Urology Of St. Louis, Inc
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4.3 out of 5
Urology Of St. Louis, Inc
6812 State Route 162 200
Maryville, IL 62062 (Directions)

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4.3 out of 5
25 ratings, 25 reviews
If it wasn’t for Dr. Goldenberg (Urology Doctor) voice of concern & reaching out to mother’s PCP Dr. Nathan Moore to have my mother admitted she would’ve been sent home & possibly would’ve died. He stood firm on his beliefs that all of her symptoms were not COVID as well as continuously keep an eye on my mother’s lab work, even after being admitted at MIssouri Baptist Hospital. God places the right people (his angels on earth) in the right place at the right time, & the team work of 2 excellent physicians made a difference. Dr. Goldenberg lives up to what a doctor truly should & is to be! His office staff is just as caring & professional as he was & is. Everything he said he was going to do was & has been done. The return calls from his staff have always been completed in a timely manner. He is truly walking in the gift that God bestowed upon him! Thank you for being a “Real Doctor” & not someone who just got a degree! We haven’t stopped singing your praises! Thanks! Annette JarrettBenford (Ms.Velma’s daughter)
December 15 , 2022
I am a 75 year old male. He has done a successful surgical procedure on me and several examinations. He is very comfortable to work with and very competent.. He is a super guy and has a super staff. My move to Dr. Goldenberg was a wise decision.
December 17 , 2016
Very caring and professional.
March 05 , 2015
Success! And great connection with patient.
August 05 , 2019
Dr. Goldenberg is professional and personable. He helps me choose the best treatment options and genuinely cares about the outcome. I trust him completely with my health and highly recommend him to anyone needing a Urologist. I am thankful he exists!
August 07 , 2021
Dr. Goldenberg is one of the best doctors I’ve known. I trust him completely and appreciate his caring approach to delivering exceptional treatment. He will be my doctor of choice for many years to come. I highly recommend him.
May 01 , 2020
Dr Goldenberg exceeded all my expectations. He understood and addressed my concerns in a professional and personal way. I am totally satisfied with his advice and surgery expertise and highly recommend him for any Urology issues.
April 23 , 2023
He was understanding of my husbands problems and requests. He was compassionate and kind and came up with solutions for his problems. So very glad we found him. We have been looking for a good urologist for so long. Found him!!
July 20 , 2017
Great outcome!
March 03 , 2020
Excellent outcome!
March 03 , 2020
Dr. Goldenberg is fantastic. He made me feel very comfortable and I look forward to seeing him in the future.
March 23 , 2019
"I saw Dr. Goldenberg after another doctor in the practice referred me to him for kidney stone surgery. He took time to explain my condition, discuss the options, and help me make an informed decision. I had a great surgical outcome. He has a great personality and appears to really care."
March 02 , 2020
Dr. Goldenberg was so extremely helpful and genuine! My wife and I tried to conceive for almost a year with no luck, after Dr. saw me and put me on medication, my wife was pregnant within 3 months! We couldnt be happier, and will be recommending all of our friends who have the same problem.
October 30 , 2014
Very professional change my for the best. Staff also very good and caring. Called to reschude appointment because of massive snow storm. The best
December 15 , 2019
Takes personal interest in patients, knowledgeable, aware of latest procedures and medications
October 20 , 2022
To the person who responded before me, I apologize you had a bad expeirence but in my experience Dr Goldenberg was WONDERFUL! Not only did he help with my urologic issue he went above and beyound to help me with some thing that had nothing to do with urology. Never had a doc be so thoughtful and make you feel like they actually care about the well being of theirs patients. He would check in with me personally, not have his nurse or other staff member get in touch, and called after hours with my test results. I would hate for people to read the rateing above and be veered away from an amazing doc. So if you are looking for a doc who will go abouve and beyound to make sure you are taken care of Dr Goldberg is your guy!!
January 12 , 2014
Dr. Goldenburg is an escellent communicator, explains everything, guarantess that the patien understands what he says, can get personal when necessary while remaining professional. He has a challenge balancing office time and surgery time. He does asgood as possible for what he can control. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
August 14 , 2017
Dr. Goldenberg was great
April 18 , 2023
Recently had surgery by Dr Goldenberg after several consults with him and I'm very pleased with the outcome. He is very professional and thorough and makes sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. Highly recommend.
February 27 , 2023
My husband had to have a lithotripsy done on his left kidney. We went to Dr. Goldenbergs Urology Clinic , in St. Louis. He was very thorough in his explanation of my husbands procedure. I found him easy to talk with and made sure to answer any questions that we may have had. If my husband would have issues with kidney stones again, we would go back to Dr. Goldenberg.
May 22 , 2019
Did not show interest in addressing problem. Not helpful, encouraging or interested in performing tests. Disappointed.
April 20 , 2016
Dr Goldenberg, though nice and punctual, treated my husband for a 4.2 mm kidney stone. He attempted a stent that basically trapped it at the upper opening to the ureter. We had to wait a weak for him to remove the stent and --blast-- the stone. Even after the 4th ER admit, my husband was in unbearable pain. The 5th admit to the ER revealed that Dr Goldenberg MISSED THE STONE COMPLETELY and had not busted it up at all! We are demanding a different doctor from here on our. The amount of medical bill we will incur is unimaginable. The pain he endured (needlessly) for 10 days is inexcusable. I hope my insurance company and the hospital investigate these continued failures.
November 26 , 2013
Very unprofessional
July 14 , 2016
This Dr. Performed a penile implant due to cancer and radiation. He botched the first surgery admitted it and tried to fix it by sayi g I was swollen from the surgery. I laid in bed for 3 weeks after the first surgery. Finally after he lied and said he would take care of the costs of the repair and he wouldnt do it until my Insurance was good again. He told me that wanted to get all the money he could.....even though he is the sole cause of my second surgery.....so lets fast forward to a few days after my second surgery......he screwed that one up as well. So now he has performed 2 surgerys on me and messed them both up. I am now seeing another Dr. And told him I will be seeing g him in court.....ya know, using the Drs. Own words against him.... So I can get all the money I can get as well. Look up my blog on FB -- urology of st.louis my opinion-- there will be pics and videos of my audio recording gs of him. Then on top of the botched surgerys....this Dr. Stole the implant that was rightfully and legally mine. I told them all at my second surgery that if it comes out I want it.....no questions asked. They threw it away because am sure they knew it was gonna be used in court against them. I would run far and away from this practice and especially this Dr. And one of his other partners Dr. Matthew Spellman who assisted in the second botched surgery. Then when I go get my medical records they called the police on me that audio conversation will be played on my blog also. So that I can elaborate over time on how horrible this ordeal has been for me and my family.
April 26 , 2019
Dr. Etai Goldenberg has family here just thought it be best to tell of my experience here. I have had not one but two botched surgerys by this Dr. it has went a long way towards ruining my life. I highly suggest that noone use his services or that of Dr. Matthew spellman or any of the urology of st.louis or ce terms for urologic surgery ce terms. I went there to get a copy of my medical records and was very nice about it. they talked with me for 45 minutes.....about their own lives and yet still ended up calling the police on me. never even been given an apology by Dr. Goldenberg or any other person affiliated with this guy. not only has he hurt myself but also my family. I suffered for weeks after surgery nu.ber one and then now surgery number 2 has me in a horrible situation. only to get worse as time goes by until I can get my 3rd surgery. by another Dr. this time. this Dr. stole something from me worth around 10 grand but to me was invaluable. he has lied to me and shouldnt be trusted to operate on a Guinea pig. I will be going to court over his medical malpractice, theft amongst other things as well soon after my 3rd surgery.
May 13 , 2019

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