Genesis Medical Group, LLC
751 Forest Ave, Suite 301
Zanesville, OH 43701 (Directions)
3.9 out of 5
Genesis Medical Group, LLC
751 Forest Ave, Suite 301
Zanesville, OH 43701 (Directions)

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3.9 out of 5
17 ratings, 17 reviews
Could not have asked for better! Excellent surgical precision, happy and positive doctor.
January 20 , 2015
Dr Singh is very through and dedicate to finding the best solution to his patients problem{s}. I like him very much and have always trusted his judgement. His staff is very friendly, kind, & thoughtful. They make you feel as if you are a very important patient. If things or running late, the always they always apologize.
May 28 , 2015
I was 37 when first diagnosed. Now its 2020 and my children are 20 and 22. Needless to say, Im very happy having Errol Singh as my doctor. I was fortunate to only have to monitor my condition after my surgery in 2002. I almost never followup with surveys/reviews but this is a special case from my perspective. While I read through several reviews, I primarily read through those providing poor reviews. None of those comments applied to me. If anything, my experiences were completely opposite. I always found Dr Singh to be easy to talk to, answered all my questions, very good bedside manner, was always helpful in finding lower cost ED medication and did better than probably most doctors making my visits timely. However from my perspective, the most important thing about Dr. Singh... He has a tremendous amount of experience and more than likely has ran across your situation as many time as any other doctor out there. If you are about to start your journey, like I did 18 years ago, have all the confidence in the world with Dr. Singh and wish you the best. And if you would like to talk with me about my experience, let Dr. Singh know that Id be more than happy to talk with you.
February 02 , 2020
I went to see Dr. Singh after an elevated PSA test from my family doctor. He was so helpful in ensuring I knew exactly what to expect, told me about prostate cancer and the many treatments. I felt better after this visit and am hopeful that things will be okay.
October 09 , 2014
My telehealth visit with Dr. Singh was a very good experience(very easy to set up). Dr. Singh is extremely knowledgeable and a good communicator. He explains his thoughts regarding diagnoses and treatment of your medical conditions. He readily answers any questions that the patient may have. The fact that he cares about his patients is quite apparent.
April 24 , 2020
Office staff seems unorganized and --short-- with patient when patient asks questions to office staff. I rate the office staff lower than poor.
April 17 , 2012
Excellent - explanation for procedures, etc., addresses my concerns.
January 21 , 2015
I have been using Dr Sing for about 20 years. He is a great urologist. He spends time with his patients and explains any procedure he will be doing as well as the results. I would highly recommend him to any one who needs to see a urologist.
October 06 , 2015
What I want to say cannot be said in only 15 words.
April 17 , 2015
I had two health systems (OSU Medical Center and Veterans Administration) all agree my bladder needed to be removed. Then a friend issited I get an opinion from Dr. Singh. I hesitated and she said Ill pay for it. His approach stopped my bladder cancer and saved my bladder. Plus he is a great human being!
December 29 , 2016
Dr Singh is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain results and answer my questions and makes me feel like more than just a patient.
April 17 , 2020
I visited Dr. Singh for a Vasectomy. I had never been to a Urologist and was not aware of any details involved in the process of getting a vasectomy. I arrived in the office, filled out customary ppwk and was into a room within 5-10 minutes. I was then seen by a nurse and Dr. Singh entered the room 5 minutes after she left. Dr. Singhs was able to put me at ease immediately with his approach. He was very educational, while asking questions and leaning back in his chair as if I was the most important patient he had all day.(I know that wasnt true, but nice to feel like youre not being rushed). The operation was flawless and I experienced the absolute minimum pain possible, The staff at bot his office and surgery center could not have been more cordial and professional. The follow up appointment was even less of a wait and I was able to have every question I still had answered. I wrote this review in the hopes of helping others choose a Dr. to complete this procedure. I went into the process without a referral and/or plan of how to choose a Dr...hopefully this will help others to make the choice easier.
December 29 , 2014
Long wait times for office visit. Rushes through consulting with patient. Did not visit patient for 2 days following surgery. Did not even have someone inform the family in the waiting room that the surgery was completed. We had to ask to have him called hours after the surgery was over only to find that he had already left the building.
April 03 , 2009
Lots of problems with waiting time, scheduling, having records in the right office, etc. Dr. Singh had a very poor --bedside manner.-- He did not listen to what I said as a patient and I had to remind him at almost every visit about the particulars of my condition. He made a recommendation for a new product which was not appropriate for my condition. That was the last time I saw him.
October 09 , 2012
This guy told my uncle to go get his own hormone injection ($1000) because the Dr. would not put that money out because my Uncle is on medicaid.Fortunately, my uncle switched doctors. Even Dr. Singh told him he should switch physicians.Truly a pathetic way to treat a patient. Its not the patients fault the insurance companies take so long to pay. Dr. should have taken a job in construction or picking fruits in California if he wanted paid the same day.
May 10 , 2010
While very knowledgeable, he is very arrogant & rude. Each time that I had an appointment with him, he referred to me as a new patient. When I would tell him that Ive been a patient of his for years, he would say he didnt remember me. One time he even walked in the room & the first thing out of his mouth was --Are you ever made fun of for your name?-- He would often ask me a question about my health, interrupt me in the middle of my answer, & ask me if I told this to the nurse because he only wanted to --hear it once-- & not have his time --wasted.-- His staff is awful as well. They told me to call back for my test results on a specific day, so I did & left a message for the nurse. After 2.5 weeks of me calling & being redirected to the nurses voicemail, a nurse FINALLY called back with my results, but didnt know what they meant so had to Google it. They also called me 1 hour before my appointment to ask me to come earlier, so I did & waited 2 hours. Needless to say Im no longer a patient.
June 05 , 2014
I have tried multiple times for multiple days to contact the clinic to get more information about what my reasonability is when it comes to cost. They told me at my consultation that I can call in anytime to talk to the billing and coding department to get that information. As I stated before I have tried to call, left multiple voicemails and I have yet to hear from anyone! They are very close to me going else where to get my procedure done.
May 25 , 2021

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