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4.7 out of 5
Mayo Clinic
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4.7 out of 5
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Dr. Kwon is the best! He has been my urologist doctor for about 10 years. I feel that Im with a doctor who knows me and is very empathetic with my condition. Thank you Dr. Kwon!
December 31 , 2018
Fortunate that I found Dr Kwon, and the amazing technology of C-11 Choline PET Scans to identify and target recurrent cancer. My Urologist planned a traditional --wait and see-- approach, coupled with Hormone therapy to --control-- the cancer growth. Dr Kwon has the ability to identify very early the precise location(s) of recurrent prostate cancer, and the team to address specific treatment plans based on early stage findings. As a result, the chance to actually eliminate the disease vs simply controlling it has huge long term implications. The staff at Mayo and their on line patient care access to all charts, scans, etc. allows you to read and understand what is happening and what is prescribed for next steps as well as view radiology and oncology medical notes. If you have recurrent prostate cancer, Dr Kwon is THE person to see.
August 31 , 2013
Dr Kwon does cutting edge stuff, and he is a gift to mankind!
May 16 , 2015
It takes awhile to get into see Dr. Kwon once you are at Mayo, but considering he meets with close to 40 patients a day, scheduling issues are the least thing to concern yourself with. Dr. Kwon gave me about a 80-90% cure rate after other doctors gave me 0% and said I would have to live with the cancer and with the many side effects that come with hormone and chemotherapy, and gave me 5-12 years which they estimated would be the longest I would survive. Now, thanks to Dr. Kwon, I am living pain-free and cancer-free. Why this choline-11 PET scan isnt available across the country is beyond me. It is estimated that close to 90,000 patients could use this treatment to save their lives.
April 25 , 2015
My PSA was 221 and my local urologist didnt seem hopeful. My family brought me to DR Kwon. I am feeling better than ever after 3 months of hormone therapy and his determanation to treat/hunt/destroy advanced stage prostrate cancer. Dr. Kwon is the best in my book.
September 08 , 2013
Dr Eugene Kwon is the most knowledgeable, caring and compassionate physician we have ever met with. Dr Kwon thinks outside the box and will never give up on his patients. He genuinely cares for each and every one of his patients. A wonderful human and physician! Blessed to have him as our physician.
October 13 , 2021
Dr. Kwon is the best urologist in the USA for treatment of recurring and advanced prostrate cancer. In ou first meeting he stated that his plan is to provide a cure and not interested in palliative care. He has been true to his word. I owe him my life.
September 09 , 2020
Dr. Kwon is very attentive to his patient. His knowledge is amazing. He is very personable without becoming familiar.
January 18 , 2021
My apparent four star rating below was an error. Dr. K is a 6 on any five scale. This reporting program didnt allow me to fix an iPhone key stroke error!!!!
July 29 , 2015
Dr.Kwon has aways taken time to explain, in Laymans terms,every step of my care for recurring Prostate Cancer.His first advise was be patient,as my numbers were very low 2 1/2 yrs. after having my prostate removed. I was tested every 3 months for 2 yrs until my numbers reached a level where Dr.Kwon was convinced that a Pet and MRI scan could detect where the Cancer had settled. He was right ! I recieved targeted radiation to the tumor and Hormone therapy. My PSA level is back to 0 and more scans are scheduled to show that I am Cancer free.I encourage anyone with elevated PSA to get an appt. with Dr. Kwon, he is one of the BEST in his field and truely cares about his patients.
August 01 , 2012
"I do not have enough words to praise Dr. Kwon’s character and mastery of his field. My husband Mike Hadley was fortunate to have had him as the captain of his ship as he fought prostate cancer. Thank you Dr. Kwon so-so much. Judy Hadley"
February 22 , 2021
I do not know what we would do without Dr. Kwon. My husband and I feel so lucky to have him as my husbands dr. He is so knowledgeable with various options for my husbands metastatic prostate cancer. We always feel just a bit more positive after we leave his office. He cares about his patients and his sense of humor is much appreciated. We travel to see him at Mayo and we will continue to.
October 06 , 2018
"Dr. Kwon is a fabulous doctor and health care counsellor/advisor. He is clear, open and compelling in his assessments, prognosis and recommendations of courses of therapy. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. In addition, his staff is equally clear, supportive and available. And the resources and facilities of Mayo are first class. I highly recommend him and his staff."
March 18 , 2021
Doctor is wonderful. His PA leaves a lot to be desired.
December 16 , 2014
"Dr. Kwon is absolutely the best doctor in the USA for treatment of recurring and advanced prostate cancer!!! He has saved my life. "
September 09 , 2020
We can not say enough good about Dr Eugene Kwon. He is brilliant, kind, compassionate and caring. Dr Kwon thinks outside the box and will work to find the correct treatment for you! By far the most intelligent and caring Dr we have ever dealt with.
October 13 , 2021
Five star guy all the way. Leading edge. Dr. K is all about fighting all the way for curative solutions and never settles for a palliative eschatological option.
July 29 , 2015
May 04 , 2018

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