Obstetrics And Gynecology At Albany Medical Center
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3.8 out of 5
Obstetrics And Gynecology At Albany Medical Center
ALBANY, NY 12208 (Directions)

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3.8 out of 5
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If you want patience, attentiveness with competence Doctor Crosby is your choice. I was beyond surprised when after a detailed visit she asked me if I had any questions. I am not use to doctors wanting much engagement of conversation. I wish I could take her to our new state of residence!
August 02 , 2016
Dr. Erin Crosby and the staff with whom I interacted with during my appointment were great. While it was difficult getting in to see Dr. Crosby, it was worth it. My problem ended up being less severe (thankfully), but Dr. Crosby and her medical staff treated me and the issue with respect and care. They were extremely attentive and friendly and made my experience one of the most positive (if the most!). From severe to less severe pelvic floor and related issues, Dr. Crosby is truly the best and I would recommend her to anyone.
January 08 , 2019
I have received care from Dr. Erin Crosby for more than a year now. She has provided exquisitely good care without exception. Furthermore, another specialist who sees me for a related matter, also sings her praises and recommends her exemplary skill and knowledge. I have complete faith in and respect for Dr. Crosby's expertise.
October 29 , 2019
She accurately diagnosed my problem, treated me with the least invasive interventions first, and monitored me closely until the problem was resolved, rather than transfer me to another doctor when her role at the medical center changed. I did require surgery, but I was confident in her knowledge, ability and professionalism. She is very personable, and I can't think of another doctor I've seen in 55 years who I liked better or had more confidence in. I wish all doctors were like her and highly recommend her.
May 17 , 2016
I have a very complicated case with a bladder sitting on the bottom, an inverted vaginal wall and a prolapse rectal wall plus a short bowel with a metatronic bowel and bladder stimulator and have Gastorparesis and now self catherization as well and just found out I now have a darn blood filled cyst in my left kidney. She can't use my own tissues but suggested artificial graphs. Not sure exactly what that is but I can't wait till have this all corrected because my life at 53 has been greatly changed and is the biggest challenge of my life. When I met her I was very nervous and hate exams due to past trauma. She talked me through it and had no problems regaining a clear mind. She seemed very knowledgeable and understanding. Great bedside manners and she has great self confidence which is very important to me. She took up a lot of time talking to me with another staff member present and I have to say right now I will do what ever is necessary to make this future surgery a success. I would like more input on what exactly is artificial graphs. I am very pleased to have this doctor now as my own specialist. Its 185 miles away but she is worth the long ride.
August 23 , 2018
I am very picky about choosing doctors and was referred to her by Dr. Adam Abodeely my colorectal surgeon and since I highly respect his opinions, he sent me to a highly skilled Uro/Gyn surgeon and am highly impressed by Dr. Crosby. She and her team and staff did a great job with my recent surgery this week. Very compassionate and listened to mu pleas for help. So far urinating on my own and having better results from getting waste out of my body and less time sitting in my bathroom.I will always have bathroom problems but it's looking promising already. I have regained some of my life back. I was pretty much living on my toilet many hours of the day. Now I am out within 30 minutes. My pain level was addressed after surgery and under control. Even pushed this surgery faster because of the constant life threatening situation and emotional instability it was creating for me and got me on the cancellation list. There is a long waiting list. My transport through Medical Answering service delayed this for almost a year when this surgery could of gotten done a year ago. I live 185 miles away.Thanks to her diligence and not letting me give up on life, my life is already improving. That meant the world to me. She has definitely earned my respect and trust. Thank your Dr. Erin Crosby. You are an awesome surgeon. You did your part and now I will continue to do my part.
June 28 , 2019
Dr Crosby made me feel like I was the only patient she had to tend to. She took all the time I needed to answer my questions and thoroughly explain all of my options.
November 23 , 2015
I have been seeing Dr.Crosby for about 4 years and she is a Dr. that truly cares about you in ALL aspects of your life. Always holds your hand before surgery, listens and takes time to make sure that you are comfortable with the treatments available. An amazing doctor especially these days.
April 12 , 2019
I guess I have the same complaint as others. I am waiting for a return call to schedule surgery from Dr. Crosby's Office. I have made multiple follow up calls with no response. This is not a reflection on Dr. Crosby, it is a reflection on staff.
January 02 , 2019
I was referred to Dr. Crosby by my Gyn for a potential injury to my urinary tract. It took 3 weeks for her to review the referral, and I was the one who had to contact the office to finally schedule the appointment. I wasn't important enough for her to see, so she pawned me off on her nurse practitioner, and I hold her responsible for her mistakes. I waited 8 weeks to be misdiagnosed as needing estrogen, and told to come back in 6 more weeks. If it were a Gyn problem, my Gyn (who is a real doctor) would have diagnosed it. There was blood in my urine, but apparently that didn't concern her. She also seemed to think I was exaggerating about my pain level, because she asked me if it was really that bad when I doubled over and leaned against the wall after walking just 10 feet. I ended up in the hospital for 10 days for a raging infection that I'd obviously had for more than 10 days, 10 days later. I also have numerous masses in my bladder that were biopsied last week by a urologist who actually listened to and believed me. Thank god I didn't trust her, and didn't waste my time going back to her.
August 20 , 2019
My OBGYN made a referral to Dr. Crosby's office 2 weeks ago and I've HAD to call numerous times to schedule appointment and each time I've called they told me the Dr. first needs to review your referral before an appointment can be scheduled. This information was fine for the first time I called, but the second and third and now fourth time I've called, unacceptable! Also, you are on hold for over 10-15 minutes until someone answers finally picks up to speak with you. Today marks 2 weeks since my referral was made and I was told today they cannot see me because Dr. Crosby is too booked up with patients and now they need to all my OBGYN to have them refer me elsewhere. I should not of had to WAIT TWO WEEKS FOR THIS INFORMATION!
April 10 , 2018
I am waiting to receive surgery and it is a dual surgery with another doctor. My other doctor has been waiting to hear back from Dr Crosby for several weeks to see if she can get one of her partners to cover her in the OR as Dr. Crosby is not available and Dr. Crosby has not gotten back to my doctor. I understand it is not Dr. Crosby who is in need of the surgery, but this is blatant disrespect for her patients. I will not recommend anyone to Dr, Crosby.
November 20 , 2018

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