1400 E Kincaid St
Mount Vernon, WA 98274 (Directions)
3.5 out of 5
1400 E Kincaid St
Mount Vernon, WA 98274 (Directions)

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3.5 out of 5
4 ratings, 4 reviews
Dr. Hong is a great Doctor who cares about his patients. I have been his patient for nearly five years, I have seen him ten or more times and every time I am treated with great respect and receive real answers for each and every concern I have. Dr. Hong provides a remarkable service to his patients in spite of the many negative restrictions placed on Doctors today. I have been treated by several Urologists. He is by far the best. Thank you Dr. Hong.
May 21 , 2019
I have been seeing Dr. Hong for years now. I absolutely love him and know he is the best in the business. Extremely diligent, caring and intelligent, I cannot say enough good things about him. He is always patient and thorough and always open to answering all my questions and concerns. Regarding the other reviews on this site, all I have to say is that he knows his stuff so you have to trust him! I am sure any negative reviews are people who post negative reviews about everyone (you know the type). I have yet to meet another physician like him and wholeheartedly recommend him!
June 15 , 2019
He came very late for the appointment. I was left waiting in the exam room for at least an hour. When he did come in he was in a very big rush to catch up to the schedule. Talked extremely fast, gave OK recommendations but I would have liked to hear more options and had a little more time to formulate questions. Overall I felt he had no time for me. Extremely sanitary, he washed his hands for at least 5 minutes after the digital exam! And I have extremely good hygiene.
February 28 , 2019
I first saw Dr. Hong about 4 years ago. Back then he was more courteous and willing to help. Then I gradually saw him less as I moved to another area. Today I saw him after driving over 50 minutes to get there. He only saw me over an hour later after I arrived. Then during the appointment, I had a lot of questions regarding my condition. For many of these questions, he would just tell me to ask my primary care doctor without providing any further explanation. So whats the point of seeing a specialist like him? I had an ultrasound done the day before I saw him. There were two areas on the images where there shouldve been blood flow, but only one area showed a lot of the bright colors associated with blood flow. The other area had very few such bright colors, hence any normal person would deduce it means reduced blood flow. He said no, the blood flow in that area is fine. I asked him how he would know that, being that all he had to go by were those ultrasound images? He then said there were other images somewhere else. I asked him where were these supposed images that I cannot see on the computer screen which showed my ultrasound images. He tried to dodge the question, and said these images were somewhere else but tried to convince me that they existed. Very suspect I must say. I think he just wanted to convince me that there was sufficient blood flow in that one area even though the ultrasound images showed that was clearly not the case. He just didnt want to bother to investigate my condition further.
September 26 , 2018

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1400 E Kincaid St
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
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