Urology Associates Of Cape Cod, P.C.
110 Main St
Barnstable, MA 02601 (Directions)
3.1 out of 5
Urology Associates Of Cape Cod, P.C.
110 Main St
Barnstable, MA 02601 (Directions)

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3.1 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
Even the boldest of guys can get embarrassed when it comes to sexual health issues but Dr. Geraniotis is excellent at his ability diagnosis, treat, and leave any embarrassment or judgments out of his practice.
July 17 , 2017
I have seen doctor geraniotis for an enlarged prostate going back 7 years . I have had one old fashion turp and twice received green laser treatment. I see him in follow up every 6 to 12 months. I have an active life style that exacerbates some bleeding,requiring urgent in office care.He has always taken care of me promptly.During my first hospital stay he came in on a saturday night to take care of excess bleeding. He may be to laid back for some but I have found him to be an excellent clinician who has taken care of my problems. The staff,clinical and support,do a good job. I cant think of any thing to complain about.
August 13 , 2013
In my opinion, hes a highly competent urologist. I see him because I have an enlarged prostate and an overactive bladder, not because Im looking for a friend. By and large, I think rating doctors is pretty presumptuous (unless I were a medical colleague, I suppose). But Im putting in my two cents in behalf of this one because while looking to leave a note for his office, I came across this site suggesting hes little better than just OK. He doesnt have an effervescent personality, but neither do most people. He see me whenever he or I think an appointment is needed, talks and explains all I want and is proactive in caring for my problems -- enabling me to live my life without undue consideration for my prostate and bladder. What more can I ask of a him? I also have found his staff to be courteous and respectful. The care that I get from this office is excellent, and I suspect it is also for the rest of the patients.
January 18 , 2016
He is very competent and knowledgable but not very talkative. I have an enlarged prostate and take medicine to manage it so Im not a very exciting patient. Perhaps that explains my matter-of-fact office visit.
January 30 , 2015
somewhat cold and seemed BORED when I was discussing symptomsrushed me out with minimal infolong waiting timemostly unprofessional staff, one very rudenot comfortable with next steps, waiting for diagnostic info
November 11 , 2010
Went for intial visit tomduscuss alleviating nighttime frequency. He never explained what he was going to do. Just used a scope and said yes- enlarged prostrate and fluid retention which I already knew . Gave me a prescription and said come back in 2 months . Had massive bleeding been to ER twice . Have infection that I never have had before. Office is unresponsive to calls- get medical assistants voice mail. Had to go to my GP to get the attention I needed. Had to have catheter and antibiotics and I have concerns that the damage may cause me future problems .
September 23 , 2018
I was so unimpressed that I cut our appointment short and walked out. He was, in my opinion, unprepared, unconcerned, and unprofessional. Please, do yourself a favor and pick a different doctor.
August 10 , 2013
I will never step foot in this office again. They are rude and explain nothing to you. I had a tube in my kidney that was draining into a urine bag. They never set up an appointment to flush the tube, I needed emergency surgery because my kidney was infected do to their lack of care. I will drive to Boston before I ever have to deal with this practice again!
October 13 , 2018

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Urology Associates Of Cape Cod, P.C.
110 Main St
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