The Vancouver Clinic Inc Ps
700 NE 87th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98664 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
The Vancouver Clinic Inc Ps
700 NE 87th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98664 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
5 ratings, 5 reviews
Staff-5 Punctuality -5 Helpfulness - 5 Knowledge -5 I have been to 6 different Urologists Dr. Gibbons is the best by far.
April 04 , 2018
Dr Gibbons performed a partial nephrectomy on my right kidney in Nov 2012. I have had nothing but good experiences with her and her staff. Dr Gibbons called me at home more than once after office hours to let me know about test results and answer questions I had. I would recommend her, very informative about my procedure and answered all questions so that I understood.
October 25 , 2014
Cold, dismissive and arrogant. Argumentative and unprofessional manner. No pain management post surgery and no follow up care
December 27 , 2017
Unfortunately this physicians primary interest is performing procedures rather than problem solving. Every appointment becomes a sales pitch for a test that dead ends & the patient abandoned because test results or procedure results were inconclusive. She lost interest!
November 12 , 2012
I waited 3 months, because of rescheduling and 4-6 weeks backlogs. Dr. Gibbons was short and non caring. All she wanted to do was schedule me for a surgery, because I had the same one over 10 years ago. When I left , I felt bewildered as she was in a big hurry to just get me out of there and move on to another patient. When I was eventually contacted to schedule the surgery, I had many questions and fears. I scheduled another appointment to discuss those before moving forward with a surgery. I had to wait another 5 weeks and when I showed up for my appointment, I was informed that the person I spoke with didnt put me in the computer, so I wasnt really scheduled. I drove 35 minutes to get there and was ready to finally ask my questions. The receptionist went back to ask Dr. Gibbons if she could work me in since it was their mistake. The staff member returned with a no. She offered me an appointment with a nurse only. I turned that down because its not a nurse who will operate on me and I waited all this time to speak to the doctor. No --sorry-- or any concern about my wasted trip or the need to wait yet another 6 weeks to get back in. I was hoping for a compassionate doctor to understand my fears and to maybe discuss alternatives to another surgery. Unfortunately that isnt Dr. Gibbons. Her only comment per the receptionist was --well you have already had the surgery so you should know what its about--. Really? With that kind of thinking I will be looking for a different Urologist who actually wants to help me, not just do surgery.
May 15 , 2015

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The Vancouver Clinic Inc Ps
700 NE 87th Ave
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