St. Claire Medical Center Inc
425 Clinic Dr
Morehead, KY 40351 (Directions)
3.1 out of 5
St. Claire Medical Center Inc
425 Clinic Dr
Morehead, KY 40351 (Directions)

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3.1 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
Well I wouldn't wish kidney stones on my worst enemy but Dr.Greenburg took care of every problem i had with a very no nonsense attitude that me as a anti social person appreciated. He even took care of a problem on a Sat. with way less fuss than I figured I'd have to deal with. Thanks so much.
July 28 , 2018
He helped me with exactly what i needed help with and no fuss or problems
August 06 , 2018
I have been going to Dr. Greenberg for years for multiple urinary problems. I find him to be pleasant, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I have cystitis and have been told I should seek medical attention in Lexington instead of Morehead, but I wouldn't trade Dr. Greenberg for all the doctors at UK. I will remain a patient of his as long as possible.
November 06 , 2018
Overall the experience was fine, but after getting called back to the room I sat there for over an hour waiting for him to come and talk to me, even though I could hear him outside talking about me. It was clear that he hadn't even looked at my test results until I arrived to hear them.
April 09 , 2012
I tried to ask questions but he waved his hand and just left the room. way to busy to answer anything felt like i was just a number. Never even remebers me even though i have been there fifty times. Would say one thing at a visit and then say something totally different at the next. no problems with follow ups, they will be plenty of those but never know why because he sure dosent do anything, wait for two hours and then he's in the room for maybe a minute and dosent even say anything then there is the followup for the followup.
September 15 , 2011
He was the rudest most pretentious doctor I have ever encountered. Didn't even check me for the problem that I came in for initially. When I tried to ask questions he attempted to dismiss me, but I persisted. When I mentioned the problem that needed to be check, he touched my scrotum without a glove, that's non-sterile and inappropriate. I have no clue why he TRIES to practice medicine. Do yourself a favor and schedule with Dr. Newcomb. He is kind, intelligent, and professional. Greenberg needs to be fired.
December 07 , 2011
We took an elderly man in his mid 90,s for an appontment. On arirveal he was told .he would be called back. next. ok next they came to tell him there was two before the mean time they had took him back..laying ther waiting to be seen by the doctor. they came out told us ther are three ahead of him . this went on for six hours. finley they come up with there machans were giveing them trouble and ask him to reschedule. at this point the 90 + man is tired and demands his clothles. Get this then the doctor says he would see him now Will our friend was so upset he after getting dressed left. Aso he said he felt like they done him like thar because he was old.
March 28 , 2013
This doctor is horrible with telling you what is wrong with you. He seems to mumble, he is always in a hurry. I could never understand what was going on with me, I had to find another doctor and quick or I would be dead by now. My urethra was closing up on me, I was holding urine and had a bad infection, they never even checked me for that. I ended up with a horrible bacterial infection and was placed on the highest dose of antibiotics. Please anyone who has any type of bladder or trouble with urethra problems you need to get to another doctor or die. I searched the internet and read up on doctors with good reviews, please ask people about other doctors. This is your life they hold in their hands. Please do this for your health and loved ones.
April 22 , 2013

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St. Claire Medical Center Inc
425 Clinic Dr
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