would be like. The surgery went off without a hitch and my recovery was very quick and complete. He called me personally at 7PM a few days after to check on me, and tell me the results of the lab work. I checked him out ahead of time and learned he has a grat deal of experience in the surgery I needed. He also came highly recommended by other patients who are co-workers of mine, and he was recommended by my regular urologist.
July 23 , 2014
Excellent Doctor. From diagnosis to followup three months after robotic surgery to remove prostate and its cancer, the Doctor and his staff were great. Highly recommended
October 01 , 2019
A very positive experience. Dr. Weise was very capable, professional, and his office and surgical staff were outstanding.
August 18 , 2013
"Dr. Weise is excellent! He's thorough, considerate, and always takes the time to answer my questions. So glad he is helping me through my bladder cancer! "
December 20 , 2019
If you are looking for an urologist to handle your prostate cancer diagnosis, look no further than Dr Weise and team. I was diagnosed in Feb 2019 and had robotic surgery in May 2019 to have the prostate and enough of the surrounding tissue removed to rid me of the cancer. Dr Weise and team did a flawless job. I had a bit of urinary incontinence after surgery that lasted about a month. Dr Weise was able to save enough of the nerves to enable the continuance of the joy of s.... He is in demand so some of the in office visits were a tad lengthy and a bit tardy... worth the wait. From start to finish, Dr Weise did a great job.
October 02 , 2019
"Dr. Weise and staff are very thorough. I recomend him highly. I received the best care available, during, and after surgery. His team at the hospital were wonderful too. Very upbeat and personable. "
February 13 , 2022
January 10 , 2023
This physicians was a complete waste of time. I have been waiting a month for them to schedule my surgery, his nurse (Kim) is lazy about returning phone calls and when she finally does she is rude. They sent a report to my primary physician that they where waiting on me to schedule my surgery.... I have kidney cancer and dont have time or patience for a doctor and his staff to play games. My primary doctor is referring me to a different physician.
February 09 , 2014

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