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3.4 out of 5
Integrated Medical Professionals PLLC
4100 Duff Pl A
Seaford, NY 11783 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
15 ratings, 15 reviews
April 26 , 2018
Dr. Eisenber is caring, smart, & professional.He took care of my problem & made me feel at ease about the procedure I had to get done. The staff is friendly & helpful. I definitely recommend this doctor.
May 12 , 2011
Professional, knowledgeable and caring. Goes one step beyond.
July 29 , 2011
always thorough, and professional, a great doctor
April 20 , 2018
Very personable, took time to explain everything to me in terms I could understand. Very patient and professional and did not rush my visit
September 14 , 2021
Dr Eisenberg was very pleasant and professional. He took his time explaining everything to me in terms I could understand. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends
September 11 , 2021
Literally saved my best friend from possible life threatening situation. A Urologist told my friend to come back in 6 months after finding blood in urine. Dr Eisenberg disagreed, found Bladder cancer and successfully treated him
May 13 , 2022
Dr. Eisenberg has been treating me for 3 years and wish every doctor had his compassion and mannerism. He listens, takes his time with patients and is proactive in resolving problems.
September 08 , 2011
Great easy to talk with
February 05 , 2015
Went to see Dr Eisenberg for a relatively minor problem. He chastised me for not coming into the office for two years, even though I had no reason to come in. He then examined me for a minute or two, and told me “don’t worry about it”. There was no diagnosis and he did not remove the affected spot. I felt like I was rushed out with no treatment and no diagnosis, and subsequently had to go to my dermatologist to have the spot removed.
December 15 , 2018
If your PSA are abnormal this Dr wil want to do a biopsy right away. He will not consider other reasons why your PSA are high like BPH or an infection. He is very adament about this and stated to me 'I dont care if you go to Sloan Kettering" I was like taken back by the way he spoke to me. Refused to treat me with a 30 day anti biotic for a possible infection. For the guys out there with abnormal PSA does not mean you have cancer. This Dr. uses scare tactics. Going to get a second opinion.
June 05 , 2015
I went to see Dr. Eisenberg as a follow up after I had suffered for several days and 2 emergency room visits with extreme pain from a kidney stone. The emergency room had recommended I see a urologist after I passed the stone and gave me Dr. Eisenbergs name. Let me state that this was my first, and hopefully last, kidney stone and I was traumatized by the pain I had experienced. When I went to see the doctor I was anxious and was looking for him to make me feel better, which he did not. I was asked first to sit in the examination room but was then quickly escorted into his office where the door was left wide open as I discussed what I had endured. He was extremely condescending and looked annoyed when I spoke. I mentioned my concern with the fact that I was told I had a small stone in my left kidney as well and asked him if that would hurt when it passed and again he gave me an abrupt answer. I actually left this appointment feeling more upset than when I had arrived. It has been three weeks and I have not received any results. I will never go back there or recommend Dr. Eisenberg to anyone.
March 25 , 2017
Doesn't like to answer questions. Speaks to patients and family as thought they are idiots.
May 20 , 2017
It is finnacilly more beneficial for this doctor to do a biopsy than treat you for a common BPH issue. More than 50% of biopsys are done unnecessary in this country. Don't be fooled by this urologist. It is more profitable for him to do this procedure than treat you for BPH.
July 05 , 2015
Insists on unnecessary tests or he drops you as a patient.
July 11 , 2019

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