Primary Care And Mens Health
1656 Oak Tree Rd
Edison, NJ 08820 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
Primary Care And Mens Health
1656 Oak Tree Rd
Edison, NJ 08820 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
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Dr. Lind is one of those Drs. that you feel comfortable with, when you first meet him, and one that has been around a good while, and knows what he is doing. He picked up on something with me and because of that I am Cancer free today.
December 05 , 2017
I visited doctor to get my vasectomy procedure done and this was my first visit. The doctor was very helpful and gave me all the information on the procedure and persuaded me to think over this again even though I thought that I had enough information and read about it online. The overall experience was great and this was one of the first doctor who I felt was more concerned about his patient than making money.
August 31 , 2012
Very knowledgeable. Knew my diagnosis and best treatment before I did. Very impressed.
January 16 , 2015
I just cancelled my dad's surgery with Dr. Lind, I rather go to a non participating provider and pay out of pocket. The woman running the office is unbearable, unprofessional, rude, obnoxious and disrespectful! She is a menace to his practice and has violated the Hippa policy. This woman cannot be spoken to, she doesn't not follow protocol or procedure. She scheduled my dad for surgery without requesting clearance from his primary. She was insulted when I inquired and told me she did not care what medication he was on and that she did not have to require clearance. I will never take my dad there again, she is very abusive and a bully. I hope Dr. Lind can see this and correct this problem or he will continue to lose patients.
November 30 , 2015
Dr Lind's wife, who is the office manager is rude and vengeful. She can make you office visit a NIGHTMARE! I don't use Dr Lind anymore because she chose victimize me once too often. I would DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMEND going there unless you are into abuse!!!
July 18 , 2013

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Primary Care And Mens Health
1656 Oak Tree Rd
Edison, NJ 08820
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